How to activate Globe Roaming

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Here’s how you activate Globe Handyphone Prepaid International Roaming.

Just text  GROAM ON [Start Date] [No. of Days] and send to 2884.

For example, if you want to activate your roaming on September 26, 2005 for ten days, just text GROAM ON 09/26/2005 10 send to 2884.

Make sure that you have P100 balance before activating your International Roaming. You also need to maintain P100 daily load while abroad to ensure continuity of your roaming service. You may request for roaming activation 7 days before departure or at least an hour before departure. Maximum number of days for activation is 180 days.

[ Via Globe customer service
Pre-paid International Roaming FAQ ]

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298 comments on “How to activate Globe Roaming
  1. arbee says:

    I mean, Manila.

  2. arbee says:

    My OFW SIM is 9166030096. Am in Seoul but the OFW sim does not have a signal. I started using it last May 25 while still in Manial. When I arrived in Seoul on May 26, the signal got lost. Please help!

  3. Carlo says:

    Hi po my problem is nag pa register nman po ako sa Globe groam on nag reply nman yung globe nag pag dating sa japan naka roaming na. tpos dito sa japan walang signal na sa iphone ko pa tulong pano mag ka signal ang phone ko my number is 09275406792

  4. Paul says:

    Ayus na ayus… Napaka bilis ang aksyon ng GLOBE regarding sa roaming signal problem… saludo ako sa GLOBE… Paul po all the way from Seoul South Korea…

  5. voltaire says:

    mga kabayan kung magaabroad kayo mas magandang gamitin e smart malakas ang signal kahit saan,sa globe ganyan talaga hindi gumagana.. kaya pagmag aabroad e SMART or TALKENTEXT ang gamitin.

  6. voltaire says:

    mga kabayan kung magaabroad kayo mas magandang gamitin e smart malakas ang signal kahit saan,sa globe ganyan talaga hindi gumagana.. kaya pagmag aabroad e SMART or TALKENTEXT ang gamitin.

  7. Would like to activate my roaming globe, i have 300ps. prepaid balance, am here in the US na. help! tnx!!

    • Lesley says:

      I had the same situation. You can send an email to globe ( for them to manually activate the roaming service for your mobile. Registering via 2884 doesn’t really help. At least when you talk to one of their customer rep officers they can take action immediately.

  8. Rjay31 says:

    Hello po, sinunod ko po yung instruction ng roaming before ng flight namin at sabi your roaming activation is confirmed.Please expect activation of your roaming service once you arrive at your country destination. Ngayon po isang buwan na po kami dito sa Canada pero wala pa ring signal? Sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako. Ito po yong number ko  09164002235. Salamat po at God bless…

  9. Primitivo V. Somera says:

    I’m here in china now. im trying to activate my globe number but until now my phone has no signal. can you help me   09274118295

  10. Simon_ignacio72 says:

    Pki rply na lng po ang sagot, Kung kailan ma activate
    Ang roaming ko d2 sa taif ksa! Tnks!

  11. Simon_ingacio72 says:

    Gud pm po, Sa lahat ng globe user’s, umalis po ako non jan, 20. 2013. nag GROAM ON po ako, hanggang ngayon nandito na po sa taif KSA, hindi na activate, pamilya ko hnd mka txt skin, sana ayusin nyo serbisyo nyo, ksi matagal nko user ng globe! Pti signal ko nawala!

  12. Globe ako says:


  13. Bh Lionheart says:

    gumawa po kayo ng account sa globe site den file kayo ticket ireport nyo sa knila bakit wla signal globe roam nyo, mgbgay din kayo email add sa knila dun sila magrereply sa inyo at instruction nila kung anu gagaqin nyo para magkasignal yan… wla pa 1 oras action agad ang globe, like ng ginawa ko may signal n glove ko d2 sa qatar at wla ng problema…

  14. Cabarles_lian says:

    please help me..why my globe  roaming sim card no signal here in japan.?

  15. Dacubarandy says:


  16. Xaint_t10g says:

    me too i activated my globe roaming before i left philippines and when i reach japan i do not a have a single signal in my phone…please help me do something to utilize my phone/number/load…tnx

  17. Redlens says:

    help nmn po I activated my globe sim to roaming
     before I leave but I dont have signal here in LA… 09055580319

    • NYC19 says:

      I live in New York, my sis in the Phils. sent me globe sim card. I received a lot of txt messages telling me to activate/register my card by texting “groam yes” which I did but I  got a txt back msg. that said my txt was invalid. Im starting to think that this is scam.

  18. raz says:

    hello po pa help naman kung activated ang roaming ko 09277064563

  19. benjie says:

    I have a globe sim I 4got to activate my roaming before the departure, now that im here in al khorbar, can i still activate my sim even i was already here?

  20. N_bigcas says:

    On 22 July 2012 1 hr. before departing Phils. for Dubai. I did activate my roaming mobile & even received sms from 2884  which says “Thank you. Your roaming activation request is confirmed. Please expect activation of your roaming ervice once you arrive at your country of destination.  To date, this mobile is not giving me justice as I can’t use it, the airline profile is still showing, can you pls. help urgently….where to go, do you have an office here in Dubai, U.A.E.?????????

  21. Ms Galbanrowena_2785 says:

    can i used my roaming sim here while im still in pinas?

  22. Jpdijamco11 says:

    hello.. until now i dont have a signal on my globe roaming ots already activated bfore i lefth in the phil, and it has enough bal or credit, how come until now i dont any signal here in uae?kindly response pls GLOBE

  23. Nazly_ai says:

    Just open my cellphone here in uk…no signal! We already activate the roaming service in philippines..why i dont have any signal?? Pls help..i do have loads of credit in my balance…

  24. Girvinpaz says:

    buy a roaming sim before leaving!! simple!!

  25. Nassauere says:

    hallo I am Elsa I am leaving in Germany.I have this OFW Family prepaid SIM since nov.2011.Before I leave Philippines of course i activated my roaming,now my problem is i dont know that i must re-activated my SIM card.My question is What should i do to re-activate my OFW Family prepaid SIM? I am very thankful if somebody can help me as early as possible.Thanks in advance.

  26. Ayeltac Nerak says:

    hi!my roaming was not totally activate when i came here in dubai.but i can received a txt message with my friends, and now i dont have signal it appears emergency call..theirs a text message that i need to send  GROAM YES to have  totally activate my roamming with in 24 hours but how? i cannot send a messsage. i’ve tried it already so many times.. pls help me to activate it as soon as possible..

    thank you so much, hoping your reply..

  27. anonymous says:

    This is a really good website to go to get information about how to active the roaming, but I never see a answers to those question posted. It can be really helpful if you also help to answer those question. I am going to Singapore on 21th, If ever those those problem will happen to me, at least I know that to do. Please help us to answer those question. Thanks a lot and your help is really appreciated. 

  28. starsiomai says:

    i should have bought a smart sim. my sister`s smart roaming works here in canada. lesson learned.

    • disappointed traveler says:

      I agree with you. My globe international roaming has no signal for 5 days now. I should have bought a SMART sim card!!!!!!!!!

  29. starsiomai says:

    i had two globe numbers registered for roaming yet i don`t get any f******* signal here in canada. It sucks!!

  30. Lalala says:

    i have no network how do i activate my roaming

  31. win gatchalian says:

    how do i deactivate my roaming?

  32. Decepidajr Amandogarcia says: # is 09267371981..i did activate my roaming services before i got here in come i dont have a signal and i cant recieve any calls or txt in the phillipines..can u help me activate it its really important…tnx.

  33. joylet16 says:

    hi before i leave the philippines i did activate  the roaming services how come when i got here i dubai i dont have any signal

  34. Jayson Reyes says:

    Hi,My cellphone # 09157484779…I have a signal bul I can’t recieved any text from my family in Philippines..I dont know whats the problem..Can you check if still activate my roaming?..Please help me..Thanks

  35. valerie camte says:

    i activated my globe sim into roaming sim one hour before our departure from the philippines. we are here now in malaysia and i don’t have any signal. help please, we will be going to australia this night. thanks !

  36. Maria says:

    My friend came back from Phils. this month and brought me a Globe Family Sim card. She was told that it is ready activated for roaming. My cellphone has plenty of signal, but I can’t send or receive any text, despite the fact it has been loaded several times. Where did the credit go?

  37. beth says:

    Hi,My cellphone # 09272459722…I have a signal bul I can’t recieved any text from my kidz in Philippines..I dont know whats the problem..Can you check if still activate my roaming?..Please help me..Thanks

  38. tine says:

    how can my partner activate globe roaming service when he’s out of the country already? would that still be possible?

  39. jay says:

    Pano po mag balance inquiry when you’re abroad? Thanks!

  40. evev says:

    joel, contact one of your family members here in Phils. and have them call to globe customer service 211 its free for the activation of your globe roaming. tell them your current location at least Php 100 load required for the activation. Hope you will be roaming soon.

