Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada kissing pics?

Boy Abunda, the manager and publicist of Gretchen Barretto spoke in her behalf on the talk show The Buzz to explain some of the details surrounding the two pictures that were circulated through the internet.

Some of the things that were mentioned by Boy Abunda: Gretchen did confirm that the pictures were indeed real and that the camphone of John Estrada was used to take those photos, it was taken with Gretchen’s consent, there is no affair that’s ongoing between the two, she hates herself for allowing that incident to happen, contrary to the e-mail that started this scandal there’s no sex video that features the two of them, the pictures were taken in a private party and she’s disappointed how the pictures have seen the light of day. Whatever the real circumstance behind those actions is yet to be clarified by both Gretchen and John.

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29 comments on “Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada kissing pics?
  1. whitegraypoppy says:

    tsarap pa rin even between friends

  2. judy says:

    yes…beauty is within,kaya tama na ang pintas sa kapwa..buhay nila yan …everythings happen has a reason…kanya kanyang style lang yan…kaya nga nag artista yang mga yan kasi dyan sila magaling kaya di natin alam kung drama pa ba o totoo na…

  3. Lynn says:

    basta ang pakakalalam ko.. mga makakati ang mga BARETO… kita mo si Marjore? Hniwalayan niya si Dennis kasi natalo sa election wala ng Post sa govt. office… mga sosyan climber!! mukhang pera! Di bale ng magpakabit sa iba basta may pera… sus.. kaya mga inggit yang mga yan sa certified married couple na sina Lanie at Dawn kaya over insecure yang Gretchen na yan no.?

  4. nneahm says:

    ang kakakati nyo mahiya naman kayo!.makontento kayo sa anong meron kayo..yaman yaman na nga ni tony boy at ganda ganda na ng gf ni john( i dnt know her name. heheheh)

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