Hacked iPhone in the Philippines powered by Globe?

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There is a rumor that a certain member of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group (PhilMUG)’s forum had allegedly cloned the iPhone’s subscriber identity module (SIM).

INQUIRER.net has seen an actual iPhone that was using the cloned SIM, and was able to make local calls.

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200 comments on “Hacked iPhone in the Philippines powered by Globe?
  1. Ystian_04 says:

    gagana ba unlocked iphone 5 galing sa states sa pinas?

  2. John says:

    paano po ma unlock ang iPhone 4 iOS5? di ko po magamit sa Pinas kasi naka Lock siya…

  3. sam says:

    how much na po magpaunlock ng iphone 3g sa greenhills?

  4. darwin says:

    wala p poh b nag oopenline ng iphone4 version 4.3.2

  5. darwin says:

    PATULONG NMN POH. dko xe magamit iphone q. may marunong bang magunlock ng iphone 4 4.3 at baseband 4.10.01. call me 09186683499. i’m willing to pay

  6. mike says:

    Hi may marunong bang magunlock ng iphone 4 4.1 at baseband 2.10.04. call me 09272862111. i’m willing to pay

  7. mike says:

    Hi may marunong bang magunlock ng iphone 4 4.1 at baseband 2.10.04. call me 09272862111. i’m willing to pay

  8. Blossoms says:

    My iPhone was unlocked will it be ok to download applications? I am worried because it might restore to it’s At&t set up and I will not be able to use it again here in the Philippines. Pls help. Ty.

  9. Don says:

    itunes does work in philippines… u cant buy stuff but you can download games etc.. anyways i just bought an iphone4 here and been downloading apps from itunes store…dorejudos at yahoo.com

  10. raymond says:

    i have an iphone here and i want to activate this for free. how i can activate this iPhone so i cannot use money for activation. It doesn’t also recognize any sim from philippines…..
    I from Las Piñas City… please help me………

  11. juddahbeh says:

    please help me… I accidentally restore factory settings of my iphone… and I don’t know what to do anymore… It doesn’t recognize any sim from the Philippines… I’m from Mindanao… please help… thanks…

  12. jen says:

    call me if u want guys to unlock ur iphone or jailbreak for only 200 pesos.my loc at pasig
    here’s my no. 6817058.

  13. i love the iphone 3g compared to blackberry or even the google android phone'””

  14. James says:

    921sh softbank pede nabang ma openline 2 kht mag kano po pede aq mag bayad basta mgmit kht txt and call lang aq na b ahala mag unlock ng camera nya kasi alam q kung panu un! saka ung sa music nya! e2 po number q 09081424951

  15. amyy says:

    can some 1 help!!!!!!when i txtnest the the # on my iphone a globe comes out and idk how 2 take it out it wasnt there b4… help

  16. ervin says:

    Hi were can i buy cheap iphone here?
    or abroad.,

  17. HeavenSentTome says:

    I just bought an iPhone from a friend. It’s his loyalty phone from globe. Unfortunately, I don’t use globe that much. I can’t use sim cards from other networks. I want to use it with either smart or sun because most of my friends use them. Pls help me. Thanks!

  18. mikhaella says:

    ‘planning to buy an iphone without being stuck with globe…is it more practical to buy iphone 3gs abroad particularly @apple store,Hongkong?’will be using it here in the Phils,will there be any problems or issues to expect?thank you in advance for any feedback you could share.

  19. Taniel says:

    Hi there,

    Is it Ok to buy real iPhone but assembled in China?


  20. Sweetytine says:

    Hi darwin, i hve an iphone 3gs 16gb ver 3.1.2 from globe and i want it to have it jailbreak sna. Pnu po ba procedure na ggwin ko? Wat will be the difference if na jailbreak ko xia? Di ba mccra ung iphone? Sori im juz new to dis kc. Please help. Thanks!

  21. ella says:

    what will you do if you’re SIM is being hacked??

  22. Darwin says:

    @dale: try the local apple sites, there are a couple of legally unlocked 3gs for sale

    @gie: serial numbers used to be important to know what baseband the phone is, now it is not important anymore as there are unlocks for all versions.

    cath: no, even if you get a postpaid line from globe, they will not recognize and honor your iphone. I’ve been using jailbroken and unlocked iphones since the start, the only time na nasira siya is when I dropped it in the pool.

  23. cath says:

    hi. is there me legal way to unlock an iphone bought in the states? or talagang through jailbre*king lang. I have fears kasi na masisira ung iphone ko in the process. Mine is arriving today and I do not know yet what to do so I can use it here :(

  24. gie says:

    Hi! Hope someone can help me decide on which iphone to buy and where to buy it. Well actually, i’ve already decided which one to buy: white 16gb 3gs iphone. I really love the white iphone. Upon searching the internet on the best iphone deals, I’ve read some comments from fellow buyers. Some are: looking for factory unlocked iphones, worrying about china-made iphones, asking whether the iphones are open line or not or from globe, us, hongkong, singapore or wherever. I’ve also observed that most people are asking for serial numbers. Why? What can I deduce from serial numbers?
    Can anyone please give me some tips/guide on buying iphones in the Philippines? as much as possible, i don’t wanna buy from globe since I heard they sell it at a much higher price. I just want to know what should i consider before handing out my money to the numerous sellers online.
    Thank you so much.

  25. dale says:

    can any one tell me where i can get a iphone 3g-S unlocked in the philippines. thanks dale

  26. Darwin says:


    you just have to jailbreak and unlock your phone. Download blackra1n. run it, install cydia and then unlock your phone by using blacksn0w (it’s part of the program) you’ll get yourself running in 15 minutes or less. Good luck!

  27. jethro says:

    oy mga sir.. i was dumb enuf to restore my iphone to its factory settings on itunes cause it used to be owned by i someone and i just want to culturaly delete his ownership to the iphone and make it perfectly my own… and so i did restore it…so now guess what =)

    pls help me, i cant open my iphone ,i can only make emergency call and it always say to connect to itunes.. what to i do? i humbly ask for your opinions…

    i really love my mom and that has nothing to do with the topic but she was the one who bought me iphone.. and i want her to see how much i appreciate it , but the hell with what happened..