  41. joel says:

    how can i activate again my globe sim card, i bought this from phil. 7 months ago… i dont have cgnal anywher… i am seaman thats why i dont have permanent location… i hope you guys can help me… many thanks

  42. kevin says:

    Hi i just wanna ask about globe’s roaming here at japan, i brought my globe prepaid sim with me here at japan i did what all globe told me do, and it seems that i cant use my sim card for call text or even receive any of those. though my sim card and phone can detect the doom signal and has full bar of it i just can use it? thank you!

    by the way im using a iphone 3g

  43. vinz says:

    hi,just want to ask why my globe number was not activated as roaming actually i activated it a day before my departure and maintained a load of more than 100 pesos…my cp no. is 09179591125,i can’t use other microsimcard that is available here at saudi because my unit is still lock in your network…and even i cant connect to your hotlines bec. until now no service network.please help me regarding this matter.thanks

  44. merly vertucio says:

    I am using a postpaid sim. When I went to Singapore a month ago, I had my roaming activated and requested that it is kept activated because I will be going to Singapore again from time to time…Now I am in Singapore and I cannot use my postpaid sim. I cannot get a signal and nobody could text or call me and I also cannot text or call. Please advise asap.

  45. catherine says:

    hello po yung roaming ko po kasi naka in-activate na maaactivate pa po ba un??kasi me signal padin po ako kahit in activate na-..

  46. charmz says:

    hello, i’m here in singapore and have an activation of roaming (globe). i can recieve sms and calls from my globe. i can send txt msgs also. but everytime i try to call, my phone always says “call rejected” and “call barring activated”. i still have 300P load. i never activated my phone w/ call barring. how can i deactivate it? i dont know the password. pls reply. thank u!

  47. charmz says:

    hello, i’m here in singapore and have an activation of roaming (globe). i can recieve sms and calls from my globe. i can send txt msgs also. but everytime i try to call, my phone always says “call rejected” and “call barring activated”. i still have 300P load. i never activated my phone w/ call barring. how can i deactivate it? i dont know the password. pls reply. thank u!

  48. avrp says:

    Unlimited texting promos that we use in the Philippines , such as superunli doesn’t apply to roaming. Im not sure if there are other promos for roaming numbers

  49. Jeanice says:

    is there a way to get unlimited texting (just for a day or so) in roaming prepaid numbers ?

  50. Brandon says:

    Am reading all these complaints from everyone from different countries for long lengthy years, now am wanting to know if GLOBE has done something to correct the problem or has GLOBE just let the problem go and rob the load from these people. Seemed easy to do business. Got my OFW SIM card, loaded, requested for roaming and until now NO SIGNAL. I honestly think this is a waste!!!

  51. avrp says:

    For those who need to buy load immediately, just contact me. Thanks!

  52. avrp says:

    For those who need to buy load, just contact me. Thanks!

  53. lito says:

    My wife just load my no. dated 12/23/2010 and now my roaming no has no wife loaded again P100 this month still have ni signal even messages i cant received and the notice that i have my here in jeddah saudi arabia..what will i do to activate my roaming number?

  54. apriljoy says:

    I loss my signal this nka roaming po ako.I am using this sim for about half year at niloloadan ko nmn po ito every other month..please help me po..

  55. badette says:

    I was not able to activate my globe sim before i left the Philippines. Is it still possible to activate this even if I am out of the country?at saka less than 100 n ung load ko.di rin ako makapagbalance inquiry.please help me

  56. yhang says:

    my husband left today kso d cia nkapag roam what will i do or who will i contact 2 activate his roaming…

  57. badette says:

    I was not able to activate my phone before i left the Philippines. Is it still possible to activate this even if I am out of the country?at saka less than 100 n ung load ko.di rin ako makapagbalance inquiry

  58. Sue says:

    Easy lang kon may account ka sa BPI, BDO at register mo yong cellphone numner mo then you can load anytime and keep your globe line open for 180 days roaming.
    You can ask your family to do it for you for reloading.
    Good Luck!

  59. Chad says:

    Pano ba mag paload ng prepaid ang roaming sim ko dito sa jakarta?

  60. MA says:

    I was not able to activate my phone before i left the Philippines. Is it still possible to activate this even if I am out of the country?

  61. steph says: just back to the Philippines from can i deactivate my globe number.. i think my globe sim card still roaming…
    pls let me know as soon as possible. :) thanks po

  62. cassie says:

    hello.. i need some help im using ofw sim card and im in chicago right now… my prob is. i cnt send text msgs though i still have looad an signal…but i can recieved msg.. i just cnt send msgs.. tnx tnx

  63. Hello,
    My friend brought me a sims card, as soon i start text cant go through ,, always unable outbox. I put load her too but i dont know what happen. this is the number 9277014894 please reply.

  64. Fersival David says:

    ok pa ba ang roaming procedure na ito? thanks ang dami kasi comments problems

  65. How do i load my roaming number with peso account from Japan?

    is it ok if my friends from the philippines load my roaming celphone number?

  66. amy says:

    hello po,na dis activate po yung roaming ko ,09062068465,pls po paki activate naman,salamat po,
    more power to all,amy

  67. jen says:

    how can i active my globe sim coz its no signal diz my #639179590871…thank u pls help me..i trust globe,,,

  68. juliet oasay says:

    can anyone help me how to reactivate my roaming sim coz I didn’t even know after 60 days arriving here in hawaii,my sim will be deactivated?globe services just send me “your roaming services will be deactivated shortly” and “your roaming services will be deactivated in few minutes.”I’m expecting globe will send me a message 3 days before deactivating my roaming sim so I know what am I doing before deactivating my roaming sim.I hope you can help me globe..thank you..

  69. Can anyone please help me, I recently noticed that my Globe roaming sim say INACTIVE SIM. My partner who is in manila cannot text me because i cannot recieve her texts anymore. Is there a way i can reactivate my roaming sim here in the UK.
    I really dont want to buy another sim but if i cannot reactivate this GLOBE sim then i will have no choice.

  70. Rolan says:

    hi sir.. i just want to ask how to re-activate the roaming number bec. it was deactivated this is the number 09062158836..i try to load it but the message say that this number is not existing

  71. jbconales says:

    im here in Saudi now, two days ago icalled my wife why she’s not txting me,and she said i replied all your messgs, what is the reason why i can call her thru Mobily to Globe,and when it comes to my roaming walang signal, so please find solution for this, Globe Company,,,daghan nay napurihisyo ning inyong signal.

  72. joy b conales says:

    i have problem with regards to my celphone now, it’s been one week now that i dont have my signal? i already load it with 200 pesos with my wife 1 month ago,,but when i reply his txt using my roaming number i was not able to send it,,and now this another issue,no signal for more than a week now,,,can you please solve my problem? this is my roaming number, 09179706234

  73. alviefaith says:

    hello!i activated my sim when i was in philippines yesterday!they said THANK YOU!pre activation is 7 days before arrival.when im here in california i dont have any signal. . i already try this last year. . but now i dont have any signal because i deactivate this when i went to philippines and activate it again..pls activate my phone this is my # 09167389393 i have 1000 load…

  74. genevieve says:

    How can I inquire balance while in Singapore?

  75. now is july 06 2010 why?my roaming kapamilya sim is no signal but every month i reloaded i start my roaming kapamilya sim was november 12 2010 thers posible to came my signal im here now in riyadh

  76. pham says:

    hi o.,.,.,bakit o alang signal roaming ko dito sa denmark,kasi po nung nasa iceland ako may signal tapos pag dating ko dito sa denmark wala na.,., pwede paki sagot ako kung ano dapat gawin.,.,.,.,

  77. regie says:

    hello po i live here in italy, 2 months ago i can still receive text messages but i wasn’t able to send one despite na may load naman ako then later on i found out it has no signal at all i ask my family to load me at least 25 pesos just to test but nothing happened can you help me to bring back my signal? here is my no. 09174973647. Thank you very much.

  78. Hilyn says:

    hello po since today nawala ang signal ng roaming ko here is my roaming number 09274239740,hindi na po ako nakakareceive ng kahit messege kasi wala na po signal ang roaming please help me to activated kasi po 2 yrs na din yong roaming ko so baka naisip ko expire na yong date nya.please help me naman thanks

  79. Lea says:

    hi..connected po ba globe roaming sa sweden?tsaka bakit po pag may tumatawag sa roaming ko nadidisconnect po pag recieve ko na at hindi rin po ako makatawag..other thing po bakit po di ako makapagsend ng sms since i bought the roaming..dito po ako china ngaun pero go kami sweden this saturday..sana po matulungan niyo ako..salamat po..

  80. Jeff says:


    can you please help me to activate my roaming, I was here currently in china my number is +639174748990. thanks

  81. Carl says:

    hi d2 po aq sa jeddah bumili po aq ng sim na roaming d2 nadin bkit po kya after 3 weeks na gamit q sa roaming bgla nlang nwala ung signal cnubkan q npo my manual selct ng ntwork lumalabas no access bkit po kya?

  82. vel sallao says:

    hi.dito na po aq can i deactivate my roaming?nkktwag po aq pro i can’t send a txt msg to anyone.why is that?and panu aq mkkpgtxt !!!!!hehe….same experience i can’t sent txt but i can call.. my cel # is 09053359101.. pls need your imediate responsed.. thanks

  83. rose says:

    hi.dito na po aq can i deactivate my roaming?nkktwag po aq pro i can’t send a txt msg to anyone.why is that?and panu aq mkkpgtxt !!!!!hehe

  84. Amorado, Jezelle Maxine H. says:

    My friend and I activated both our roaming sims a few days prior to our trip to new york city….1 globe 1 sun cellular….why is it that we still do not have signal up to now?

  85. mika says:

    i had this globe ofw sim roam in japan…
    i load it 500prepaid card plus the remaininhg 100 previous load yet on my first and second day using it here i cant make text but i can make a call in the third day i can already make text and call yet after more than 3 hours i cant use it again in call or text i even try to check its balance yet there is no response…just wonder where the problem is…

  86. Jed says:

    will this also work for TM?

