Globe Visibility

This is supposed to be the “ultimate in mobile internet” with speeds up to 1.4Mbps (via HSDPA). With this new plan from globe, you have unlimited access to connect and surf through HSDPA, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi and dial-up depending on what’s available in your area.

To get started, you need a Globe Visibility SIM or a regular Globe SIM, a HSDPA Data Card or a HSDPA USB Modem, a laptop with a PCMCIA slot or USB slot, and a network signal (HSDPA, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi). It is best to connect to the internet via HSDPA or 3G. This will give you the fastest speed. If you are unable to obtain HSDPA or 3G signal in your current location, you may connect via EDGE or GPRS, although these will give you slower speeds versus 3G or HSDPA. GPRS is comparable in speed to a dialup connection while EDGE is around twice the actual speed of dialup. For more information on how to avail of this new service go to Globe 3g site and also read their FAQ.



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  • ts

    I have been using Globe Visibility for 1 yr and 3 months, what a disappointing service. Very slow, very spotty, very moddy connection. Sometimes it is workinng… most of times I am below 1kbps (1000 bps). Wow my dial up is faster than Globe Visibility and I am paying 2000.oo php per month…..

    Please don’t subscribe to Globe.

    I have called their tech support and wow they seem to not know their product. I claimed for refund and they told me that I have to call another department to do that… what a bureaucratic system they have. Are they using 8080 computer? Or they are just so inefficient?

    Then I asked what could be the problem and they told me that field support will check……… for how long?????????? I reported a complain two months back and I don’t have any updates yet…. I even called them almost every week and no update. What a very irresponsible company. They only need my money…not what I am paying for.

    I ask if I can disconnect my service because they don’t meet our contract speed anyway. And they told me …NO……….. Why? Because they need your money……

    So bottom line, don’t ever ever ever even think of getting this product nor Globe products. They just don’t care about their customers. What they care is only money….

  • http://yahoo jane

    my family in the philippines is using that globe visibility for 1 mo. only & we found out that the connection is so slow.the company should check first the consumer’s palce before they will promote and sell tha said thing & the most important thing what they should do is to tell everything , the contract,the policy FIRST. not after they will received the should make such things that can satisfy the consumer not the mney that we are going to pay, because honestly i am paying nothing with that connection.

    now i want to return the connection but the company said that we are going to pay 10k to break the contract, in which we knew it after we paid everything.

  • Ian

    Let me share some of my experiences with Globe Visibility. I have been subscribed to Plan 2000 for 1 year and 11 months. When I first got the plan, I only used it periodically when my DSL at home or in the office was offline. July 2008 I decided to use my Visibility full time in my office since I just realized I was paying P2000 for backup internet access that I rarely used. Then the problem started. The 1st week I used it was delightful! Fast speeds, easy to browse, strong signal, always connected to HSDPA. Just like a regular DSL connection. Then suddenly on the 2nd week, no HSDPA signal, just GPRS, a total waste of time to use…… Called up the hotline and they promised to address the problem. I think it was 2 days later when the signal came back up, albeit just UMTS so about 384 Kbps. Then the next 2 months or so the signal seems to just disappear during the day ( I only use it between 10AM to 4PM). After repeated calls to the helpdesk, I was assured that someone was suppose to call me up for further updates on the problem. No one ever called. November, spotty signal with an addition to Load page errors and load page timeouts. I think they implemented some kind of cache or proxy to load pages. After calling the helpdesk, which now seemed like a phonepal to me as I call them up 2 to 3 times a day, again the answer is they will have people look at the problem and give me an update. To be honest someone actually called me up October on my cell phone…… I was in Singapore at that time so I could not give them any feedback on the service. Mid November to the present, loss of signal, page load error, pop mail timeout, no Yahoo messenger because of latency problems and HSDPA signal only available from 11AM to 2PM (if I get a signal). I was fed up. I asked for a credit for all the months that I’ve been having problems with Visibility and they gave me P6,000 credit. Too bad they charged me another P2,000 last November 24. My 2 year period is up on January 3, 2009. I had them automatically disconnect my line that date with the credits going into my regular Globe Line. For those thinking about getting the Visibility, be it the post paid or the pre paid plans, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!. For anyone who wants to hear more horror stories about Globe Visibility just write me a request at

  • caleb

    well they said they dont have any contracts anymore WEEW … is it true ?

