How to apply for NCLEX exam in the Philippines

We have received so many comments on our NCLEX in the Philippines posts located here and here asking how to apply and what are the requirements for taking the NCLEX. This prompted us to make our own little research on this matter.

The complete information on how to apply for the NCLEX exam is available at the Pearson VUE web site at It is also available at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) web site at

Just read the information that you will find on those web sites carefully and thoroughly and you’ll be the taking the NCLEX exam in no time.



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  • nash

    how and when to apply for an nclex exam?

  • nash

    when to apply for an nclex exam in the philippines?

  • loida

    how much is the amount to be paid when applying for NCLEX?

  • bea

    thanks for the info! the payment is $200 + $150 for the venue.

  • http://yahoo Melanie B. Zaballa

    hi,i just want to ask about the step-by-step procedures on how to apply nclex here in the philippines tru pearsonvue, and wanna know if they accepting registration everyday of the year for scheduling of nclex and how much we gonna pay for over-all transaction

  • http://yahoo Nie

    how to apply nclex and how much we gonna pay?

  • ronald

    how and when to aplply for an NCLEX? how much amount to be paid ?

  • ronald

    how and when to apply for an NCLEX ? How much amount to be paid ?

  • doris c. fernandez

    Im a fresh nurse graduate. I want to apply NCLEX but dont know how? What are the requirement? how much amount to be paid if i apply in Manila? what are the schedules of exam.

    thank you.

  • eva

    Pls. send me schedules of NCLEX exam this whole year of 2008. Thank you.

  • Newman

    What are the schedule of nclex ezamination in the Philippines for the year 2008?

    My email address:

  • http://none twinkle

    anyone here can help me to give an information how for applying of nclex exam and what are the requirements and how much to be paid.
    I would be grateful for any help from u guys!

    My email:

  • jodie 22

    when is the 2008 nclex exam here in the philippines?how do you apply? please reply asap! tnx! my email:

  • Jerika Santos

    How long it will take to apply for Nclex examination here in the Phils? Thanks!

  • gina

    pls help me how to apply for nclex exam. how much to be paid and pls tell me the states that doesnt require cgfns. thank tou very much

  • Ma. Xy-za Yvette B. Kiocho

    what are the requirements for the nclex exam and how to apply? thank you

  • http://none twinkle

    Pls help me po kung pano ang pag send ng application fee sa NCLEx.Ok lng po ba kung gamitin ko account ng Tita ko para ma send ko yong fee.Pls help me po kung anong bank ang pwede kahit walang account?
    Any help from u guys pasasalamatan ko!

  • timmy

    i wouldlike to ask for help to all who had already knew the steps on how to apply for nclex. i really don’t know.please help.. i would also ask if it is better to take nclex here in the philippines or in US like new mexico or vermont? i would really appreciate for your help. God Bless! sana tulungan nyo ako. Thank you very much

  • Mae Michelle Aquino

    kindly tell me what are d requirements,where can i send my payment for the exam and where is the add of the nclex exam will be held

  • elisha

    anyone here can help me to give an information how/where/when for applying of nclex exam and what are the requirements and how much to be paid. Can i know also the states that doesn’t require CGFNS.

    I would be grateful for any help from u guy.

    pls email me

    thanks a lot

  • evz03s

    hi…same here…pls give an info bout NCLEX exam and how much amount to be paid??? tnx

  • weng

    Can you take the NCLEX exam without passing the local board?

  • rocsie

    do i have to passed the nle before i cantake the nclex?
    what are the requirements do i need?

    pls e-mail me at Louthanne

    god bless

  • http://nclex aurora almen

    please help me and teach me how and what are the requirements for nclex exam.and how could i pay my fee for nclex

  • Cille

    I wanted to ask, where, how and when can i pay for the NCLEX december 2008 exam? Please e-mail me the procedures on registering NCLEX, including the payments. Thank you so much…!!

  • Cille

    BTW. my e-mail is

    I will be anticipating your response.. Thank you…

  • elirose

    hi!i want to take d nclex exam on march ’08 because my ATT will expire on april.i need to apply for the exam as soon as possible for available slot. i am working currently in saudi arabia so i dont know how,where and when i shall apply. please guide with the necessary information i need. kindly provide me with contact numbers, requirements, payments and venue of the examination as well as the information if whether d slot is still available for the march 08 exam.
    with these regards, ill be expecting for your immediate response…
    thank you very much and god speed!

  • elirose

    you can send me your reply thru email:

  • Demo

    Hi, Iam a newly graduate student of nursing here in the Philippines and planning to take up NCLEX here in the Philippines or Hongkong. Kindly help me what are the school requirements that I need to furnish for the examination and do I need to pass my local board before I can take the NCLEX exams? Is it really true that bookings for the exams are already full until 2009 and how long it will take for me to have my ATT if I apply now? Kindly assist me in the step by step procedure and how much do I need to pay.

    Please email me your reply at

  • lloyd

    - go to the BON website of the particular US state that you want to work in and download the application forms, also fill-up the request for fingerprint card
    - submit the “school request application forms” (round 3-4 pages from the downloaded forms) to your school registrar together with your copy of TOR, rle summary, and diploma (for authentication, for those who are not yet a registered nurse)
    - fill-up the rest of the application forms
    - go to NBI and have your fingerprint card marked if you already received it (1-2 weeks after you requested it)
    - avail a bankdraft of $107 to your respected banks and address it to the registered BON of your US state
    - write a letter of explanation why you aren’t a registered nurse in the philippines, if you aren’t yet
    - produce a 2×2 passport-style white bg photo
    - gather all the requirements and mail it to your US state BON via LBC or any delivery services
    - READ THE APPLICATION FORMS and everything i forgot and eveything you need to know is in there
    - good luck nurses!