  87. louise says:

    hey! roaming is actually good. u can have a partner sim with the OFW family pack wherein you don’t need to reload again and again.

    if you need to reactivate your roaming amor, the easiest way is to have a family member who is in the Philippines to give you E-Load and then visit the nearest Globe office and after a few taps on the keys of their computer voila! you get your roaming again. :) hope that helps.

  88. amor says:

    how can activated may raoming again??pls….help me..

  89. S. says:

    You probably have a slight problem with your Globe roaming. You should have a balance for at least a P100.00 in order to text globe by entering the *122# access the balance, and remember that in every text cost you P25.00 for 160 characters only if more than 160 then it will be charged you double the rate so you might surprise why your load is gone….because it happened to me all the time that is why I always monitor to make sure that I have a maintaining balance for P100.00 to keep my globe roaming active and to check my balance, it will not work if you have below a P100 in your globe…and the carrier who handle globe roaming is ATT&T because that is what I have at this point. You are allowed to access the balance but there is a limit to 8 or 9 times a month but you should have at least P100 minimum balance before checking. I wil not work if your have less tha P100. I do the loading balance ransfer online via bank to bank load because I bank with BDO so it is more convenient for me without asking people in the Philippines to ask fro a load.

    Good Luck! don’t forget to inquire globe direct at click chat and enter info what whatever you have and indentity yourself just tell your first name and your globe number, Chat with them. Sometimes the chat personnel is busy so just be patience until someone can help you.

    Always go to and chat with the globe representative, Click “CHAT” when you see a message online says “it’s online” then go ahead and chat and enter your name and choose globe prapaid at your choice then send …someone will be able to help you in time you have problems with your roaming. I hope with the information I gave will help you solve your problems…. GoodLuck!

    I chat with them online as always. I also keep my minimum balance and have my globe roaming active because that is the only way to have my globe number active and use whenever I travel back home, and can be easiliy get intouch by my family in the USA at anytime, anywhere when I am in the Philippines and I will be in pinas in 3 weeks. same way, friends and family in the Philippines can easily get intouch with me here in the USA despite of globe rate is too expensive to reply coz our rate here cost P25.00 per text for 160 characters, I spent more than what I paid in my monthly usage at t-mobile but have no choice but to keep up my globe number active.

  90. Oriol says:

    I’m in the USA. I have roaming and I tried to access my balance dialing *122# but it tells me that I am not allowed to use this service. I’m not a prepaid subscriber. I set up roaming personally in Manila at a Globe store at a mall before leaving. Any suggestions on how I can check my balance?

  91. May Casacop says:

    I forgot to activate the roaming before i sent the sim card.How to activate the roaming via customer service hotline?

    Thank you

  92. khatt says:

    need help po.. i forgot to activate my sim ng 24 before ako umalis ng phil. inactivate ko nlang xa mga 10 hours bgo ung flight.. ayon nkakareceived nman po ako ng mga text messages.. nag pa-load po ako ng 150 sa philippines ayun dumating nga po sakin kaso po ang ang problem ko po hindi po ako makapag send ng msg… ano po dapat kpong gawin?? need help po pls.. thanks

  93. elvie says:

    hi, how can i use globe in india? here the phone not accessing in any network.can you help me?

  94. Sue says:

    Hi Lilibeth, yes you are absolutely right! I realized that too, because you keep on loading yet you don’t know how much is the over all balance. Anyway, I will be in the Philippines in March 2010, and I asked a friend to buy me a smart roaming.

  95. Sue says:

    Thanks, Juanito, My number is 09179597514 is an OFW sim card globe roaming,
    Are you in the Philippines? can you activate this phone but the thing is I have P100 balance last time. I don’t know if this still active.

  96. lilibeth says:

    hi sue,globe really SUCKS!my husband will be home this coming april…and i want to buy SMART roaming SIM…i think thats the only soulution to my probz…

  97. Sue says:

    Hi Lilibeth, It seems like we both have the same problem..globe cellphone roaming is sucks…its sip your load days after you load hundred and hundred or a thousand yet your roaming is not working…..and I am really tired of using Globe as it it not worth it having a globe cellphone roaming, I loaded pesos via bank online account in pinas and I noticed that my resources is geting low because of that stupid globe roaming they are just getting your money just like that and you didn’t even enjoy using yoru cellphone because it is not working or deactiavted or something. … we better off using smart roaming and compare the difference.

    I asked a friend to activate over and over again and later I am tired of asking favor by doing it…and I will be in pinas in 2 months so I asked a friend to buy me a smart so that I can use it while in pinas and i can call USA from the Philippines.

  98. lilibeth says:

    pls help me regarding my problem

  99. lilibeth says:

    pls help me….my husband is a seaman and currently travelling around europoe…my problem is why globe network permanently deactivate his roaming many time i call globe customers care regarding this matter…al they said nothing to do coz it was permanently deactivated!oh God pls help me !my husband and i want to reactivate it again because thats the only means of communication we still have the chance to reactivate it again?…huhuhuhuu

  100. juanitto says:

    Hello Sue send me an email i can help you out with ur cell or is it working already?



  101. juanitto says:

    Hello Sue send me an email i can help you out with ur cell or is it working already?



  102. Sue says:

    PI means Philippine Islands.
    RP means Republic of the Philippines
    BPI means Bank of the Philippine Islands

  103. juanitto says:

    Hello Sue,

    there is a way around that so that you don’t have to load every month. do you have an OFW sim card or a regular one? send me an email and let me know I had the same problem but was able to get it fixed. The only time that I have problems is when Globe system goes down


  104. Sue says:

    Thank Juanito, I like to have romaing but it is really disappointing because you always load and load and you never know it I ran out of load, I asked a friend to activate my globe because I can receive but I can’t send and I found out that I ran out of load…so I am so tired of doing it…instead I use my USA cellphone to text. I keep my globe number for the reason that I will go home to pinas in March and use the same globe number because just last July of this year I was in pinas and out there I can’t believe that I spent more than what I spent using my cellphone here in the States. I am tired of keeping my globe roaming, this month I load P100 via BPI or BPO automatic load and it went thru after loading I did not use it just reload for a minimum amount just to keep it active my glove active so meaning I load every month for P100 only….you can try to text to me to 09179597514 and see if this number is still active. It is really tiring. I believe I am not the only one experiencing having the same problem. Thanks Sue

  105. Sue says:

    Thanks Juanito, I like to have it roaming because it much cheaper for all my friends to get in touch with me from pinas but it is really disappointing because I always load and load and I never know it you ran out of loads, I asked a friend to activate my globe because I can receive but I can’t send and I found out that I I ran out of load…so I am so tired of doing it…instead I use my USA cellphone to text. I keep my globe number for the reason that I will go home to pinas in March and use teh same globe number becuse last July of this year I was in pinas I can’t believe that I spent more than what I spent using my cellphone here in the States. This time I am tired of keeping my globe roaming but just this month I load P100 via BPI or BPO automatic load and it went thru after loading I did not use it just to have load to keep it active so meaning I load every month for P100 only….you can try to text to me to 09179597514 and see if this number is still active. Thanks Sue

  106. Sue says:

    Thank Juanito, I like to have romaing but it is really disappointing because you always load and load and you never know it you ran out of loads, I asked a friend to activate my globe because I can receive but I can’t send and I found out that I I ran out of load…so I am so tired of doing it…instead I use my USA cellphone to text. I keep my globe number for the reason that I will go home to pinas in March and use teh same globe number becuse last July of this year I was in pinas I can’t believe that I spent more than what I spent using my cellphone here in the States. This time I am tired of keeping my globe roaming but just this month I load P100 via BPI or BPO automatic load and it went thru after loading I did not use it just to have load to keep it active so meaning I load every month for P100 only….you can try to text to me to 09179597514 and see if this number is still active. Thanks Sue

  107. jay says:

    what’s PI? shouldn’t it be RP?

  108. juanitto says:

    hello sue

    yes your text from ur globe roaming can add up each time that you send from it. I just receive my text s to it from my family. and I reply from my US phone. makes it easier. to check your balance dial *122# send this will send u a text with your balance. don’t go below P100 or it will close your account.

    I use chikka to send myself load when i begin to go low.

    Hope this helps.



  109. Sue says:

    I am here in the States and my problem is …I load money via bank automatic load online account for my globe roaming cell phone, but I can not check how my balance is. and I realized that in every text cost me P25.00 per text which is too expensive and before your know it you ran out of load.
    Unlike my USA cell phone when sending text is cheap because just $0.20 cents per text.

  110. tifanny says:

    hi, am in vancouver and i brought a lot of prepaid cards to load it BUT i cant load a t load . it say syntax incoorrect error. i have sufficient amount. Please let me know how to load it . i tried using *123*card no,+pin no.#send.

  111. LECIN!! says:

    I have a question.. I tried to roam the number of my mom before she left the country.. when she got there, she haven’t received any message that her roaming no. is activated.. The question is, can you activate the roaming in other countries?please answer me..