  • bebot

    I agree to all your negative comments. Globe is rushing things up just to compete with smart bro but with disappoint results. I bought my visibility ZTE modem a month ago and Oh my goodness. It reminded me of my 52kbps dial up. What they say that its 2 Mbps max speed is a lot of baloney. Believe me dial up is much faster. There’s no such thing as HSDPA signal. It’s sooooooosl0w….I regretted I believed those sweet talking call center agents who c convinced me to buy this useless modem. We’ll I lost it anyway when I surged in an internet. Good riddance, Woe to the one who stolen it. Maybe he thought it’s a good steal. I believe he threw it anyway.

  • Kitty_Kat

    Hello Guys im Katie 15 years old, im kinda thinking about asking my parents about upgrading my internet life, coz up to now im only using dial up and i dont have plans to avail any DSL packages from PLDT or Globlines just to surf, download some few stuff, upload some pics at my site, but im so interested to have one of those SMART BRO or Glove Visibility broadband prepaid kits. But i dont have any idea “which is which” ? I live in San Juan and i dont have any idea if the signals coming from both SMART or Globe is ok here but all i want to do is, if possible jack those modem thingy on my laptop while im spending time with my friend’s house who also lives here in San Juan and if im in my room i’ll jack it to my PC and surf the internet and do my usual thing like im doing with my dial up connection.. Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. thanks!

  • Kitty_Kat

    Hey guys its me again, as i read through the posts here, I think Globe isn’t giving the service the Masses deserve with regards to their VISIBILITY thingy, well as for me it my choice only boils down to SMART BRO Pre-Paid kit?.. umm.. any suggestion about it guys? Is it fast and stable? And whats its download speed?
    does it vary from day to night? Please reply asap. thanks! :-)

  • jojogift

    mas mbagal pa sa dial up

  • jojogift

    luge pa sa lod z bgo mkaopen inabot ng 48 yrs

  • jojogift

    ausin nio nga yng internet nio

  • slip2003

    I just got my globe visibility this Decemeber. Sa bahay namin sa Pasig EDGE (Average speed: 80 to 120 kbps Max Sped: 156 kbps) lang yung connection nakukuha ko.. Sa baguio naman HSDPA (Average speed 470-700 kbps Max Speed: 1.8 Mbps). Ito na yung fastest na possible connection pero ang tagal pa din (cguro dahil nasa baguio ako).. Kala ko pa naman makakatulong sa work ko…Hindi pala…

    Pero sympre the performance of the device talaga depends on the signal you have sa place nyo.

    Sa tingin ko mas maganda cguro ang smart bro..dahil my officemates already used it sa work nila and according to them OK naman ang connection (yung dark knight na smart bro pa yung sa kanila) to be able to do our work mabilis na connection ang kailangan… sa globe visibility kse di ko pa napakinabangan sa work…

  • Caco (Makati)

    I agree with you guys. Ang laking sisi ko sa pag-purchase ng Globe Visibility. I have the prepaid set-up thinking that I can control my expenses on the internet, but the hell was I wrong!
    I only get signals at 2:00AM

    Even if you lock in for WCDMA, you’ll still get GPRS with a signal strength of 1%

    (Prepaid) Yep, Php5/15min is cheap. In my case, after being connected for 2 minutes the connection cuts. So after Php20 of the supposed 1 hour connection, I only get 8 minutes for 20 freakin’ pesos!

    I think we’ll have to report this to the NTC.

  • cheftonio

    I agree with the problems written here. I also have something to say about this matter.

    As much as I hate my Globe “Wired” Broadband at home, I love my Globe Visibility service.

    I often use it in a warehouse type of building and my internet speed averages at around 800kbps to 1mbps everyday. When I use it at home (my room is at the 4th floor), I get an average speed of 500kbps only — sometimes, less than a hundred.