  28. jm@cc says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! :-)

    Sarap gamitin ng iPhone. Dami ko games and applications na na-download. Yahoo! :-)

  29. Darwin says:

    knoxville: yes, you can use it here. Yes, you can use a prepaid sim no matter from what provider (bayan, globe, smart, sun, tm, net25, pldt, etc.) If you’ve been a nokia user ever since, better try someone’s iphone/ipod first and see if you like how it feels like. If you don’t mind letting go of the tactile feeling (the feeling of txting, etc without looking at the keyboard) then you should be ok.

  30. knoxville says:

    i’m about to receive my new iphone on january 2010 i told my cousin to buy the 3GS 16GB in the US. my question is will it work on globe prepaid sim?? and btw its not yet unlock i think. i really couldn’t understand how this iphone thing works if use here in the philippines, i’ve been using nokia since gradeschool. thanks alot guys

  31. lauren says:

    hey, im lauren from the philippines. i’m a globe telecom user, how come my iphone2g receives the text messages so late? is there a problem in my iphone or in the network? :|

  32. choi says:

    @pinkz: cguro jailbreak gamit sa pag.unlock ng phone mo. if illegal kasi ang pag.unlock mo sa phone, huwag na huwag mo e.update sa itunes kasi mgrereset talaga yan. I have an iphone bought it in the US tapos pina.unlock ko dito sa pinas gamit jailbreak tapos advice nila huwag ko daw e.update sa itunes.

    @kaycee: Pareho tau ng experience… delay rin iyong mga messages ko sa iphone ko… pag nasa city ako na lugar delay nang konti pero pag naa sa province ako delay talaga kahit puno yong signal ko… whew…

  33. marikit says:

    planning to buy iphone in the philippines, can i use it here in canada/ anybody help me please..

  34. darwin says:

    Pinkz … yikes! Can your sim still be recognized? I mean can you make calls? Or does it say connect to itunes?

  35. Pinkz says:

    i tried to update my itunes for my iPhone 2G. then it was restored to factory settings. please help! what should i do?

  36. darwin says:

    hi Kaycee, did it just happen? I mean, were you able to receive sms before you upgraded to 3.0? Have you tried using 3rd party sms apps? Are you able to call and receive calls? details please =)

  37. kaycee says:

    why cant i receive sms (text messages) from my iphone 8gb 3.0 or when i receive them its either corrupted or delayed…

  38. aris says:

    Hi i’m using a 3G iphone from the states i already had it unlocked it was working perfectly until my phone doesnt ring nor has its msg alert but b4 everything and all app are working. What should i do? Pls help

  39. darwin says:

    Cebu? i’m not sure, but I bet there are a couple who can.

    3.0 to be safe. 3.1 if you have a mac (at this time pwnage tool is only for the mac os). You can also choose to install a custom 3.1 firmware. I don’t suggest that you upgrade, unlock, jailbreak your phone yourself as you can make a mistake make your phone forever unlockable. If the phone comes with 3.1 OOTB (out of the box) then, there’s a high chance that the phone may be unlockable at this time.

  40. lars says:

    one thing….3.0 or 3.1 firmware, does it matter? tnx!

  41. lars says:

    how bout here in cebu? plz rply

  42. darwin says:

    lars … yes you can .. greenhills can unlock it for you.

  43. lars says:

    my husband is planning to buy an iphone 3g 16gb in japan for me, can i use it here in the phils? f so, how? ned help plz! rply asap….tnx!

  44. lars says:

    my husband is planning to buy an iphone 3g 16gb in japan for me, can i use it here in the phils? f so, how? ned help plz! rply asap….tnx!

  45. roxy says:

    hi guys
    pls i need u’r help. my friend is in the US now and will be back next week. i want her to buy Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB for me. will it work here in the phils.? pls help me what to do.. thanks

  46. Jill says:

    Hi po! grbe parang na lost ako ah marami akong terms na hndi ma getz huhu. ano po b ang ibig sabihin ng jailbreak?? at sana gusto kong magka iphone 3G for my 18th bday pero saan po b pwede bumili d2 sa phils?? kasi pwede ung tita ko bumili sa US pero im not sure if magagamt d2 sa phils?? huhuhuhu can anay1 help me?? =,c

  47. Darwin says:

    So … 3Gs jailbroken … and unlocked. :D

    This is what I did:

    1. I actually restored my 3Gs to 3.0 again. (I just wanted a clean slate)
    2. Used the Dev Team’s Redsnow 0.8 to jailbreak
    3. then used the Dev Team’s ultrasn0w 0.8 to unlock
    4. all done in 15 minutes.


    tried it with Sun, Globe, & Smart. All good and no issues at all. <-- means everything is working even the compass! lol.

  48. Tonichi says:

    thats nice Darwin…. i will buy 3GS when the unlock is available..

  49. Darwin says:

    w000h000 .. I have just jailbroken my iPhone 3Gs 32GB!.. it works on my AT&T roaming sim. Sadly no unlock yet.

    Unlock is coming very soon!

    P,S.: I used Geohot’s purplera1n. Not for the weak of heart ^_^

  50. Darwin says:

    tonichi, of course you can use any sim you want. :)

  51. Tonichi says:

    Tnx darwin… My isa pa pala can I use smart sim?

  52. Darwin says:

    tonichi. yes.

    Aldrin. No price yet but it will be cheaper than current market price. I’m not in it to make money. This is not a source of livelihood for me.

  53. Tonichi says:

    I am running iphone 3G 16G 3.0 FW Jailbroken.. I already install ultrasn0w ..

    can I use it on philippines?

  54. aldrin says:


    How much are you selling your iphone 3G? :)

  55. Darwin says:

    Sorry .. Kat that was for you.

  56. Darwin says:

    You just have to jailbreak and unlock it using the process I submitted above. :)

  57. Darwin says:


    Yes, you can use your Iphone 3G in the Philippines unlocked.

    Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
    Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool (this will also install Cydia/Icy)
    Run Cydia or Icy
    Please add the repo repo666.ultrasn0w.com to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”! If you use the letter “o” you’ll get an error.
    Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w
    Reboot your iPhone 3G

    I am running my iPhone 3G 16GB unlocked using this process.

    I have the iPhone 3Gs too still in the box (just got back from the US :D) still unlocked. I won’t touch it until the Dev Team officially releases the jailbreak, then i’ll be selling my white iPhone 16GB 3G.

  58. Tonichi says:


    Jailbreak is not available yet on iphone 3Gs
    the dev team said that the jailbreak for 3Gs will be release on July i dont know the exact date but they said it will be release in july..

    if i jailbreak my iphone can i use it on philippines?

    I have Iphone 3G 16G jailbroken with yellowsnow
    I think yellowsnow is the sim unlocker
    am I right?
    can i use it on philippines .?


  59. Tonichi says:


    Jailbreak is not available yet on iphone 3Gs
    the dev team said that the jailbreak for 3Gs will be release on July i dont know the exact date but they said it will be release in july..

    if i jailbreak my iphone can i use it on philippines?

    ..Iphone 3G 16G
    can i use it on philippines .?


  60. aldrin says:


    Any news if jailbreak can be used here in Manila for the new iphone 3GS? Im planning to buy one but di pa daw pwede eh. And is it true that if you buy one, you are compelled to sign up for an AT&T account?


  61. kat2x says:

    Im planning to buy an iphone 3g 8gb sa US kc its cheaper now na may bago ilalabas ang apple… I was wondering if pwede sya d2 pinas?

    what do I need to do? unlock? jailbreak etc?

  62. kat says:

    thanks aldrin. ;)

  63. aldrin says:

    hi kath,

    i think you’ll just have to have it unlocked (greenhills probably). im sure its now cheaper to do that compared before.

  64. kat says:


    binigyan kasi ako ng iphone, and it’s from uk, when i inserted my globe sim, it says there na my sim is not supported. does it mean it’s locked? so paano na yun? how can i use it?

    wala akong alam sa iphone kasi, wth. hehe,

    i dunno what to do. helllp. please.

    thank you so much ;)

  65. Randy says:

    my 1st gen. iphone running OS 3.0 firmware, everything works!
    copy paste option is great. you can copy text and image to email window.

  66. julius says:

    hi i luv to buy iphone in the us the new one 8g for only $99, is it possible that can be use here? ma unlock na sya how much the cost and where ( cebu area )

  67. dodong says:

    hi i bought my iphone 3g 16g from US tpos i try to apply to globe phil pra sa 3g nya tpos sabe sa glove di nila ma configure ung 3g kasi di sakanila galing ung iphone…ftw…

  68. Romel says:

    Hi Guys!
    I have an iphone 3g 16 g
    Version: 2.2(5G77)
    Modem Firmware: 02.30.03
    From Japan (Softbank)
    Can I use my iPhone in the Philippines using Globe Telecom?

  69. Rica says:

    hello..I have a second hand iphone bigay ng mama ko from England na bigay sa kanya ng friend nya..the problem is di sya ma-oopen dito sa pinas unless ung simcard ng owner ung gagamitin according to Apple Store in Ayala Cebu..Then gagamitin ko na lang sana as Ipod…I tried to download songs fro Itunes then I was asked to Upgrade the iphone. I clicked Yes..and after na locked na ung fon..I cant use the iphone kahit for music & camera nalang kasi ung nakalagay na dapat ung simcard ng owner para maactivate ulit..

    is it possible na ma.activate ulit without the simcard of the owner??..& ma.unlocked dito sa pinas para magamit??..thanks..Need help..sayang kasi ung iphone..”,)

    would somebody give me a pm in my email account..mulangot_rica@yahoo.com
    thanks..help will be much appreciated..

  70. Francis says:

    Good Day..

    I have an Apple 2G 8GB with firmware 2.1 Version. As I am browsing the messages. I have seen that Iphone can have a settings like GPRS. I already called globe telecoms and ask for a settings but they are not giving settings for iphone that are not bougth to them. Hope you can help me on how to get a GPRS settings and how can i browse free internet using gprs.

    Thanks and I will be waiting for a reply…

  71. QueMee says:

    this is a PONY Message board… all my messages – DELETED – .. good luck to all

  72. customer care says:

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  73. joseph says:

    i have a 1.0.2 version iphone purchased last yr 2007, im wondering if i can uodate it na? now that globe tel already launch iphone hir in the phil…

  74. darwin says:

    blackberrys are fine, as long as you have an enterprise server supporting your push mail, other than that, it will just be another cellphone. Pricewise, BBs are affordable in the Philippines. So, why not?

  75. VI says:

    is that so darwin?…oh well…i think i have to settle for a blackberry..huhuh…will that be okay?….

  76. darwin says:

    no, the 3g is still not hackable as of this time. My 3g iphone is just a glorified ipod, but i’m sure the hack is just around the corner. Just as always.

  77. VI says:

    darwin…my tita from states said that i cant use iphone 3g here in the philippines if it was bought there in the US…is it true?,,,i really got disappointed because supposed to be it will be a present for me…pls help me…what will i tell her?….coz i think she asked it from AT&T….

  78. KENJI107 says:

    ei guys,my friend from dubai was asking for help where to buy apple 3g iphone here in the phils.
    he’ll be back probably by end of nov or mid-december..he is working as a tech support rep from
    apple inc.-kuwait…yet he cnt buy iphones yet since he told me that it’s not launched yet or banned..
    anybody who sell orig apple 3g iphones?hope you can provide discounts,he was planning to buy 5 units..
    and if yes, pls email me at kenji.77710@yahoo.com..tnx

  79. heidy says:

    pls im going to have my i phone from soft bank this july,i want to know if i can use my globe sim card in the future?pls add my ym for the answers,hdylopez my ym id.wait ko ha plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  80. Prada says:

    i got iphone 8gig 1.1.4 firmware and i got prada. i love both ^___^

  81. darwin says:

    Another thing … iPhone 3G will start rolling out on July. I already placed my order for mine.