  112. jerry ignacio says:

    wala signal yung globe sa international.. Global globe problem…

  113. josh says:

    elow i have a roaming and have a load worth of 500 and have no signal….tnx,,,,,,,

  114. adrian says:

    pls any help me.. i just arrived today in KSA… i tried many times to activate my roaming (GLobe) before i left manila… badly i didnt activated my sim card into roaming bgo lumipad ang airplane… pls help me this is my number 09157648346

  115. regino longalong says:

    paki activate po ang globe roaming ko, 09163324806, salamat po sainyong lahat

  116. pham says:

    09273509014 my roaming number.,.,.,.,anyONE cn answer my big QUESTION!!!!!!!!HA.,.,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. pham says:

    naka 3sim card n aq!!!!!!!!!lahat wla signal!!!!!!!!!!!nah babatrip n aq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. pham says:

    hi,.,.,.,tanung q lng y walang SIGNAL ROAMING Q!!!!!!!!!??????????paki sagot nga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  119. Benedick Masulit says:

    Hello, i have a question… wat if I havent activated the international roaming for my globe number +639158990688 before i leave the country?? now im in london and i still havent activated my roaming… how can i activate it??

  120. Joy says:

    I have a problem to my OFW sim card. I couldn’t sent and call to my love once in the Philippines. My sim card has a load of P300.00 before I depart in the Philippines and theres no signal of my cell phone how could I get a inquire that I cannot sent. I’m here in Connecticut USA. Pls. help me to solve this problem…

  121. Patrick says:

    please help me reactivate my globe roaming for 180 days again.really need it badly.please help.I have existing balance pero no signal. expired na daw ang roaming.this is my number +639172495934.please help.thank you very much

  122. Susie says:

    We have the same story, I have loaded and activated for globe roaming ang I loaded it via BDO online peso account Gosh! after loading for P350.00 I tried to send text but it didn’t work. after loaded the amount, I got a respond text telling me that I have the amount load in my globe roaming meaning have sufficient amount to text to pinas. At this point I can’t send text.
    Well, anyway,I will find out to see if there is an agent in New York for globe roaming, I will have a trip for personal transaction in NY, I am here in Florida.

  123. james alford says:

    i needed to keep in touch with my fiancee’ who is in the philippines. while on my last visit, i purchased a cellphone there and a prepaid sim. i activated it 24hours before i left for home in houston texas. every time roaming is activated, my phone goes crazy. it will not respond to any buttons being pushed. i cant access my menu options at all. the only button that works with the sim card installed is the power button. my phone does respond to keypad input without the simcard installed although i cant choose a network nor txt without it. tell me what i should do.

  124. mhile says:

    @jayhson: i’ve tried what you said but stil didnt get any can’t access any network,,what will i do??

  125. jeromealindayu says:


    Plz pa activate ulit number ko,tnx 09153647074 d ako makagsend
    Ang mahal pnmn ng load d2, plz nmn magsawa kayo ng paraan, txtback plz

  126. Lon says:

    panio po ba mag check balance while nka roaming?globe po aq…
    thanks po…

  127. Jayhson says:

    yung mga nasa saudi na alang signal at di makatext through roaming check nyo muna yung connection nyo dpat manual connection and then my mga lalabas na network sample aljawal, mobily etc.

  128. judith says:

    hi, im using ofw sim card. bigla na lang nawala ang signal ng roaming koh. bkit siya nawala ng walang txt ang globe. paano ko siya magkakameron ulit ng signal. my roaming no. 09274400130.
    gusto ko maibalik ang signal ng roaming.

  129. mhile says:

    im here in saudi arabia.. what’s wrong with globe roaming?.. my phone has no signals. also my mom’s phone cnt detect any signals..

  130. Juanitto says:

    Hello anne The phone that you using with ur hlobe sim are you sure thats its unlocked?

  131. anne says:

    hi my name is Anne..well i just went in the philippines couple weeks ago and i bought a roaming sim card but i did’nt have time to put load but the globe company says that it should be activated already..but the thing is i tried that sim card in to my phone here in us and it keep asking for network password.. can anybody tell me what do i have to do or what was the network password..? thank you please guys response as soon as you can,,..thanks again

  132. KEI says:

    hi. i loaded 200 in my roaming sim.starting last night i couldn’t send text until now. can someone tell me what is wrong please?thank you

  133. D says:

    what’s happening with globe roaming. am here in california. added some load already and my roaming is only 60 days (180 max). called my fone but can’t connect. come on…

  134. juanitto says:

    You can always just call the Globe roaming service line from your cell before the time is up and have them extend it manually. The call is free from your roaming cell.

    hope this helps


  135. gilbey says:

    what if you want to have a roaming service for 9 months? eh ang roaming max nila eh 180 days lang, like for us seaman, contract is mostly minimum of 8 months for ratings.

    my no. is 09173901334

    thanks in advance for any help given, mabuhay kayo!

  136. lulu says:

    im back in the philippines for almost a month but i cant use my sim card. i keep on putting credits on it but when i text just one message then try sending another one it wont work. i turned off the roaming but still it wont work. what’s wrong with it?!

  137. cris says:

    i just loaded my r0aming sim yesterday but i still cant send msgs at the phillipines.. i already loaded it 300 but it says, CHECK OPERATOR SERVICES.. and h0w come i cant receive messages fr0m there?? please reply ASAP. my r0aming number is 09179795172

  138. juanitto says:

    In Japan you should be able to connect with DoComo you have to make sure that you have an HSDPA phone. GSM will notwork on their most of their networks are running on 3G. So you must have e a 3G capable phone so that it will work there in Japan. You can always call GLobe from a land line phone to make sure that it’ll work with your phone.
    Hope this helps


  139. Desiderio P. Cabanlit says:

    I loaded 300 on my CP and went to Globe Center in North Edsa to request for roaming before I leave for Tokyo on July 5. But when I arrived Japan my CP had no signal. Can you help activate my roaming? Thank you very much. God bless you.

  140. yen says:

    hi i just got my globe roaming sim card had signal i can recieve call and texts but cannot make a call and cannot send texts it always says error sending msgs. please help me

  141. yen says:

    hi i just got my globe roaming sim card had signal i can recieve call and texts but cannot make a call and cannot send texts please help me.

  142. kubiyat says:

    Hello! Do you know if it’s still possible for me to activate Globe International Roaming even if I am not in the Philippines anymore? I kept trying to register, but the message I kept receiving was that they were unable to process the request.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  143. grace says:

    hi.. pano ba ipa activated ulit ung roaming ko?? kc wla nang signal.. pls namn po help me.. salamat…

  144. rihanna mae says:

    hi my cp deactivated on roaming how can i activate it again? My cp roaming # s 639276850175. Few days ago, I got a text warning but i 4got 2 reload on dat tym kc im busy that time. So how can i activate again? thanks

  145. jigz says:

    plz tulongan nyo nmn ako oh=( kailangan ko ng roaming eh=( plz i2 ung # ko 00639158685049=( plz paki activate nmn oh plz=(

  146. jigz says:

    pwd poh bang paki activate ung roaming ko plz=( i2 ung # ko 00639158685049=( plz paki activate nmn=(

  147. Flor says:

    When I came back to Australia, my international roaming was working allright. I can send and receive text messages from my relatives in the Philiippines. A week after I cannot send text to Philippines because of the service which is not available. How did it happen? MY niece loaded me 300pesos and I tried to send text but still service is not available and my load was gone. Where did it go? Am I just wasting money to put load and and lost my load? Tried to activate but I was just frustrated doing it again and again and again. My Mobile # is ****. Please help or if you can activate it, that will relieve my frustration. Thanks

  148. Max says:

    Does anyone know if the roaming sim is expired?? I activated my roaming sim on Jan 15 09 before I went back to the states and since then I have not reload it yet. NOw, i am still getting text messages from friends in the Philppines, but the other day i received a text message from 297-7 saying that I have Zero Maintaing Balance and I have to register. Is my sim expired? I tried to reload 30 pesos today using and I got the txt message saying that it was loaded. PS. whenever i send txt messages from my cell to philippines using my roaming I get the error message. Help will be appreciated!

  149. Dace says:

    i live here in Canada.. is there a store where can i buy a roaming sim?

  150. den says:

    i have a problem, my other sim card was not activated for roaming and im using it for 4 moths , it doesnt have a cignal, can i possible activate in from philippines? and about my other sim card(639153877403), i was using it before then the globe told me that i dont have enough lod, so they cut my cignal, i really need a roaming simcard, please help me..

  151. den says:

    last month, i recieved a warning from globe, but, how woult it be possible to bring back the signal? because i really need cp no. is 639153877403..thank you

  152. Elbie says:

    “Also your roaming is only good for 180 days so you should call every two months (if you remain abroad) to have your roaming extended so that your roaming wont get turned off.”

    Call who? anyone in Philippines?

  153. juanitto says:

    Yes you should check it every two weeks just in case so that you don’t go under because you don’t always get the advisory that you are low in load. I use chikka to send my own self load that way i don’t have to bother anyone in PI. Also your roaming is only good for 180 days so you should call every two months (if you remain abroad) to have your roaming extended so that your roaming wont get turned off.

    hope this helps

    juanitto :o)

  154. Serene says:

    I have a roaming number with more than sufficient load, but i use another number from my own country to text to the philippines. I only receive text msgs in my roaming number so my load never deducts. I just want to know do i have to reload every 60 days to prevent expiry of my load?

  155. Juanitto says:

    You dont get charged for recieving a text only when you send one out. You can always check your balance *122# SEND

    Hope this helps


  156. Elbie says:

    When I received a txt message from my family in Philippines will I get charge?

  157. Ophelia says:

    I have roaming for this # 639062164850..

    I’m in romania, east europe and i can’t call and text in Philippines from here. Here I’m connected in roaming with vodafone. (connex) network.

