Hayden Panettiere Tries To Save Dolphins in Japan

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NBC’s “Heroes” star, Hayden Panettiere zipped up a wet suit and joined a group of anti-whaling protesters called The Sea Shepherd. They tried to stop a boatful of hunters from killing a school of dolphins near Taiji, a port city in Japan’s infamous highly secret dolphin drive.

Heroes Hayden Panettiere

The top secret dolphin hunts aren’t covered by the international ban on whale killing and however much international condemnation it brings the Japanese fishermen yet again are defending their act in the name of culture. Herding thousands of dolphins into a cove and then bludgeoning them to death is a tradition well over 400 years old.

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3 comments on “Hayden Panettiere Tries To Save Dolphins in Japan
  1. Jodie says:

    We all miss the dolphins a lot more than Hayden will miss you as a Heroes fan… ignorant Charles! Good for you Hayden- your actions brought much needed awareness to the states.

  2. Tahlia Johnson says:

    I think it was an extremly bravr thing Hayden Panettiere did. She is a great roll model for women every where. I can not stand the japanese for doing such a thing to innocent dolphines and whales. I addmirer her for at lest trying to save them.

  3. Charles Liu says:

    Thank you Hayden Panettiere, I’m not going to watch Heroes anymore.

    What right do you have to decide for others what food animal is okay to kill? I hope you are a vegan, because pigs and cows are incredibly intelligent, and are Gods in some cultures – yet we put them in factory farms where they suffer all their life and slaughtered in the most inhuman ways.

    So we should abandon eating beef and pork right? Never mind our own culture had decided they are food animals.

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