House of Anne Curtis robbed

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Actress-model Anne Curtis revealed that unidentified people broke into her house in the early hours of July 14, 2009.

According to the 24-year-old Filipino-Australian, no valuables were taken except for a bag and some clothes. Her house help was reportedly asleep at the time of the intrusion. “I’m just grateful na walang nasaktan, only bag and some clothes lang ang nakuha, which is very odd,” she said. “It is something sad na nangyari, but life goes on, we have to keep on moving.” she added.

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8 comments on “House of Anne Curtis robbed
  1. willie lapuk says:

    isa lang ang gusto ko nakawin kay anne……HALIK. Hehe

  2. guzgusin says:

    PSYCHO??? ingat dyosa baka naka abang lang yan sa labas ng hauz mo heheeh

  3. jsusies says:

    nakakatwa naman nagnakaw lang damit at bag pa…hayyzzz…

  4. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    DYOSA!!! sana may bagong series ang DYOSA!

  5. mOi says:

    kung ako un tyempohan ko sya naliligo hehe..

  6. RedStarRising says:

    baka naman undies ang mga nanakaw…..fetish???hahahah

  7. skittles says:

    baka obsessed fan..

  8. anonymous says:


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