    All my calling is restricted by CALL BARRINGS. I need the code for unlock this CALL BARRINGS for call and text from here to Philippines.

    I have a lots of load in this # but I can’t use.

    please help me with this code..

    best regards SANCHEZ..

  158. Noriel L Go says:

    Can any prepaid SIM take in calls from abroad? If not, what needs to be done. Thank you for the quick assistance …

  159. daisy says:

    i use my roaming here in phil. i groam off but it did not sent any msgs. i can col and i recieve msgs & call…09278092979. pls help

  160. Aurea Cruz says:

    my no. is 09276788469, i am here in UAE. i wasnt able to send an sms to anybody even i have enough prepaid load, but before i can send sms. i encountered this problem 3 months ago, please help me to sort it out. my call barring was activated and unfortunately i dont know what is the password to deactivate it.Thank you.

  161. Fredeliza A. Piuena says:

    I’ve been in Bali, Indonesia since last May 7. I wasn’t able to activate the roaming service of prepaid handphone before I leave the the Philippines. I will I still be able to activate the Globe roaming service even if I’m already abroad? My mobile number is +639166996693. Could you please help me. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

  162. tabitha says:

    hello im in australia. i had the same problem again w/ my sim. i cant txt my contacts in the philippines. it says “sending failed, mssg barred”… i do have 300 load. i really dont get it bcos i am rgstrd to ofw family sim… anyway, please just fix my problem again. 09179696192 is my no.thanks a lot

  163. Noel says:

    can ofw sim card also send message or call to Philippines and vice versa?

  164. Noel says:

    pls. do help me. Before leaving Philippines my wife bought me this ofw sim card. I activated it at the airport already.Two months then,why is it that sometimes my sim has no signal and if it has I also cannot receive any msg from my wife.She told me that she everyday dent me messages.Pls help.. Here is my ofw sim # 09166231726. Thanks a lot and more power.

  165. tabz says:

    ive been here in australia for less than a week.iwas continously texting a friend when suddent i wasnt able to send the messge because it said that the sending of mssge failed”messg barred” but i was regstred to ofw sim and i do have enough do i fix this? or can anyone fix this for me? by the way my no is 09179696192

  166. candy says:

    di po na activate until now..ano po ang puede kong gawin.. need ur help..
    Salamat po..

  167. candy says:

    Ng umalis po yng sister pa abu dhabi nag pa roaming po then di po na activate until.. what should i do? ty..

  168. juanitto says:

    To check your balance just enter

    *122# SEND

    then you should get a text letting u know your balance. but watch out I think it charges you like 50P each time.

    hope this helps


  169. casarra says:

    Hi.. pls help me.. just got here in california.. A relative gave me an OFW simpack.. I wonder how do i check the balance…. and how much is the maintaining balance for me to recvd call & texts???? thanks-:)

  170. john raymond says:

    i’m already in miami and my phone is not in roaming… can you please activate it? my number is09156657744… thank you very much!

  171. Rommel says:

    Hi Traven,

    Did u try to locate the signal manually? because sometimes it do helps…
    and if it still persist then i suggest you inform some relatives or friends in Pinas to help you out. All they do is go to the nearest Globe office and inquire such thing with your cell number. I experienced many times activating my line from Pinas through the help of my brother.

  172. Traven says:

    I am in the us and I just recieved a OFW globe sim card from a friend down in the philippines however my cell phone that i brought back from the philippines says their is no network. I dont know if i have to buy a new phone since the one i have a nokia 1209 is a dual band if it only works in the philippines. I am mainly needing a cell phone to text back to my friends. And after a little research the globe OFW sim card seemed to be the cheapest way to text back and forth. Any advice would be great.

  173. Okies335 says:

    openeye. you are right and I agree. Just try to understand that these people are desperate. The beauty of Philippine cell phone process is they can always change their sim card if something is not right. Which does not cost a lot. Thank you for your concern. But you are not helping. You can always express your concern in a better way and not talking like you got more brains. Almost all of the Filipinos living overseas are smart. Bumusina ka muna at nakakasagasa ka. I am one of the guys that gave my cell number out of desperation. I am living here in Japan for 25 years. Ano ba ang trabaho mo? OFW ka ba? Lets just limit this forum to focusing on helping others. Blame Globe not the consumer. God Bless

  174. openeye says:

    for the people who are displaying their cell number on the web are really stupid..please do not share your phone number with the public …..please use your brains..

  175. juanitto says:

    What your going to have to do is have someone in PI call Globe for you. If not you can always call urself long distance to their number and have it extended urself. U must make sure that you still have a balance of 100P or more.

    Hope this helps.


  176. vivian says:

    I left the Phil. six months ago and actvated my roaming before I left. I got busy and forgot to extend before expiration. I just noticed I have no more signal the other day. Is there no way to activate my cell while here in the U.S.? Thanks.

  177. joy says:

    hi … plz help me gusto ko sana magpadala ng load sa globe dubai sim…..kasi mas lesser kung dubai to pinas ,how can i send it? pls advice me..tnx

  178. SHeRYL RoSe says:

    Last week, I had my roaming deactivated for more than a week. And that was after i loaded P300 cellcard too. I ask a relative to call the Globe hotline and was informed that my signal will be activated within 24 hours. After three days, i still didn’t have a signal so i asked my relative again to follow up with globe. We were given the same response, and that is to wait for another 24 hours. This time though, the signal was back as promised.

    I guess, you just have to request your relatives in the Philippines to follow up your roaming status with Globe especially if you know that you have sufficient account balance.

  179. nelson alfonso says:

    pano po ba ang dapat kong gawin nawala po kasi ang signal ng roaming ko di po me makareceive ng txt. 09172020241 po ang number ko dito me sa qatar. please naman naman po patulong nman po. slamat po.

  180. cris says:

    patulungan naman po ako. nawala ang roaming ko yesterday,lumalabas lang sa screen ko”SOS Calls Only”. ngpaload ako ng 100 tapos pitawag ko gf ko sa roaming hotline. sabi 24 hours. eh lagpas lagpas na. Andito po ako Canada and i need a roaming phone very badly. my number is 09053489598 globe. pls help !

  181. SHeRYL RoSe says:

    Procedure on How to reload your credits abroad using Call & Text Card:

    1.To reload: Dial *123* + call card number + PIN + #sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence. Press SEND (or CALL, depending on your phone menu).

    2.A confirmation message will flash on your screen.

    “Please wait while we process your request.”

    3.You will receive a message “Reload successful. Your new balance is Pxxx”.

    If your roaming in Canada or other Zone 3 countries and you want to load credits using Call & Text Card, just text LOAD + call card number + pin send to 2215. Do not put spaces in between this sequence.

    *Make sure you pack enough Globe Prepaid Plus credits before you leave.

  182. knrama says:


    i got the same problem as honeycured but it has gotten worse.
    i went to Thailand last week (i just returned today) and i had my globe on roaming.
    for the first two days, it worked fine.
    then, suddenly, i couldn’t send texts or make calls anymore.
    i could still receive them, though.
    not being able to do anything about it myself, and not knowing anybody who could, i decided to buy a local (Thai) SIM and attached it to a spare phone.
    now, i’m back in the Philippines and my phone still can’t send texts or make calls.
    i have tried to text groam off but, since the phone can’t send texts anyway, i’m stuck in the muck.
    there is nothing wrong with the phone. I swapped SIMS with my wife’s phone and my phone (she uses smart) worked fine. her phone, using my globe SIM, now couldn’t send texts.

    some help would be so wonderful.

  183. honeycured says:

    globe has problems in roaming. same problem when i was in china and now in thailand. i can make and receive calls but i cannot send nor receive sms. called them up and all they can say is that my account has no problems (i have a postpaid account). why would i call them overseas in the first place if i have no problems? did all their troubleshooting to no avail. good thing i bought a roaming smart prepaid sim before i left. smart is much reliable for roaming nowadays. i suggest you guys get smart prepaid when roaming.

  184. George says:

    i got a problem from globe prepaid roaming,
    sent my request 2hrs before my flight but the response is “cannot process your request at this time, pls try again later”. tried it 4 times but same result. now i was in trouble.
    what should i do? i really wanted to activate my roaming. is it still possible? hope so.
    can anybody instruct me how can i activate my globe prepaid roaming services? please advise. thank you so much.

    it’s me

  185. Jhayzie says:

    Gud day,

    magkanu po ba per text at per min pag ako dito lng sa pilipinas at ung itetex o tatawagan ko nasa california? at mag kanu din po per text at per min pag xa naman tatawag o magtx sa akin?

  186. J says:

    beter to use smart sim all around the country always has a signal… not like globe for a week u can use it but after that SORRY NO MORE SIGNAL

  187. Jose Mario says:


    inquire ko lang, may ofw roaming sim ang kapatid ko sa norway. nagamit namin siya ng isang buwan. pero nalimutan kong loadan ng nitong buwan na ito. puwede pa ho bang magamit ito kung loloadan ko ngayon.

    hangang ilang buwan ba ang validity niya kung di maloadan?

  188. gerlie says:


    i wonder why my hushand roaming prepaid can’t sent a message he told me to call your customer care and i did then they told me that they are going to activate and check the roeming number of my husband but until now he can’t use his number to txt me here. What should we do to he has a maintaining balance of 100 and last week i send him a load worth 300. Please help us it’s hard for us to communicate with out the roaming txt we use to do.