  82. darwin says:

    voicemal and youtube issues can be fixed.

    what’s nice is, with the ziphone unlokcing software, you can restore your phone into factory default configuration if you want to.

    No harm done, ey?

    by the way, steve Jobs has announced the iPhone 2.0

    it has 3G and GPS built-in.

    $199 8GB 3G iPhone
    $299 16GB 3G iPhone

    Rule is, as long as you don’t open your phone and manipulate the wires inside, you will always be able to restore your phone to brand new condition.


  83. kat says:

    u know what…. i am interested in these unlocking stuff…. but i’ve read some feedbacks that they encountered problems after unlocking it…. particularly with voicemail and youtube…. i don’t think it will hurt to use a regular phone for a week or so stay in the Philippines than risking your 400 dollar phone d ba?…. but i enjoyed the discussions….. Good luck to yall!

  84. joemjoe says:

    Hlo evry1..I am planing n bumli ng iphone d2 s US and dadalhn q pauwi s Philippines. Can sombdy hlp me kng paano iunlock ang iphone.. Kapg nag-unlock ng iphone nkaconct s intrnt,db? Hnd b yun malalamn ng apple na ina-unlock ang iphone nla? anong software gnagamit para mg-unlock ng iphone?

  85. paul says:

    gud day to everyone…. need help po. i bought an iphone 2 days ago.. then all of a sudden yung space bar ko nde na gumagana pati yung num keys at return keys, pati pag magreply ka pag nasa inbox ka ayaw din lumabas nung keyboard… pls help naman po..my iphone is 8gb ver 1.1.4

  86. Darwin says:


    what’s your firmware?

    anyway, it’s saying that because it is locked. read about ziphone. Search for it, it would help you unlock and jailbreak your phone.

    there’s always a risk though. good luck.

  87. pitzy says:

    pls help…

  88. pitzy says:

    Konnichiwa Darwin-san

    I bought an iphone but i have a problem with it saying the sim is not approved.

    how will i do it?

  89. Darwin says:


    if you’re going to the states, your best bet is to buy off from an apple store.

    my only tip is to get a brand new one if you can.


    yes, I even use the internet using both gprs and wifi, while stuck in EDSA traffic.
    think of your iphone as a mini-mac that you can lug around your home.

  90. mike says:

    Ok thanks again Darwin, I’ll push through with buying an iphone.

    Probably a 16gb model off ebay.ph, but i have one last question.

    After its unlocked, does the internet still work? like with safari and evertything? I have a wifi connection at my condo and one of the main reasons i want to buy a iPhone is so i can surf the net while sitting in my room or out on my balcony.

    So, does it still work? :)

  91. zetski says:

    i’m going to states this April and I’m planning to buy an iphone.; Where is the best place where I can buy one? And can you surf the net with the iphone? Can you give me some tips on buying one. Thanks so much.

  92. Darwin says:


    guru my furu.. lol

    i’m not a guru man .. just want to help.

    I’m happy you got your iphone unlocked…

    Don’t mind the 2K anymore. It’s over, it’s done, they unlocked it for you and you seem happy about it, I think that’s the only thing that matters now.

    search for this: ziphone

    it really works!

  93. Aldrin says:

    hey darwin,
    i just had my iphone unlocked for 2k at greenhills, with the applications and forwarded text thingy. the phone’s great. shoot, i could have like bought 5 machiattos and still got to see the guru of this thread haha anyways, i really appreciate your help. the manang there said the warranty becomes void but since iphones do not have tech support here yet, i could try returning it to the US store where i bought it and they may still accept it. wish we had more guys like u

  94. Darwin says:

    hey mike,

    Why not greenhills? I feel that they’re just a bunch of thieves. But,it’sjust my opinion.

    Expect to pay about 18T – 21T for a used unit. and a max of 24T for a brand new 8GB iphone.


  95. mike says:

    Thanks for the reply darwin,

    Well i want to buy one, really. I have friends who have them and they are happy with them.

    I want a cell phone i can use and be happy with for 2 years +, which is why i wont buy a nokia.

    I was using a treo 650 before with touchscreen but i dropped it and i broke the keypad and touchscreen.

    Why shouldn’t i buy at greenhills?

    I’m not a local (although i’ve lived here for years) so buying off one of those sites may be a bit of a problem for me.

    Also, how much can i expect to pay? so i know im not getting ripped off :)

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  96. Darwin says:

    to buy,


    uy pa bertday! ^_^

    don’t buy at greenhills.

    Well, … I am very satisfied with my iphone, but .. i’m an anti-nokia user, so go figure.
    It’s best that you use it first and see if it is for you. I’ve never met one who didn’t like it. Just like macs .. it’s either you like it or you hate it.

    How much is a top of a line nokia nowadays cost? To think that Nokia phones depreciate in value so much, but people still buy them. Anyway, to each his own. I love my iphone. I have never regreted buying one.

  97. mike says:


    Do you know where i could buy a Iphone? And how much it would cost?

    It’s my birthday and i was really hoping to buy my self an Iphone. I went to parksquare makati, and the going rate for an iPhone is 28,000 … however one of my friends managed to pick one up for around 20,000.

    Any help or words of advice would be great. Do they sell iphones at greenhills?

    Also, last of all, IS IT REALLY WORTH THE MONEY? i mean for that ammount i could virtually buy a laptop, so im not totally convinced.

  98. Darwin says:


    well .. 3K or your iphone functions like an ipod ^_^. And yes, since the iphone is not offered here locally, unlocking it will void your warranty. To go over this, you will need to use a sim solution.

    It’s fairly easy. to unlock and jailbreak, I mean. If you can come over my house and bring me a venti caramel machiatto, I’ll do the dirty job for you. lol

  99. Aldrin says:

    @Bea, there are folks here (some malls and greenhills) who charge u around 3k to unlock your iphone

    @Darwin, Im not really comfortable in unlocking my own iphone, do u think that 3k worth it? Or should i just try doing it on my own. Sorry, I’m a risk-averse person :-)
    PS Is it true that the warranty will become null and void if it is unlocked here?