    This is the problem as I see it. The more walls and hindrances you have, the more it will affect your browsing speed.

    I often go to Tagaytay and at our balcony there, I can surf with speeds reaching to 1.8mbps

    So far, I’ve been subscribed to Visibility for 1 year 10 months and the worst month I experienced was May 2007 when speeds were a whopping zero (0) kbps!

    The most recent problem was last December 2008 when I experienced slow connection on afternoons.

    Right now, like yesterday, I’ve got no complaints about it. I’ve even purchased a USB Wireless Router so I could share my internet connection to people around me and the speeds are still ok. (check out my blog about it – search for cheftonio on google)

    I might be a rare breed — because of the people subscribed to Visibility has complaints. I hope they would resolve such issues other users are experiencing and sometimes, check your area also for hindrances. Sometimes, the problem may be at your own backyard.

    Globe Broadband still sucks though. Visibility – ok. Broadband – don’t even think about it!

  • jhay

    Walang OUTGOING server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ni wlang support!!!!!!!!!!!amp!

  • wing_llb

    Globe visibility is a total waste of money. Globe was very good at fraudulent misrepresentation. I want so much to sue them.

    I hope Globe gets bankrupt.

  • Caco

    So here I am again.
    No improvements to the connection, in an open space near Greenbelt. For the past 45 minutes, all I saw on my screen was “Network Timeout”. Previous load…Php40 and right now it’s 25 pesos…

    To all the people who want to have a mobile connection, ask to yourself: Do you really need it? Will it help you a lot?

    Maybe having a cable connection is better. Some ISPs are already upgrading their bandwidth (up to 12mbps!), maybe it’s time to switch. Anyone care to buy my Globe Visibility Kit for Php1,000?

  • br0ken

    just 20 pesos load…im having unlimited internet surfing… hahaha…

    lurve it :)

  • redtag00

    pakshet na globe na yan… sino gusto bumili ng prepaid globe visibility ko? 500 nlng oh!!!!

  • saliako

    shet!!!! prepaid globe visiblity ko d ko man lang mailog in ym ko!

  • kryptonian

    im willing to buy your globe visibilty @ redtag & coco.. post here for details.

  • JR-03

    @ redtag

    postpaid ba yan?, hehe, gusto ko kasi yung prepaid lang….

    @ kryptonian
    maganda siguro yung connection sa inyo?,

  • cheftonio

    To those selling their Globe Visibility modems, I need a back up modem. Do email me at chef_tonio (yahoo)


  • kryptonian

    di ko alam kung maganda signal sa amin… did some researches and nalaman ko na malapit lang ako sa cellsite ng globe… within a kilometer lang siguro… with 3g/hsdpa daw yun site… ewan ko kung totoo.. pero may signal sa amin ng 3g…

  • JR-03

    e di maganda… ako di ko pa alam kung maganda signal dito sa amin kaya gusto ko sana mabili yung mga binebenta dito, isa lang naman, mas ok pa yung prepaid.. tleast di ko kelangan bumili nang mahal na di ko pala mapapakinabangan… sana magreply na si redtag, baka, ibebenta nya..

  • sonorous_22

    anyone selling globe visibility kit? contact me at 09162563978 i need the prepaid one pls

  • gio

    Globe Visibility?.. Heck.. always gives you a GPRS signal in cebu…

    The only fast of Globe’s Visibility is the time you used. To display a 5 page
    with images inside will eat your 45mins of time…. its a heck technology..

    They are just trying to hit the sales not the customer service….

  • gio

    Why does NTC does not have any say in this area?
    Is this not part of their job? Are they waiting for formal complaints? heck!!!
    Just try the service if you are happy with it!!!

  • Danzig

    sorry but i only got one word in my mind to their services…. “L.E.T.S.E”!!!

  • jarvis

    globe visibility really suck, 3G signal is not consistent, even on off peak hours mabagal parin. they should stop this service immediately.