  189. carolyn gala says:

    ask ko lang po bkit po hindi ako mkasend ng messages pero nkktanggap ako msg. from the philippine n de activate po b roaming ko pano ko po mlaman n nde activate at pano uli ma activate at pano ko po malalaman ang remaining balance ng celphone ko ty.

  190. VeRna says:

    HI! Is there any way I can activate my sim card for roaming all the way here in Canada?

  191. glenn saballa says:

    i am from dubai my roaming number is 09159308358, on oct,5th2008 upon my departure, i activate my roaming upon my depature w/in 24hrs,bt the problem is i forgot to reload even once thats why up to now i can no longer recieve a massage from the philippines, so im asking for a help to activate my roaming to recieve a massage again and i will no longer to forget to reload it. im sory! notify me on my email for me to do what to do, thanks!

  192. Camilla says:

    i just wanna ask. i got my cellphone and i have a ofw simcard. but my problem is that until now my phone doesnt have any signal. my granpa saig that when they bought the simcard, it was already activated. but i cant recieve and send messages. Can someone please help me? I want to use my cellphone reAlly badly. please help me.. thanks…

  193. kareef arzadon says:

    reading the complaints here (and there are gazillions of them) unti-unti nararamdaman ko parang scamming na ang nangyayari. loads na naglalaho, loads na tinatanggap pero hindi nagre-reflect sa account. . . desperate na rin ako. . . panay ang load ko pero di naman ako makatawag or makapag-text man lang. TELCOM companies. . . bilyon ang kinikita ninyo. Maawa naman kayo sa mga OFW na kagaya kong ang kaligayahan na lang ay makapag-communicate sa mga pamilya ni la sa ‘Pinas.

    ma-konsensiya naman kayo. This OFW SIM Package is the most agonizing and cruel experience I ever had as an OFW.

  194. joana says:

    How can i get a load for my roaming sim? because my frend is giving me a load from the philippines but i cannot receive it.what will i do?isnt that roaming needs a 100 peso maintaining balance?

  195. niceoneeunice says:

    if i call a roaming globe sim (that is in thailand), what will be the rates? how much will be deducted from my load?

  196. kim says:

    FREE LOAD? message me at and I will give u the link. :)

  197. glenn says:

    just a question, m currently in the US now, and i tried the instructions below:

    1.To reload: Dial *123* + call card number + PIN + #sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence. Press SEND.

    2.A confirmation message will flash on your screen.

    “Please wait while we process your request.”

    3.You will receive a message “Reload successful. Your new balance is Pxxx”.

    will i receive the confirmation instantaniously? It’s been hours now and it still says
    “Please wait while we process your request.”

    Is there another way to relaod?

  198. mynameisgerd says:

    i bought a Nokia 8210 for an alternate use just for texting. it’s been a month now and it’s working pretty well. and this morning, i was texting and i’ve been sending messages for a while then and decided to take a nap. when i woke up, i was supposed to text someone and suddenly, this message appears EVERYTIME now; “Message not sent this time”.

    It is very annoying and i am thinking of buying a new one, i searched through the net for solutions. The internet says it has something to do with the Message Centre Number, and it says that the right number is +639170000130. I already checked it a hundred times and i have it correct but still im getting the message and can’t send a single one.

    guys, what am i supposed to do?

  199. ruel merana says:

    how to roaming off deactivate my globe sim card? my number 09172048945 pls acitivate my sim

  200. aPpLe says:

    im leaving for dubai a couple of days from now…
    is the globe signal in dubai better?
    how much is the maintaining load for my roaming sim?
    how can i reload also?
    i will be staying there for years and how can I activate globe roaming for quite a long time?
    im using N95 8G,is this compatible for roaming in dubai??
    hoping for your response.

  201. aPpLe says:

    im leaving for dubai a couple of days from now…
    is the globe signal in dubai better?
    how much is the maintaining load for my roaming sim?
    i will be staying there for years and how can I activate globe roaming for quite a long time?
    im using N95 8G,is this compatible for roaming in dubai??
    hoping for your response.

  202. coi says:

    ey! I’m in UAE. I’am trying to reload my Globe, I’d followed every instructions this website says ( & (Dial the code *123*(prepaid call card number and pin)# and press send.) but unfortunately it doesn’t work at all. All I’ve got was this reply “USSD BLOCKED BY IG3″…

    Anything mates? please?? :-) Thanks in advance..

  203. Maeanne says:

    hi! ask lng po. paano po ba mag balance inquiry pag globe roaming? may bayad po ba? thanx.

  204. Juanitto says:

    Call Globe and tell them to turn on your roaming. If the signal will permit in Africa you should be fine providing there is GSM coverage there most likely there should be. you should be fine. You should tell you brother to try switching his cellular to the t-mobile network or ATT if possible wither that or his phone was never set for roaming which in case you should call Globe again to ensure that the roaming has been turned on. Hope this helps.



  205. KAIZ says:

    my husband is going to angola, south africa thsi week, and we want to activate our globe OFW sim, when are going to activate it? in the kit-it says, roaming services should be activated 24 hrs. before departure.. but my brod-n-law who just leave for US lastweek and activated his roaming 24 hrs. b4 his departure had a problem with activation, until now he cant still use his roaming services.. so i wonder what is really the procedure so we wouldn’t meet such kind of problem.. hoping for your advise.. thanks..

  206. annaganda says:

    hi ask ko lang kung paano ba magparoaming kung nasa ibang bansa na un sim card.san ako pedeng tumawag?pra maparoaming ko un sim na nasa ibang bansa

  207. juanitto says:

    Rahma how long have you been on roaming? It could be possible that your activation as expired or yout load was not over 100 pesos. you will need to call the Globe line. or if you have a freind or family member call from PI and have it reactivated for roaming.

    Hope this helps.


  208. rahma says:

    hi i have globe roaming sim just yesterday it was no signal in my phone its saying select network so when i do it its saying no access so please let me know if my globe roaming simcard still activate or you have dissconnect it. waiting for your action. salamat…………………………………………..po. my number is 09154115707ok

  209. rahma says:

    hi i have globe roaming sim just yesterday it was no signal in my phone its saying select network so when i do it its saying no access so please let me know if my globe roaming simcard still activate or you have dissconnect it. waiting for your action. salamat…………………………………………..po.

  210. juanitto says:

    As far as I know the longest that you can have on roaming is 6 months al long as you keep a balance greater then 100 pesos loaded on the number. you should call them like every three months to the toll-free # just so that you never lose service. this way they will know that you are still in roaming.

    hope this helps



  211. christine says:

    hi there,,

    just ask , is there any contract upon roaming. like for example.we activated it last July
    .. how long does the activation work?
    do i need to activate it again after 180 days or i dont have to.
    my father’s contract at saudi is 2 we just want toknow if the roaming activiation will last for 2 years…

    I will wait for your response..

  212. mhile says:

    hi!..I’m camille..could you please re-activate my number to roaming..i am currently in roaming and used it for 4 days..but when i look at my cellphone again,there was no more signal..i tried to switch my fone on and off several times and look for network but its no use. Could you please activate my roaming back..I still have P125 in my number is 09156130502..thank you so much!!!!

  213. Maeanne says:

    Thanks, Juanito. Your reply was very helpful to me. I will buy some load today online coz I don’t want my roaming to be de-activated. What if am going to buy 150 pesos load for my roaming and not using it for sending a text message, just so I have enough load all the time so they won’t de-activate it, is my 150 pesos load will expire after few days if I’m not using it to send a text? Usually, if somebody send me a text with my roaming phone, I sent a reply through my AT&T phone since sending a text through the roaming phone cost about 15 or 20 pesos each. And how much does it cost to send us a text message from the Philippines with a smart or talk&text simcard?

  214. juanitto says:

    There are no fees if you switch raoming carriers. My phone switches all the time from att to tmo and back and forth depends who has better signal. charges are made when you recieve a call while on roaming and when you send out a text messages using your globe on roaming. you can send yourself load using chikka. or if you have someone in PI that can burchase load and have it loaded to your cell number for you. but Globe does a sweep just about every night of accounts that have low load. you should receve a text indicating that you are low and you have to laod within 24hrs.

    hope this helps.



  215. Maeanne says:

    Hi! How long is the expiration of 150 pesos load with a Globe roaming sim card? I just got my simcard today with a 80 pesos free load on it. I messed up my celfon, I probably did something that cost me some money. My load now is 5 pesos. Is there a possibility that they are going to de-activate my roaming if I won’t load it for few days? I coudln’t send a text message too but can received one even when I still have that 80 pesos load on my phone. I got a signal through cingular. The message setting numbes was right too. Is there any fees if I am going to switch to T-mobile instead of Cingular? Thanks

  216. Sir,what happen to your network?Everytime I enter my load it says Net work is Busy.
    Please Notify also us members what is hapenning in your Company

  217. carl says:

    thanks… g…

    if my sister’s phone wasn’t acitivated, then could we still call her???

    or send messages???

    thanks a lot…

  218. g says:

    you can ask globe service center if the # is activated already. you can use the same number.. try also +639174682760. hope you`ll be able contact your sis…

  219. carl says:

    another question…

    for example this is her number 09174682760, we will contact this number or there’s a little bit change???