  100. Darwin says:

    Bea. Go and get your iphone. It would work here. No worries ^_^

  101. tanya gonzaga says:

    venti caramel machiatto it is!!!!

  102. Bea says:

    . i found this site through google since I am planning to buy an Iphone from the states soon,. I was just worrying since i wasn;t sure if it would work here in the Philippines with globe and sun maybe?. I don;t want to spend money on a phone that won’t work here.XD.

    Is it that hard to find someone who could unlock an iphone? I’m not much of a techie so I have no idea on details like these.

    and with all that, is it still really worth all the trouble and money?Thanks a lot!:)

  103. Darwin says:


    for the contacts .. you need to modify your appsupport. philmug.ph has all the files that you need. ^_^ look for edvelarde’s and DZ’s posts.



  104. stiworks says:

    i got a problem on iphone. recently bought the 16Gb and used ziphone one step unlock jailbreaking on my OTB 1.1.3. i put in my contacts. and when someone calls it doesnt recognize the number since i have put it +639******* in my contacts because when someone is calling it comes up 0917****** so it doesnt recognize it. If i change it to 0917******* on the contacts the SMS part doesnt recognize the contacts since it comes back with +63917*******. is there any fix on this.

    For the themes. When Ziphone unlocks and jailbreaks it . it comes up with an installer. open it up and tap install > themes > summerboard. Install it then restart your iphone then go to SMBPrefs > Themes > select a theme and press home button. Now you have a customized iPhone. Enjoy

    let me now if theres a new developemnt. on the contacts

    Thanks more power
    Ian R

  105. Darwin says:


    itunes can do it for you .. as long as you’re on 1.1.3 and at least 7.6 ^_^

  106. ronald says:

    anybody knows how to add ring tones in iphones?

  107. Darwin says:

    hey tanya! That certainly is good news!

    for the volume .. try piercing the left holes located on the bottom of your iphone. I used a thread needle. When you poke, you should only find a little resistance. It it won’t go through, don’t force it. Don’t worry, you won’t damage your phone. Just remember, only the holes located on the left of the port. THe one on the right is the mic.

    P.S. you still owe me a venti caramel machiatto ^_^

  108. tanya gonzaga says:

    hi darwin, thanks for the help.

    iworld fixed the bugs and my phone is working perfectly fine for me now. The ringing volume or alert tones are not as loud as any other nokia or se phones though, but i can live with it anyway.

  109. Rafael says:

    hmmm i also left my iPhone upgraded into 1.1.3 pareho lang tayo EJ, ganyan din ako ehh huhuh di mo magamit tuloy… hmmm can you help darwin… do you have ym?? pm me if you have time.. or if you are online jivepaloma@yahoo.com please… sabi kc eh pag dinowngrade ko na eh baka maging ipod touck na lang… at baka mas lumala pa…

    There is a program released just recently which is ZiPhone. It allows you to jailbreak, activate and unlock OTB 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 iPhones. I believe it also allows you to downgrade the Baseband and the Bootloader. For more info, you might want to check out Zibri’s blog :)

  110. Rafael says:

    As of this writing, no updates yet. I am suspecting that iPhone may not even be officially released here in the Philippines due to the reason that Apple demands a lot from the Philippine telcos as compared to the marketability of the gadget itself. A lot of Filipinos may crave for it but the question is “Can they afford to buy one if ever it gets released here in the Philippines?” Let’s just hope and pray though that it will be released soon. That is IF and only IF Apple and one of our telco’s come out with lets say “fair” agreement.

  111. reactor101 says:

    is there any news when will Iphone be release here in philippines? What network(smart,globe,sun) will it be using? I don’t want to have the trouble or issues in compatibility and upgrades and sims etc

  112. ronald says:


    bro i made it already. thanks im now 1.1.3 my icons wiggle na. ask lang can we turn off the dictionary in text cuz i cant find the file already in 3rd party programs. and how to change the menu icons and backgrournd.. pls give me tips… thanks

  113. Darwin says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Let me ask you a quick question… can you make calls though? Or does it crash back to the springboard? Same question with SMS, can you send them out?

    Can you also go to settings and choose a ringtone? When you do, does it playback?

    if you can’t make calls/sms .. you will have to install iworld and choose Philippines of course.

    If you can’t play your ringtones from the settings area, you may need to restore your OS again… that is if you are on 1.1.2. If you are on 1.1.3.. then there’s an installer patch from bigboss repositor it’s called 1.1.13 ringtone fix.

  114. Tanya Gonzaga says:

    Hi Darwin,

    Had my iphone upgrade from to 1.1.2, however when somebody calls me, my phone does not ring even though it is on full volume. There are no sms alerts either. It used to have that before the upgrading. Am i missing something here? Help please.

  115. Darwin says:

    Hi all! As promised .. 1.1.2 OTB & 1.1.3 OTB software unlock is here. ^_^


    no need to use them expensive sim solutions.

  116. Darwin says:


    you are jailbroken already for 1.1.1 right?

    this is the process that I did

    1,1,1 -> oktoprep -> 1.1.2 -> nate true 1.1.3

    there are two different kinds of jailbreaking 1.1.3

    one is nate true’s process which includes the ibricker

    and another is the dev team’s 1.1.3 which runs from your installer.

    You actually do not use the itunes to upgrade to 1.1.3.

    thing is, the 1.1.3 JB is a pseudo upgrade because it only copines the files and does not upgrade your base band. If you use itunes, it will copy the files and baseband altogether locking your phone with a locked firmware. itouch labas ng iphone mo nyan.

    if you are planning to upgrade to 1.1.3, upgrade to 1.1.2 first I’ve seen a couple of iphone which upgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 directly and they had some issues.

