GMA 7’s Atlantika starts on October 2

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Atlantika will replace Majika which will be airing their last episode on September 29. This is directed by Mark Reyes who also directed Encantadia. The cast includes:

Dingdong Dantes
Iza Calzado
Katrina Halili
Isabel Oli
Valerie Concepcion
Rudy Fernandez
Jean Garcia
Paolo Contis
Cherry Pie Picache
Chynna Ortaleza
Bianca King
Ariel Rivera
Gardo Versoza
Pen Medina
Jojo Alejar
Celia Rodriguez
Arthur Solinap
Mark Gil
Elvis Gutierrez
Gene Padilla
Jojo Hernandez
Geoff Aguirre
Janice Jurado
Ronnie Lazaro

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11 comments on “GMA 7’s Atlantika starts on October 2
  1. riplecute says:

    Sayang di ko napanood sigurado nakakakilig na naman ang mga eksena talagang madadala ka. Sana magrelease kayo ng vcd para mabigyan ng chance yong iba na hindi nakapanood tulad ko. Gayon din ang majika. im willing to pay for it. Thanks and more power GMA.

  2. Anne says:

    GMA 7, I have a big favor to ask … would you release VCD episodes of ATLANTIKA? Pretty
    please. Can’t wait to have it as my collection. :)

  3. mario says:

    i love GMA7 because of thier fantastic show and their was very
    expensive and the costume designer of their telefantasya was
    the designer of batman,syperman,xmen,and lord of the rings.

    unlike superinggo ang ela coistume daw gin kwa sa BASURAHAN,

  4. Anne says:

    It’s me again! So sorry for the typo. ‘Proofs’ instead of ‘prooves’,
    ‘against’ instead of ‘gainst’. You might be confused reading my

  5. Anne says:

    I have been watching Jean’s shows since she was still in GMA
    Supershow.I’ve seen her do varieties of roles but Atlantika gave
    her the opportunity to unleash more of her acting skills. Previous
    ones were great but this one is excellent especially portraying
    good and evil simultaneously! Funny ’cause every time I watch, I
    get affected by the schemes of Celeste gainst Celebes. This just
    prooves how versatile she is as an actress. Keep it up Jean! You
    are a Philippine Pride! And keep staying humble and putting God
    first in everything! :)

  6. ACK says:

    i love atlantika especially jean garcia i love her costumes esp celeste i love this part when she hold the shoulder of the ceturion guarding the polaris and then revealing her sexy legs.
    hope to win being an extra to ifnally meet her also i will be buying this summer her cd’s
    song and movies. love you jean!!! stay beautiful. you can also see my comment in bembang
    girls jean garcia

  7. Ronnie says:

    Wahahaha! mas maganda super inggo jan. Kahit cheap yon. dinadala kami ng istorya. magaling talagang manghuog ng artista ang channel 2 pero ang GMA nanghuhugot lang sa dos palagi.

    Ung luv team nila paulit ulit lagi nalang si MARK at JEN
    Angel Locsin at richard gutierrez. parepareho nama ang tema nyo. UNG capt barbell galing SMALLVILLE. nung nahalata chaka lang binago tapos ung atlantika parang mulawing nilagay sa tubig..

    Wala ng tema puro nalang KAHARIAN NG ANO.. GANITO.. GANYAN.. Sawa na ko. Kapuso pa rin naman ako pero mas gusto super inggo kesa atlantika

  8. Kafamily2006 says:

    Another lang kwentang mga teleserye ng GMA 7. Maging original naman kayo kakasawa na palabas ninyo…

  9. its too long to wait the episode to the world of atlantika.

  10. Pacific Sea says:

    Congratulations on your new Fantaserye! Just want to remind your guys of
    some important points to remember :

    * Sana well executed lahat ng mga Scenes especially the fight scenes.
    Ung close to reality ung speed ng execution and anticipation.

    * Illumination of the under water city Atlantika. I know its kinda gloomy
    and dark underwater pero you said it yourselves na modern city ang Atlantika kaya
    di ba dapat well lighted pa din ung loob ng City lalo na ung Royal Chambers…
    It would really proved the city’s advancement & modernity.Parang
    Startrek kahit pa nsa space maliwanag pa din ung loob ng starship.

    * As for Queen Celebs’s costume,it needs more Regalness into it like the ones in
    Encantadia. afterall she’s the queen and her gowns/ costumes should be elaborate.
    And her hair, suggestion lang po can you just pull some up( to reveal those
    regal cheekbnones) and adorn the hair with shells or capiz head dress man lang.
    As I watched the shows primer kc I noticed she looked more of an alien princess
    than an ethereal Queen of the Sea.

  11. SANG'GRE says:

    Hoy Hallerdude!!! magtigil ka!!! insecure, hindi ka siguro
    natanggap sa starstruck, panigurado panget ka!!! yun lang tapos!!!
    dami mo pang dakdak sa gma!!! go to hell!!! hahaha!!!

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