  220. carl says:

    if my sister’s phone was not activated, then how could she activate it again???

    please answer…

    we’re worried about her…

    we can’t still contact her…

    please if anyone knows…

    please answer my questions and solve my problems…


    i’m just 13 year old kid trying to find a way in contacting her…

  221. carl says:

    hi, i’m carl… my sister is in riyadh she arrived “2:00 am saturday 11, 2008…

    she told us that she already activated her phone…

    but starting 2:00 am until now we can’t contact her…

    somebody please tell me…

    she’s the only 1 there.

    incase, can somebody teach me how to call from philippines to riyadh (SAUDI ARABIA) thanks a lot…

    if it’s not activated, could we still call her???

    it’s ok if it cause to much, we really need to contact her…

  222. Jayjay says:

    thank you. I called globe and they will be activating my number again(: thanks for the help juanito.

  223. October 10, 2008
    Four days ago , I cannot enter my load following the instruction in your Card as I have done in the previous loading.Will you please inform me if there is some disorder in your net work, that’s why I cannot load it or maybe you have already change the procedure.
    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Florencio P Cortez

  224. juanitto says:

    Try calling Globe it’s a free call from your Globe phone. Tel them that you need to be set up for raoming sometimes youll have signal but no service. Here in the US im raoming with T-mobile. Well in Houston.

    Also try switching networks on your phone, once it reconnects to a new network then maybe itll send out.

    Let me know if any of this help.



  225. Jayjay says:

    i’ve tried sending several times already but still i couldn’t send. It says no ‘network support for messages’

  226. juanitto says:

    go to your text message settings in your phone. make sure that the message center number is +639170000130 then what you can do is send a text message to yourself. If you receive it back then you are good to go.

    If your roaming was deactivated you would not have signal.

    Hope this helps.



  227. Jayjay says:

    im having the same problem as lex, what should the message center number be? I’m not able to send text messages but i can receive them, I just reloaded my phone 300. My signal is fine im wondering if my roaming is deactivated but i have signal and im able to receive msgs from friends, can u tell me what’s wrong and how do I fix it?

  228. juanitto says:

    Lexie what you need to check is to make sure that you have the right message center number. once you have checked and confirmed it it]s correct you need to make sure that you have load. its costs you 15 pesos to send a text from your roaming Globe cell. u mus keep a minimum balance of 100 pesos in order to keep the phone number operating. hope this helps contact me if you need any additional help



  229. lexie says:


  230. bern says:

    hi, i just got globe roaming sim and try it on with my siemens phone but its not working it says “phone disabled” network lock, this phone is used for an at&t and i even try it with my blackberry but its still the same. can you help me to unlock it. any help is appreciated. thanks

  231. juanitto says:

    what u can do is call the Globe roaming number or have a fam or friend in PI call them. You must have load in ur cell in order to have roaming turned on. let me know if this helps.



  232. mylene says:

    my cp is deactvated of roaming how can i activate it again

  233. Agapito says:

    I have a roaming globe OFW SIM. Can I be tracked anywhere internationally using the Globe tracker services?

  234. wally says:

    hi g,
    My phone is a samsung SGH-U600 and is a Quadband but I think is a 2G. Please help me. I really appreciate your response.

  235. g says:

    @wally: is your phone quadband or at least 3G? my unit is a nokia n70,
    what i did before is to turn my unit on and off 5-10 times, then the phone was able to detect a network na.

  236. wally says:

    My Phone was sent to me from the Philippines with an OFW sim card. The phone was set to roaming and was verified before it was sent to me. to my dismay the phone is not getting any signal. I am in Okinawa . i just cant get any signal. Please help.

  237. blah blah says:

    for being so much busy.. I forgot to activate my roaming while im in the Philippines. can I still activate my globe sim card now im here in Maryland,USA?

    i hope someone can response/help me ASAP.badly needed:|

  238. blah blah says:

    for being so much busy.. I forgot to activate my roaming while im in the Philippines, can I still activate my globe sim card here in Maryland?

    thanks. i hope someone can help me, badly needed.

  239. juanitto says:

    You can download and use Chikka Messenger to send yourself load before it expires. another thing that you can do is have a friend or family put load on ur cell for you ro give u the number to load yourself. If your going to be in China for a long time then you should call globe, you can find the number here to call while on roaming for free. Once you speak to a rep tell them to extend your roaming.

    I hope this helps.



  240. Gigi says:

    HI, ill be leaving for China on August 24, 2008 and I just buy a new globe sim for me to use while im there and also for roaming. How will I activate or request for roaming? is there a maintaining balance for load? how about is I go below maintaining balance while im there, would it be de-activated automatically? Whats the best time would you suggest to request for activation to be sure it is activated for roaming?

    thanks a lot

  241. kung gusto nyong magload sa kahit kaninong cp sa phils or kahit may roaming ka dito at kailangan mo ng load just visit this site you can make an account here and u can load anytime..we used this site kahit yong husband ko for a lont time. And additional information if u want to call in the phils. u can visit there’s a lot of phonecards u can choose.

  242. Randt says:

    Before you buy a roaming sim card, make sure to check your handset . It should accommodate the roaming services of the country where you intend to stay. For your handset specification check this website:

  243. julyien says:

    hi, paano po magreload nasa singapore po ako..salamat po

  244. Joan says:

    I just got a Globe roaming phone and am in Canada. I know that load last for 60 days. Is there a way I can text to see when my LOAD EXPIRES? or will it text me to warn me when my Globe Load expires?

    How do I give some of my LOAD to a cellphone in the Philippines?

    From Canada. Thanks in advance!

  245. 12345 says:

    hi… can you help me? i’ve been searching the internet if it’s a quad-band. i was wondering if you know… my cellphone unit is Nokia2310. Thanks

  246. Ice_24 says:

    thanks a lot!!!!

  247. Ice_24 says:

    it’s already activated here in the Philippines right before he boarded the plane. the problem is how to reload it, now that he is abroad, using a call and text prepaid card. thanks!

  248. mikalis23 says:

    1.To reload: Dial *123* + call card number + PIN + #sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence. Press SEND.

    2.A confirmation message will flash on your screen.

    “Please wait while we process your request.”

    3.You will receive a message “Reload successful. Your new balance is Pxxx”.

    If your roaming in Canada and you want to load credits using Call & Text Card, just text LOAD send to 2215

  249. mikalis23 says:

    did you activate your relative number in roaming service in what country.

  250. Ice_24 says:

    can some one help me? well, i am supposed to send load to a relative abroad but i bought a call and text card. wen i send it to him he said that he doesn’t know how to reload it since his abroad and not in the Philippines… Is it possible to load via call nd text card in abroad? and how will a person abroad reload it? What are the steps?
    Please i need to know, it’s very urgent. Thank You.

  251. Juanitto says:

    I dont think their price will go down while on roaming.. What I do is have my friends text me to my globe from PI and I respond on my TMO phone from here comes out to 15cents for an International text. I can check my balance to see where I’m at I usually spend about 5dollars in texting. which isn’t bad considering i don’t have to reload my GLobe.

    If any one else has any other Ideas please share.

    hope this helps,


  252. Sushi says:

    Hello. Im in Tennessee and my Globe sim is activated for roaming and is fine, but I was just wondering if Globe will ever have a service for roaming cellphones in which we could text unlimited to other globe users?? P25 is quite a lot to spend on one text especially since we have to keep our balance above p100. I know that if there ever was such a thing, that it would cost quite a lot more than the usual cost of p20 if we were in the Philippines. But to me any price (no matter how much) of unlimited texting would be a great help and relief on my part. Anyways, I was just wondering if this is/will ever be considered. Please, let me know.

    Thanks bunches.

  253. riz of canada says:

    got an email from globe and this is what they tell me:

    For the OFW sim holder you need to have at least Php 60 to Php 120 balance to be able to receive calls and at least Php 25 to Php 30 for you to be able to send text messages to your loved ones in the Philippines. The rates vary depending on the location of the roamer.

    Kindly try the following basic troubleshoot procedures:

    1. Kindly turn your phone off and on to refresh the system.

    2. Or you could select manually the network. Just go to the menu, then tools. Select settings and choose network then go to operator selection choose manual. Your phone will then search for the signal. (the procedure may vary depending on the handset model)

    3. Please check the message center which can be found in the message settings of your phone, make sure that it is +639170000130

    to my dismay, nothing works sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

  254. mhatet says:

    hi,can u help me?I just texted GROAM (start of date) (no.of days) send to 2884.I received a reply coming from 2884 that it will activate in 24 hours but until now it is not activate.please help me.

  255. Dhenise says:

    My phone is Nokia 2310. I’m not sure if it’s a quad-band. I’m just wondering if it is. Please help me. I want my phone to be roaming and be able to call Ph…

  256. mhiLe says:

    i already did that many times..i turned my f0ne on and off but there were still no cgnal..i also put it on manual but its no use..

  257. Red says:

    i had my Roaming activated on my number 09164157498 for more than 12 days now.
    i just text GROAM 05/12/2008 12 and sent it to 2884. my problem is how to turn it off since i got back now here in manila and still can’t use my SIM properly. it cannot send messages and i cannot make an outgoing call. isn’t weird?

  258. riz of canada says:

    no, i didnt call globe for activation, i just texted GROAM [start date][no. of days] to 2884 and have more than P100 load and received a reply that they will activate it in 24 hours. my fones were low bat for a week at kahapon ko na lang ulit na-charged at nabuksan expecting activated na ang roaming but wala pa din. is it true na di raw lahat ng countries covered ng roaming na tu? what countries ba are covered and which are not?


  259. juanitto says:

    If you have already called them to activate your roaming try turning your cell off and then on. If that doesn’t work try connecting manually with the Network Slection option from your phone.

