Globe 4438

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Globe Telecom will send out a text message on April 4, 2010 to the 25 million subscribers of Globe, Globe Tattoo, and TM.

According to the company, the text from 4438 will be good news for all subscribers. All Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers will receive the special message from 4438 on the said date except Corporate/SME accounts and Auto-Load max retailers. They also added that this is not a promo so whatever it is, it will be permanently implemented.

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25 comments on “Globe 4438
  1. dinah09 says:

    I tried the code Redeem unlitxt20 but the globe replied that the keyword is wrong so i tried this and it worked =)


    then send it to 4438

  2. sidney says:

    Cnu pu dito nakakapag reDeEm ng unlicol ung 150 di kc q mkapag reEdEeM mer0n p bA nito? Anu b tamang keyWord para d2?

  3. red says:

    can someone tell me
    what is the code for super150 in redeem????

  4. paul says:

    hey can anyone post here the keyword to use the points??? i want to use my points in unlitxt….

  5. pol says:

    ganda pla nito… gusto q iredeem ung portable dvd or canon..

  6. daniel says:

    Di ako maka share ng points from globe to TM ……QQ….

  7. florencio says:

    ˙uɐʞnqns nu p ʇıʞɐq ˙ǝqoןƃ ɐs ƃuıןɐƃ oɯ uɐunןɐuɐdɐdɐɯ ɐu spɹɐʍǝɹ ɐƃɯ ƃuɐ ooʇoʇ ¡ɥɐǝʎ
    уєαн! тσтσσ αηg мgα яєωαя∂ѕ ηα мαραραηαℓυηαη мσ gαℓιηg ѕα gℓσвє. вαкιт ∂ ηυ ѕυвυкαη.

  8. aron says:

    pki pasok nga sa mental c caren.wahahainaaway ang mukamo gagu ata. :))

  9. behlat says:

    xempre.. sa tingin niyo san kukuha ng pera para ssuportahan un mga systema (reg system, network, etc.) nila para sa mga unlimited txt/calls nyo kung hinde kau maglload?

  10. hahha says:

    marketing scheme

    para dumami magpaload, at gumamit ng mga txting offers nila

  11. /b/ says:

    libre na text ng globe

  12. welma,flip at bubwit says:

    ang announcement ng globe, mag me merge na sila ng SMART. wahahaha!

  13. caren says:

    wala akong sinasanto d2 noh mga pu*ta kau

  14. caren says:

    lahat ba inaaway ko d naman ah masyado kang afected LOLZ

  15. caren-abnoy? says:


  16. caren-abnoy? says:

    abnoy kba caren? ianamy ang mukamo. nkktwa ka :)))

  17. caren says:

    bakit d ka sumagot sa tanong ko mukamo malaki ba binayad sau ng taga globe?

  18. jsusies says:

    hehehe exciting itoh.. hhm buti globe ako :)

  19. trizen says:

    lol may spoiler.

  20. caren says:

    Mukamo—HOy magkano binayad sau ng GLOBE para mag endor*se ka d2?

  21. onin20 says:

    GLOBE FOR YOU: Bawat reload mo, may pts ka para sa rewards. Ito po ang
    mga keywords na pwedeng gamitin:[br]
    1. BAL to 4438 for points inquiry.

    2. ITEMS to 4438 for list of rewards
    Globe Products: GLOBE
    Immortal call 15 = 15 points
    UNLITXT20 = 20 pts
    UNLITXT40 = 40 pts
    UNLITXT80 = 80 pts
    SuperUNLI = 120 pts

    To redeem, text REDE…EM to 4438
    Gadgets: GADGETS
    Shopping: SHOPPING
    PAL Miles: MILES
    Lifestyle and Enterntainment: LIFESTYLE

    Para makita ang items sa bawat category, text ITEM to
    3. DISCOUNTS to 4438 for list of benefits
    Food: FOOD
    Shopping: SHOPPING
    Health and Beauty: HEALTH
    Lifestyle and Entertainment: LIFESTYLE
    Para makita ang items sa bawat category, text ITEM to
    4. REDEEM ITEM CODE PIN to 4438 for redemption

    5. SHARE POINTS 10-DGTMOBILE# PIN for point transfer

    6. END to 4438 for deactivation

  22. yuff says:

    nu kya to haha..

  23. baste says:

    weee, exciting : DD

  24. rta says:

    a message that will loot us of our loads

  25. halil says:


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