  117. ronald says:

    how did you do that dawrwin pls share to us the fw 1.1.3 so we can update also

  118. ronald says:

    ask lang po. if OTB 1.1.1 updated to 1.1.3 same procedure parin ba sa pag down grade ng 1.1.2?

  119. gatsby says:

    hmmm i also left my iPhone upgraded into 1.1.3 pareho lang tayo EJ, ganyan din ako ehh huhuh di mo magamit tuloy… hmmm can you help darwin… do you have ym?? pm me if you have time.. or if you are online jivepaloma@yahoo.com please… sabi kc eh pag dinowngrade ko na eh baka maging ipod touck na lang… at baka mas lumala pa…

  120. EJ101305 says:

    i ddnt downgrade mine yet.. i left it for a while at 1.1.3.. is it still possible for it to be unlocked for me to use my globe sim again even though im still at 1.1.3??? and jailbroken?? im anxious to use my iphone again.. i didnt downgrade yet cuz im scared im might mess it up even more and i dont have the original sim it came with cuz my aunt just gave it to me unlocked already i heard it was from europe.. plsssss help me.. bad thing is im in iloilo..huhuhu

  121. Darwin says:

    Hi all! I just want to share that I have successfully upgraded my FW to 1.1.3. Still unlocked, all my apps (the ones that I personally use anyway :) are all working.

    my icons wiggle!


    native mulitple sms recipients.. nice!

  122. Darwin says:

    yes … read my post last Aug 19. Follow the procedure and your iphone should be fine.

  123. EJ101305 says:

    I accidentally upgraded too to 1.1.3..my iphone was already unlocked when i got it and i was using my globe sim. now its locked again.. it was originally 1.1.1.. is there anyway i can get it back to 1.1.1?? and get it back to normal???????huhuhuhu

  124. Darwin says:

    looks like those who have been waiting to get their 1.1.2 OTB phones to be software unlocked would be partying very soon. ^_^. Free is always good.

  125. Darwin says:


    there is a way =) I have only read it of course and have not tried it. Here’s the link:



    OTB 1.1.2 unlock is coming very soon. Geo (one of the first to unlock an iphone) has shared that he was successful in hardware unlocking the OTB 1.1.2. Which only means one thing, the secpack has been retrieved and will soon be available as an unlocking option.

    Here’s geo’s blog:

    Here it is as a thread at hackint0sh.org:

    Please don’t try to unlock your 1.1.2 ITB yet if you are weak hearted. The hardware process involves opening up the iPhone itself.

  126. gatsby says:

    anyone help to bring it back to the version 1.1.1???? please

  127. gatsby says:

    hi i have an apple iPhone and was activated already… but my problem is… i updated the new version 1.1.3 in the net and now, it says there after i updated, that the SIM CARD in this Iphone does not appear to be supported.. (of course it was hacked by globe) ohhh my bad…. how will i do this again… 1.1.1 is much better than those 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 grrrrrrrr……. why do i have to update pa kasi???? ——— laoag po here

  128. rye says:

    STEALTH, X, NEXT or TURBO SIMS per order basis only and offers low prices than e-bay.

    YM ID ryebread53@yahoo.com

  129. rye says:

    Glad to have my iPhone today and some units to sell at Php25k. Authentic units from the US, 8G, comes with a STEALTH/NEXT or X .TURBO SIM. Works perfectly in the Philippines. Pick up only in my Makati residence in Salcedo Village anytime before lunch or after 9 pm.

    Interested? Send an email to ryebread53@yahoo.com or send a message thru YM, same YM ID as my email add.

  130. mrcr says:

    guys you can buy an iphone in greenhills..

    If you need to unleash your o.t.b 1.1.2 I can refer you to a guy who clones sims ( except for smart users). He also sells turbo sim for smart users. if you are interested send me an email at mrcrduran@mac.com

  131. OwnerofalockedIphone says:

    Can someone tell me where i can buy a Turbo sim on the Philippines…i’m going there soon and I want to buy it there because i think it will be cheaper than buying on net (ebay f.ex)…anyone?

  132. Darwin says:

    try the usual places:

    1. ebay.ph
    2. philmug.ph
    3. philmug.com
    4. tipidcp.com

    make sure you get one with an iphone with firmwares 1.0.2 or 1.1.1
    stay clear of the 1.1.2 for the time being.

    Happy Hunting!

  133. mark says:

    manong i know a friend who sells iphone from US… and i also heard that theres already iphone here but dont know exactly where to get it…

  134. Darwin says:

    ronald: I’m glad to hear that. ^_^

  135. ronald says:

    sawakas i made it na dawin. thanks for the big help and guides..
    my iphone is back to normal and i learn lot of it. :)

  136. ronald says:

    i try already but still cant unlock our sim. i already kept restarting my phone but still cant open b the anysim

  137. Darwin says:

    I have good news.

    a turbosim clone. Can be had for as low as P1,600.

    Check this discussion thread.


    This will make a lot of people happy. ^_^

    Ronald: Let’s catch up on YM or txt. You’ll have to run anysim 1.1p to unlock your 1.1.1.

  138. ronald says:

    it say’s this iphone must be used with an approved sim

  139. ronald says:

    darwin i made it already but have a little problem the don’t accept my sim

  140. Manong says:

    sensya guys not related to ur discussion… ask ko lang kung kelan kaya darating iphone d2 sa pinas. bumili ako ng itouch last month and planning to upgrade to iphone. anyone here who sells bnew iphone? email me. rida.santos@gmail.com

  141. Darwin says:

    Here’s ticker site for the iPhone Hack Dev Team. This gives us a semi-timetable and updates for the 1.1.2 OTB unlock.


  142. ronald says:

    the i tune will not detect the fone.

  143. ronald says:

    where i can get FW 1.1.1? pls give me the site.. thanks

  144. Darwin says:

    Ronald: you’ll have to run the downgrade again. shift-click restore on itunes and choose your downloaded 1.1.1 FW

  145. ronald says:

    darwin it will not jailbreak cuz the firware sting same in 1.1.2… i dnt know why… pls help me

  146. Darwin says:

    oh-uh .. I don’t suggest you go through it then. Not that I’m pulling you down, but I highly suggest you bring it to a pro to do it.