    Hope this helps

    juanitto (^_^)

  260. riz of canada says:

    i bought two OFW globe sim cards and have them activated a day before departing philippines. hanggang ngayon wala pa ring service. i have P500 worth of load kada sim cards. nakakaiinis na nga eh, sayang lang ang load. i emailed globe for activation but no reply yet. ….sighhhhhhhhh!!!

  261. mhiLe says:

    ei. .ask q lng p0. .h0w l0ng p0 b pra ma-activate ng gl0be ung r0aming?. .ndi xe nr0aming ung no q kya pntwag q bf q s globe nung 25 pra ipa-activate nia ung r0aming. .sv dw s knya w/n 24hrz dw. .pr0 until n0w wla prin cgnal f0ne q. .pntwag q ulit cia khp0n pro gnun prin cnv. .ganu b ktgal bg0 nla mpr0cez?. .mdi0 naasar n xe aq eh. .pls help nmn p0. .tnx p0. .=)

  262. jill says:

    Hi’ya there, i tried to turn off my phone but there is no signal at all! i tried to select manual network search but it keeps saying not allowed! i selected each of them trying to connect t- mobile, 302 720 & cingular but it didn’t work out for me…

  263. Rommel says:

    i have the same probs with my roaming, that even there’s a sufficient load the signal’s still not appearing. so i got some work around to get the signal again…
    whenever this happens i just do a “Manual Network Search” and there it goes signal is back…
    just try it it might work with you…

  264. juanitto says:

    GI know that Globe is experiencing problems with their roaming network I just got bnack from PI and loaded 2000P. And then it stopped working. I called and they said thier roaming network is currently offline. What you should try doing is to turn off ur cell and then turning it back on.

  265. aileene says:

    a mesage has sent to my mobile and its telling that i need to reload gain for continue my roaming i ask my brother to send lod to me from philippines before its expiration has come.but even i have lod already stil they cut the line and now for 4 days i dont have signal.why your services is always like that?could u pls activate my roaming,heres my no.09279102318. im here in dubai, wait for your response.

  266. juanitto says:

    if you have the card pin number you can just call them directly and tel them to add the load manually for you.
    If you have a paypal account what you can also do to send yourself load is use chikka look it up online. You can use chikka to pay for load through paypal and then send to any Globe or Sun account I use it to pay for mine and family that i have over there 1000 pesos for 25US. I can send it to my cell here and i receive the confirmation on my phone here as well.

    the load is good for 60 days depending on the amount you paid for. what I do if i don’t make it to PI within 6 months I just call every three months while I still have signal and tell them to extend my roaming. Lucky for me I’m going to PI tomorrow.

    hope this helps

    juanitto ;o)

  267. dee says:

    thanks juanitto! i have signal again, i called globe directly from my dad’s globe phone!
    i have another question though.. my friend bought me a card load in the philippines, is there anyway i can load it up to my globe roaming sim?

  268. juanitto says:

    the load will be put onto your account but it is not certain that your phone will be activated for roaming. What you’ll have to do is have someone call or call your self to have the roaming turned back on and then you’ll phone should have signal again here in the states. read some previous entries i have put the number you are to call.

    Hope this helps.


  269. dee says:

    hi was just wondering, if i re-activate my sim.. and it might have a balance of lower than P100, would it still get any signal? because it suddenly lost its signal. im here in the states now.. but my friend said he sent me load.. so would i be able to get that load?

  270. bengie a. says:

    I apply roaming yesterday thru txt while im on the airport philippines, but the network was busy, and there will be no confirmation of my request until I fly, when I reach china and till now I dont have any signal. My cell number 09052417065 have a load more than 400 pesos. Pls activate my roaming.

  271. juanitto says:

    Do you have a Quad-band phone? If you do then you can use it abroad with Globe all you have to do is contact Globe and tell them to turn on your roaming feature.

    You can google your phone and find out whether or not u have a quadband phone.

    Hope this helps

  272. Denise says:

    I have a phone from PI and I have a globe sim card. I want to use both of them. But my phone isn’t the ones that you can use everywhere.

  273. juanitto says:

    Depends are you trying to use your phone in PI . Or do you have a Globe phone that u need to use in Canada? If you are using a GSM most likely it will work in PI. otherwise you have to just call your network and ask them if they can roam in PI

  274. Denise says:

    Hi, I was wondering can you roam a cell phone from canada? If you can, please tell me how. I’d appreciate the help. Thanks

  275. majistik says:

    i have one blacberry 8100 lock to globe handyphone i want to unlock them
    If you have an idea I am taker;
    thanks for all

  276. juanitto says:

    Your Load does expire depending on how much you purchase. I know that 1000 Pesos is good for 60 days thats usually what i go with I use them up when it gets close to expiring.

    Hope this helps,


  277. Markiko says:

    Hello, has anyone experienced loosing thier credits eventhough they havent used thier phones to make or send txt while roaming? This happened to me and my brother twice. I only use my globe sim to recieve txts and I use my Australian sim to reply. But for some reason my globe credits was lost twice. Has this happened to anyone?

    I always need to reload when this happens.


  278. melanie says:

    thanks for the advice. i just called globe directly and everything is fine now. i’ll be sure to ask you if i have anymore problems. thanks again =)

  279. juanitto says:

    Melanie – what you might want to do is try to contact a family or friend in PI to call globe and have your phone re activated for roaming it usually takes upto 24 after they call for it to come back on to roaming mode.

    Or if you have another globe phone from someone that you know that has one they can call *131*6327301212# and connect to the Globe customer service.

    What you would wan tot do is once you have it roaming I pbelive the max they allow is 180 days so as long as you keep your balance above 100p u can call them and tell them to extend the roaming that way u never have to worry about it getting turned off from roaming mode.

    Let me know if you need any more help.

    juanitto :o)

  280. melanie says:

    hi, i would just like to know why there is no signal on my roaming phone?? i know i have at least 200pesos on my roaming, but when i woke up this morning there was no more signal. i live here in canada and this is the first time this has happened. does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it?? im afraid that it has been deactivated somehow. i would really appreciate the help. thank you.

  281. Jerome says:

    Hi, i just wanna ask on how to load my cellcard via txt messaging to a roaming cellphone. i recieved message from Globe to dial *123# but how many times i tried still the reply is invalid contact nunber. Is this the right contact no.? Could you pls. assist me on how to do it. Tnx and more power….

  282. juanitto says:

    From your globe phone dial this number and it should be free *131*6327301212 SEND you should get a message and then your phone will ring and it connects you to the Globe center just let them know that you would like to have ur roaming turned on thats all. If you need to load have someone over there buy you a card and load it to your card if not do what i do and use Chikka to load it through paypal. Hope this helps you


  283. joe anne says:

    hi!i got a text warning that my account was almost insufficient please reload before 01-29-08 12:01:45 pm at i asked to my sis in law to load me she did but this mornig i was so shock coz it has no signal my roaming no.pls. activate my roaming no.coz this is the only way to get a news everyday to my roaming no is +639167925355….or can u give me any contact the phils. in office.thanx

  284. greyzie says:

    i have brought my n70 with OFW card here in japan. before departure, i have activated the roaming and received a message that roaming wil be on the ffg day. unfortunately, til now, there`s no signal. how can i activate kaya/ thanks po…

  285. daisyre cabardo says:

    i lost my signal this afternoon.any idea po ba kung bkit nawaa?kung pwede po e activate nyo po ulit here is my number .00639172043866 anf 00639172044181.please po

  286. Pendong says:

    i lost my signal this mornin.. so itinawag ko na sa gf ko na itawag sa globe.. so ilang araw po bago bumalik ung signal?? any idea po?? hehe

  287. Juanitto says:

    Youll have to tell your sis to call them from there and have ur number activated again. Also to let them know to oput you on roaming for 6 months they can do it, thats what i do and just put load in it from here in the US using chikka and paypal.

  288. precious says:

    hi.. my cellphone has no signal. i did not receive any warnings from globe. i was still able to use it this morning. i asked my sister to load 300 and she already did but still no signal at all. i tried to search for networks but can’t access it.

  289. Ninabelita B. Guevarra says:

    my celphone deactivated on roaming how can i activate it again? My cellphone roaming no. is 639179345637. Few days ago, I got a text warning that my account was almost insufficient balanced please reload before nov 25, 2007 16:11:31 PM at philippine time but i forgot to reload on that time because im busy that time. So how can i activate again? thanks

  290. Willy Magistrado says:

    My cellphone roaming no. is 639173817774. Few days ago, I got a text warning that my account was almost insufficient and has to be increased before 4:00 pm that day to increase my balance.

    I then asked my brother in the Philippines to pass to my number at least 100 pesos which he did before the deadline, but still my number was deactivited. I asked him again to send another 100 pesos, but nothing happened.

    At the moment I am very desperate to ring place Bicol because of the typhoon there.
    Can you please activate my roaming cellphone number?

  291. secret says:

    my cp is deactivated of roaming how can i activate it again?

  292. ruby moore says:

    my cellphone number is 09176422438 and was loaded of 300 pesos yesterday from the philippines. I live here in georgia . why is it my cell has no more signals? I was loaded of 1,000 pesos last september 4 and as I understand that will expire for 60 days which I do not make any call just few text messages to the philippines. Where does the rest of my load goes? Anyway I just need some signal back on my cell phone. Could you please check it for me. thanks

  293. Aebram Laja says:

    what will the best thing to do if the person is unable to roam before leaving?

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