  • Danzig

    high signal but very poor connection and customer service.. i already tried in 4 different locations like bulacan, makati, marikina and laguna, and yet they all same problems. and if you talked with their customer service…that even worst. some of them say “i will personally handle this complaint and will give you immediate feedback”.. haha very convincing (scripted yang mga pinagsasabi nyo). they may even say that “ticket is already issued and technical personnel will take an action for this”… where is the heck is your technical department? are they located on this earth? or somewhere in the universe? baka naman nahigop na ng black hole yan or one of the missing case in the bermuda triangle… manloloko lang kayo ng customer nyo ayaw nyo pa galingan…very obvious that technically you dont know the services you provided thats why it becomes the worst among other providers.. why not to try to remove your CS personnels and provide an IVRS, baka mas maayus pa. mag e-election na naman at magbabago na naman ng mga pinuno… sumabay na lang kayo sa pagbabago…. lagyan ko na lng ng apat na gulong yung huawei ko para at least pede pa maging laruan…sasaya pa ako…ahahaha

  • Invisibility

    This is by far the easiest way to lose money in your interest to have online connectionon demand anywhere. Speed? What speed? I get on average 1kbps. No that’s not a typo! At first I thought it had something to do with my location. After trying different locations like Global City, Laguna, Baguio City, Cubao, I knew I had a lemon….a very expensive lemon.

    I complained to their customer service and as experienced by the other guys before me, till now, I received no feedback. And yes, they said they are going to do a field check. And of course, nothing happened.

    By the way, I thought I had a defective product. When I asked a friend who unfortunately subscribed too, he confirmed that he has the same experience as I had.

    The product should be renamed as Globe Invisibility. No support, no improvement, no more money :(

    If you have spare money to donate to Globe, subscribe to Globe Invisibility.

  • Duda

    Globe Philippines,

    My family is living in Cebu and they are currently Globe subscribers. They have a VOIP at home and I have tried calling them there for maybe 2 weeks or so. Finally, I gave up and called someone with a PLDT landline. What are you trying to fix that takes weeks to do? Are you going to collect from your subscribers even with this kind of service? I certainly hope not!!! If you can’t provide the service your subscribers are paying for, I think it is only right that you cancel all contracts and let them find providers that are capable of giving them better service. That’s probably the only reason you still have them. I hope you do something about it because your problems have become are other people’s problems, too!!!!!


  • Jillian_Amber

    Globe visibility sucks…as well as their customer service. They don’t even tech support to help you address the problem. The signal is very moody…fluctuating! One more thing, you can’t even connect to the customer service says network fail. OMG, do not subscribe to Globe, waste of money and waste of time. It’s very frustrating.

  • seiko

    Ok.. It took me so long to decide which to buy from globe visibility(now tattoo) and plug n play of smart. I end up buying Globe visibility despite the reviews I read. I tried it myself and it is working fine.. you cannot expect a super speed from this kind of modem so it is NOT ADVISABLE FOR YOU TO OPEN MULTIPLE SITE using this modem because it is one of the reason why it took you so slow. plus it really depends upon the location… I say do not listen to other reviews, but check it yourself…

  • Lory

    i am so disappointed with GLOBE VISIBILITY.. they promised so much and deliver so much LESS… it is just sad that even if you call their customer service for several times still there’s no prgress.. but i think if another senator will complain they will change everything in a flash!

  • Rnoldcast

    I am very dissapointed with Globe…I got their new plan 995 WiMax 3G last week (Internet Only). I am from Imus Cavite. As i have spoke with globe personnel they promise me to give 512kbps or at least 60% of the speed.
    Since last week after installation i am only getting an average of 110kbps DL and 40kbps UL, i reported this several times and still WALANG PAGBABAGO MAS LUMALA PA. Two of their Contractor technician pass by in my house last sunday but still reported globe internal problem. And yesterday they sent me the first bill, which was supposed to be after a month. Dyan sila magaling sa singilan pero sa services di nila inaaksyunan. I will report this today and i want to disconnect from their services. Its not worth what are you paying for!

