Honey Lee: Miss Korea in Miss Universe 2007 Pageant

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Honey is a graduate of Seoul National University.

She also holds a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, a scuba diver, and a competitive skier. If those weren’t enough she also does volunteer work for UNICEF and Compassion and World Vision. Hope she appears on one of those koreanovelas.

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5 comments on “Honey Lee: Miss Korea in Miss Universe 2007 Pageant
  1. Kuya2 says:

    Good luck in the future to magandang Honey!

  2. eunsuk says:

    ang nag-sabi nang oi oe naiingit ka lang siguro ..ang magalit ay totoo.

  3. elmer says:

    I want to win Miss Korea in The pageant of Miss Universe 2007 and the runner ups are the Miss Philippines,Miss Estonia,Miss Indonesia and Miss Usa
    Honey lee is very beautiful than Riyo Mori. Anna Theressa Licaros has one of cute face in Miss Universe 2007 except for miss Korea she won Miss Photogenic 2007

  4. Gwapa says:

    OI oe ba ana niya!!!! murag angayan di raba!!!!

  5. Seo Wei Bol says:

    I like Honey!
    i heard that u are a volunteer at UNICEF. And i sorry to hear that u lost translation in miss universe contest. Don’t be upset.i always be on ur side. i love Honey!

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