    I’m an enthusiast and hardly a pro. I haven’t jailbroken and unlocked any other iphone but mine.

  147. ronald says:

    i dont know how to down grade.. can you help me the steps? it so hard to understand..

  148. Darwin says:

    let me correct myself…

    use a UPS if you are using a PC so that when power goes out, you can still continue the downgrade

    about native apps – what I meant is that your apps are installed on the iphone itself and are not just being accessed through Safari or the internet.

  149. Darwin says:


    It can still be unlocked again.

    checkout the link I gave above and you’ll see the steps how to downgrade back to 1.1.1 and re-unlock your phone again.

    I know it is a little confusing, but believe me, it’s not that hard. You just need a lot of prayer. LOL

    the actual downgrade is easy, just make sure your PC is using a UPS. Better yet, use a laptop. If you were in the middle of downgrading your phone and the power goes up, you could seriously hurt your phone.

    anyway, once your phone has been downgraded to 1.1.1, the actual jailbreak process is simple. Once Jailbroken, you are then set.

    If you have previously jailbroken your phone, you don’t need to run anysim anymore to unlock your phone and use a local sim card.


    jailbreak – process to “hacktivate” your iphone and let you access the springboard and install native apps.

    unlock – to be able to run non at&t sim card such as our own local sims

    springboard – the actual menu that you see on the iphone

    native apps – applications that you can install on your iphone without the need to connect to the internet.

    I hope I was able to help you.

  150. ronald says:

    i need help i buy iphone last moth it was 1.1.1 but my sister upgrade to 1.1.2
    can any one help me to unlock this?
    darwin help me i know we have same problem.

  151. Rafael says:

    As they always say: Patience is a virtue and based on experience, it works most of the time :)

  152. iObey says:

    big thanks for the links! Gona take your advice and just wait it out..

  153. Darwin says:

    or just wait it out ^_^ I don’t know when the proper unlock for 1.1.2 OTB will come out, the only thing I know is that there will eventually be one.

    Here are two of the resources that I check for info. If a 1.1.2 OTB unlocking procedure comes out, this would be the first places you’ll find it:

    hackint0sh: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=136
    modmyifone: http://modmyifone.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=37

    read up and stay informed.

  154. iObey says:

    yikes.. still too expensive.. hope they sell next sim.. it cost half of turbosim and stealthsim (ebay)..

  155. Rafael says:

    @migs05: My apologies Sir but as far as I can remember, nowhere in my post does it comfirm that he can unlock OTB 1.1.2 iPhones. As I have said, as of this writing, there is still no available unlock solution yet other than using StealthSim which costs around P7k.

  156. Rafael says:

    @mrcr, you may reach him at 0917-8668725 He is actually a Philmugger. One of the trusted persons when it comes to modifying the iPhone. You might also want to check this link out: http://www.philmug.ph/forum/showpost.php?p=304214&postcount=1

  157. mrcr says:


    its around eight to ten thousand…


    thanks for the info.. but how much is the next sim? is it being sold in manila?

  158. mrcr says:


    am interested, how can i reach him?

  159. iphone2007 says:

    do u know how much is the sim solution in greenhills?

  160. migs05 says:

    hey rafael abt this iphone guru ur saying can he actuali unlock 1.1.2 OTB without stealth/next/turbosim…?can u email me personally at migs272003@yahoo.com on how to contact this specialist..thnks.

  161. Darwin says:


    Can you give us the details? What firmware? What week?

    If it is 1.1.2 OTB, don’t fret, software unlocking is around the corner, that will happen very soon. If you can’t wait, then why not research about other alternatives such as simcard fixes (next/stealth/turbo sim) you might have to spend again to get them but you’ll be able to use your phone… right now.

  162. comebackphilippines says:

    i just bought iphone from the us… it’s pretty brand new.. bought it at 399 at the apple store and now i’m regretting buying it… coz i can’t use it coz can’t activate it…. any help?

  163. Darwin says:

    mrcr: I haven’t tried it, so I can’t really be an authority over it, but from my understanding, next sim/ stealthsim/ turbosim fools the iphone by mimicking am AT&T therefore allowing you to use the local sim. Also from what I’ve read, stealthsim can only be programmed once (1 sim only) and turbo sim can be reprogrammed again if you decide to change telcos later on.

    Again, I am not an authority over OTB 1.1.2. I have only my iphone which was originally 1.1.1 and which I’ve upgraded to 1.1.2. Yes you can add me to your YM. (kazmutzz) I apologize, I don’t login too much in YM due to my work. But I do login at least once a day. I’m pretty much sure I’ll see your message and hopefully be able to reply if I can help out.

  164. charice pempengco wannabe says:

    mrcr: im referring to next sim manufactured in hongkong. Stealth sim kinda works pretty like the next sim. Did u ask about the price in greenhills?

  165. Rafael says:

    I know an iPhone guru who deals with all stuffs about hacking and modifying the iPhone. if you want, I can contact him for you. Don’t worry guys this is in no way a scam. I assure you. Just reply to this if you are interested.

  166. iObey says:

    and where? :D

  167. iObey says:

    mrcr, how much is the stealth sim in greenhills?

  168. mrcr says:


    with the stealth sim I will totally be able to use all the functions of my iphone ? By the way, can I include you in my YM please :) ? Thanks.


    I checked in greenhills they have stealth sim.


    how about if we just use it here in manila ?

  169. Darwin says:

    sandy: there you go! the answer is yes, you will still need to jailbreak it to access your apps.

    Charice: thank you, your posts have been very helpful.

  170. charice pempengco wannabe says:

    If ur gonna use the next sim card from hongkong heres the step:

    Follow the 5 easy steps:
    Step 1 – Downgrade your firmware from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1
    Step 2 – Jailbreak & Activate, then upgrade back to 1.1.2
    Step 3 – cut the little corner of your own sim card
    Step 4 – tape your sim card on next sim by using double side tape
    Step 5 – run the app installer and install the “iworld”

    press * 3 0 0 1 # 1 2 3 4 5 # * and press CALL

  171. sandy says:

    Charice: Mine is 48 so I guess stealthsim might solve my problem.