  • Anonymous

    hey guys!want to get even with globe??if the answer is yes, then download and install cproxy to your computer.., there are already steps on their site on how to make it work.., with this on your computer along with your globe visibility (don’t know, however, if it works with smartbro, but if you have one then please try it), i assure you that you won’t even have to load your visibility sim card, all you need is to have a userID and password given by when you register an account..mind you guys,however as you’ll be making a lot of email addresses just to register an account from cproxy, since the userID and password last only for a couple of days..

    note that this’ll only benefit those who are using visibility prepaid (again, dont know if it works with smartbro) and will not work on wired/landline connections..there will be technical problems sometimes but it’s not from cproxy it’s from globe..haha but it’s better than paying for nothing..

    the default setting will work only for internet explorer but you can set the proxy for other browsers..again you can find out about that by entering their forum site..guys please try using cproxy..

    personally i’ve been using cproxy for about a year now and it works just trouble at all except of course at times that it’s really difficult to attain a good signal..

    please do try this..hope i could be of some help..hehe ^_^

  • Mhai


    bumili ako ng globe visibility prepaid last yr during the rihanna-chris brown concert at d fort open field may sale kc from 2,500 dey sell it at only 2,200 so bumili ako kc nababagalan nako sa dial-up. but when i used globe.. GRABE ANG BAGAL TALAGA MAS MABILIS PA DIAL-UP. globe told me it depends sa area but if it happens that ill be using it in makati, hsdpa maximum coverage daw makukuha ko. so minsan i went to glorietta which is we all know owned by ayala group of companies to try the globe broadband, to my dissapointment, mas mabilis pa un wi-fi ng burger king kaysa sa globe, and dapat nga full bar ang signal ng globe broadband inside ayala malla, pero hindi mahina and mabagal parin. Lahat ng customer service center ng globe are ALL LIARS as to their statement regarding the maximum signal strength of globe in makati areas. I now shifted to SUN BROADBAND and according to my friends feedback ANG BILIS NG SUN, and its true kaya to all globe broadband subscribers lipat na kayo sa

  • juliankreuz

    Another forum leecher anonymous pretending 1 year of use? So why did’nt you post here? I’m the discoverer of cproxy direct url fbt. Go to for more info. Anonymous Leecher.

  • glenn

    i just got a globe visibilty prepaid my god its help..i just got only 384kbps not satisfied! after a month i brought a sun visibility wow i got a wcdma signal with 3.6mbps connection fast internet connection, surfing,downloading even uploading..guys you should try SUN VISIBILITY its just like your using a DSL connection.

  • Mhai

    to: gleen posted msg last sept15, where is ur location? r u from living south of metro?
    its true, ang bagal tlaga ng globe!

  • Guest

    No! nag kakamali kayo… malakas naman ang globe… siguro sa lugar ninyo yan.. indi naman ganun ang globe.. depende lng siguro yan sa namamahala ng globe dyan sa inyo… malakas sa amin parang DSL

  • winx014

    oo totoo.yan globe na yan pera lang ang kylangan sa atin. buti lang nung umpisa ang bilis ng conection pero di ngatagal nkkabwisit na! kahit email lang ang tgal mka log in. sayang lang yung binabayad ko. 1yr contract pa daw mga manloloko

  • PopoBear

    Thanks sa lahat ng nagpost! Bibili na sana ako ng Globe tattoo pero natakot na ako..
    Anyway, ill just try my luck on Smartbro.. Yung sun kasi inconsistent agn signal (sa phone) lalo na pag nasa province…

    Just a word:

    Those who are saying that these ISP provider should be reported to NTC, ireport nyo na. Wag kayong puro salita.. kaya walang nangyayari dahil wala naman nagrereklamo or nagsusumbong kung meron man paisaisa.. maniniwala ba sila kung isa lang magrereklamo?
    Wag puro salita kayong mga nakaprove na talagang dapat silang ipenalized, REPORT IT NOW!

  • Dave Hostallero

    Can i insert a Globe Tattoo sim in my Globe visibility USB?

  • echavezsy

    malakas ang signal ng GLOBE VISIBILITY….mahina lang ang data transfer…….sayang lang ang load ko…….lipat na tayo sa iba….

  • alfie

    sana may mga promo sila tulad ng 20 pesos for oneday… para makatipid naman sa subrang bagal…