Globe Unlimited Text (SMS) Price Hike

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Globe has revised their unlimited text offering.

This after news of politicians planning to take advantage of unlimited texting for sending out election campaigns. Bottomline is that Globe has increased their unlimited texting rates. Here are the old Globe unlimited text scheme:

UNLIMITXT15 – all day unlimited texting for 1 day
UNLIMITXT25 – all day unlimited texting for 2 days
UNLIMITXT50 – all day unlimited texting for 5 days

versus the new Globe unlimited text scheme:

All day unlimited texting

UNLITXT20 – 1 day
UNLITXT40 – 2 days
UNLITXT80 – 4 days

For heavy daytime texters (from 8am – 4:59pm)

UNLITXTD15 – 1 day
UNLITXTD30 – 2 days

For nightshift texters (from 10pm – 7:59am)

UNLITXTN10 – 1 day
UNLITXTN20 – 2 days

For unlimited Globe to Globe texting and only 0.75 centavos when you text other networks

TXTPLUS25 – 1 day
TXTPLUS50 – 2 days

Aside from the price hike, subscribers now have 4 options. The difference between UNLITXT and TXTPLUS is that when you text other networks it will cost you 1 peso with UNLITXT whereas with TXTPLUS it’ll cost you just 75 centavos. All the keyword listed needs to be sent to 2870 to avail.

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79 comments on “Globe Unlimited Text (SMS) Price Hike
  1. gheyz says:

    I’m so sorry to say this! but i am very much embarrassed by globe. they don’t have a 10 peso texts offers that are not time optional… unlike TM that was so affordable… i switched to globe and just dismayed. How sad :(

  2. mel says:

    Khit saan I noticed n mas mdmi tlg user ng smart….but I try to used globe and introduced it to my friends and relatives becuase of the promo but now nglaho n lhat,,,back to smart n ulit kmi.

  3. romencito says:

    pinatikim lang tayo ng globe tapos sabay iwan sa ere

  4. mona says:

    my barkada of 35 members have changed to samrt and sun!!!!! tai nyu mga globe

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