    Darwin: Thanks man, BTW, do I still need to jailbreak my iphone even if I use a stealthsim? Thanks again

  172. charice pempengco wannabe says:

    BTW: week number of that serial is 42. Its the 4th and 5th number from left.

  173. charice pempengco wannabe says:

    Serial Number:7T742P7EYH0

  174. charice pempengco wannabe says:

    hey guys before you assume or buy a hypersim/stealth sim, check the serial the number of ur iphone first to check the week number of the phone. If its week 45 and up yes you will need the stealthsim and snipped some part of ur simcard to be able to fit it in. Week 44 and below can be software unlock. Heres how to check the week number according to serial number.

    Serial number: 7T742P7EYH0

  175. Darwin says:

    sandy: I honestly don’t know. There might be in greenhills but i’m not sure. The only place I know you can get them now is through eBay.

  176. sandy says:

    Can I buy a stealthsim in the philippines? Thanks

  177. Darwin says:

    mrcr: nope. You can’t downgrade it as well. Greenhills can’t do it. The most you can do is jailbreak it and activate it but, you won’t be able to use the communications function (voice, data). The only real way now, is what j-one reccomended. What you have right now, is a very expensive itouch.

  178. mrcr says:


    If i cant have my iphone 1.1.2 version unlocked, can i dwgd it to 1.1.1 so that I can use it.. Cant they do it in greenhills

  179. Darwin says:

    j-one: that’s true.

  180. j-One says:

    OTB 1.1.2 iphones i believe can only be unlock using a turbo sim/next sim or a stealth sim w/c cost $60 to $100 on ebay.

  181. Darwin says:

    Michael, what was the firmware when you got your iphone? If it is an OTB 1.1.2, I’m afraid there’s no stable unlocking solution yet. If it was 1.1.1 or 1.0.2 when you got it and just accidentally upgraded it, then it is very feasible to unlock your phone.

    note: OTB = Out of The Box

  182. michael05 says:

    hi darwin ,

    i got my new 1.1.2 iphone can u help me how to unlock it,im just new here..hope u can help me..my email is mig_titong@yahoo.com

  183. Darwin says:

    Hi! Sorry Wakoko .. been busy with the season and all. If you have used an ipod before .. it’s very similar. You upload your mp3s and movies to your itunes (on your pc) and then when you sync it, choose the music and movies you want to go to your phone.

    add me up to your YM .. kazmutzz

  184. wakoko says:

    Darwin, how about the downloading thing. like mp3’s and videos to my iphone.

  185. j-One says:

    Uwi ako ng pinas this dec 27 may dala ako 5 iphones v1.1.1 fully unlocked and gus2 ko mabenta un 3. 8GB xa, im looking to sell them for Php18000 each. Im from cavite so pede ang local pick up or email nio ako 204.randall@gmail.com. Salamat

  186. Rafael says:


    Just to answer your question about the 1.1.2 unlocking, full unlock for OTB 1.1.2 is still not yet available due to the new bootloader. What you can do for the meantime is, activate and jailbreak the phone but not use the phone functions unless you use StealthSIM or Turbosim to work with your iPhone. On the other hand, you may update your 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 iPhone to 1.1.2 however, you will need to revirginize it to reflash the baseband back to the original state (preferably to 1.1.1) afterwhich, you will need to install Oktoprep from installer so you can update your iPhone to 1.1.2.

    Hope this helps :)

  187. wakoko says:

    Darwin, can you help me please. What is your ym id. Or can I ask a video demo from you please. on how to upload the mp3’s. Where/how did the 1.1.2 unlock thing.

  188. Darwin says:

    Yes, I have. If I try and access itunes store from either my phone or PC. It tells me that Itunes store is not available in my area (because of my Philippines IP). But when I connect my iphone thru itunes, I can copy all the mp3s from my PC to my iphone and when I was still running FW 1.1.1, Itunes asks me if I want to upgrade to the latest FW. I chose not to, until the 1.1.2 unlock became available.

    I am running 1.1.2 now, unlocked.

  189. wakoko says:

    Thanks anyway Darw,

  190. wakoko says:

    are you sure about it Darwin? have you tried it yourself…?

  191. Darwin says:

    well, because itunes is not available in the philippines. ^_^ actually, you won’t be able to even if you try. You can upload your MP3s, I mean, the ones stored on your PC using itunes, but don’t itunes has a facility to upgrade your phone, don’t worry, it’s not automatic and it will ask if you want to upgrade to 1.1.2. Just say no and your unlocked phone will be fine.

  192. wakoko says:

    I buy unlock iphone yesterday here in the philippines. but they warning me not to download music from itunes or even sync it because it will lock again to AT&T. is that tru guys.? have you tried to download music in your iphone?

  193. Darwin says:


    That’s very true Rafael. I was only referring to the actual unlocking process and not the service. But you are very correct. Professionals do deserve the fee.

  194. Rafael says:

    Quote: “yes your iphone will work in the philippines. unlocking is free don’t be fooled.”

    – On The contrary Sir, Paid iPhone unlocking services are only applicable to those iPhone users who are not familiar on how to unlock the iPhone itself or those who are not technical enough to follow those steps posted over the Internet. Yes these unlock process may be free but the question is, are they willing to risk their precious investment?

  195. Martin says:


    where can i buy a brand new unlocked iphone
    im from la union phil..
    i like iphone GRRRR!!!!!

  196. Darwin says:

    april and louie,

    yes your iphone will work in the philippines. unlocking is free don’t be fooled. clue: all you need is a wifi router and an internet connection. I bought mine when I was int he US and unlocked it when I went back to the PI.

  197. Louie says:

    i am planning to buy an i phone abroad, can somebody help me to unlock this stuff and how much would it cost? thanks

  198. april says:

    I have an iphone coming in December from dubai. Do you think it will work then?

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