  • lloyd

    - don’t forget the copy of your license card! ciao!

  • vinchi

    how to apply nclex

  • lloyd

    update for the application fee: it’s $126 (not $107).

  • anne

    hi!i’m a newly graduate of nursing and just took the board exam,and i would like to ask what are the requirements to bring and where to pass them for NCLEX Phillippines application.And if i would pass NLCEX and aquired a liscence,is there an expiration date for it???

  • Maribeth Mayor

    I would like to request for NCLEX Examination form.Please send in my email.Thank you.

  • ma.aleli

    what are the requirements to be able to take the NCLEX,and when will be the schedules of 2009 examinations?thank you.

  • Diana-Lize lSayson

    when to apply in the entrance test?

  • Catherine

    Hi! Pls send me nclex exam dates. I received my ATT and the validity is from jan1 to apr. 1 only.


  • debbie

    hi!can you please tell me how to apply for nclex?requirements and the fees?thanks a lot

  • Spence

    The best way for applying to NCLEX is just use the application center in Manila. They are in St. Thomas Square I found them when I went to PRC since they are close by.
    They can help you big time, makes everything easy.

    I think they have some info on the website its the same office.

  • joy

    Gud day! I would like to inquire how much will it take to enroll the nclex? wat are the requirements? and wat are the available test dates? thank you. Hoping for your immediate response.

  • ariane

    When will be nclex available in the Phil?
    since it was posted tht it was fully book until october.

  • arjay salvani

    can anyone please send me complete requirements and step by step procedures on how to apply for the NCLEX? thank you soooo much..

  • anne camille de guia

    can u pls send me the requirements needed and fees for nclex in the phil. and hk thanks so much

  • Maria Raquel P. Almonia

    Iam a BS Nursing graduate last March 2009 in the Philippines and planning to take up NCLEX here in the Philippines. I would like to know what are the school requirements I need to furnish for the examination Do I need to pass my local board before I can take the NCLEX exams? Please assist me in the step by step procedure and how much do I need to pay.

    Thank you very much.

  • napoleon del rosario

    i would like to know how, where and when my daughter can apply for nclex test here in the philippines.

  • wildon

    hi… can anyone help me pls… i am planning to take the NCLEX here n the Philippines… can you tell me please how to go about it? the process and requirements.. thank you very much.

  • wozd

    anu b ung social security no,n dpt ilgy s form??

  • anne gelica

    hi:) may I know what is the step by step procedure in applying for CGFNS exam? thank you!

  • max



    TNX A LOT..

  • Lorraine

    hi! please help me to apply the NCLEX examination here in the Philippines. I would also like to know the cost of exam and what are the procedures and requirements to be processed. Thank you..

  • pamela

    hi, i would like to ask steps on how to apply for the nclex examination.. i’ve already downloaded a form and already mailed the credentials to california. but i havent submitted the application for licensure together w/ the fee and finger print card because i haven’t received yet the card i requested…
    can you please advised me on what to do next…..
    should i wait for the eligibility first or pay for the exam fee??

  • Laarni Laxamana

    what are requirements for taking the NCLEX? and how to apply?how much?

  • Laarni Laxamana

    how to get an application form?


    hello! to everyone,can somebody help me, i want to take nclex but i don’t know how to begin,what is the requirements needed,and the step by step procedure …thank you and godbless

  • gerry

    Hello, can u help me on how to apply nclex at new mexico? where can i find the breakdown of the expenses…pls help

  • xandee

    ei i can refer you to NEAC n.i processed my application in their center and now im planning to take my nclex this september.they can help you with the breakdown of the expenses.staffs are nice.

  • dale_

    how much is the TOTAL amount to be paid when applying for NCLEX?

  • melly

    hi just want to ask the step by step procedure on how to apply for NCLEX here in the Philippines. What are the requirements? Thanks so much!


    please send me complete requirements and step by step procedures on how to apply for the NCLEX? thank you so much.

  • Michael Babula

    hi.. i just wanna know the step by step proccess on how to apply for nclex?.. what are the requirements to be submitted and where will i submit it?.. how much will i pay..?

    thank you very much…

  • Mary Jane

    Hi! I’m planning to take my NCLEX exam. I just wanna know what are the requirementsneeded to take the NCLEX exam. Thanks!

  • Eileen

    hi, can somebody tell me the next schedule of NCLEX exam?thank you.

  • Eileen

    hi, can somebody tell me the next schedule of NCLEX exam?also, i wanna know the requirements needed and how to process my application form.thank you.

  • anne quino

    Hi i just want to know what are the requirements or steps needed for the application for the nclex examination..Thanks

  • anne quino

    Hi i just want to know what are the steps or requirements for application for nclex examination..thanks

  • thata

    pls help me how 2 apply on line nclex application form?
    thanks and god bless

  • angelyn

    wat are the requirements for nclex? is’nt ielts required when you took nclex here in philippines?

  • angelyn

    how much i will pay? and what are the incoming schedules?

  • twinkle

    its very easy to apply nclex

  • Yami

    How?and where did you get the forms?what are the requirements planning to apply in California

  • Jakob

    I used the nclex center on Espana at st. thomas square.

    They do everything for my ces and my application for Florida.

    They did all the forms and everything, all I had to do was pass documents and complete a few short papers in their office.

    they have a website too at where I could log in and check the status of my application.

    The person who helped me was kristine, she’s really nice and professional.

  • twinkle

    i apply in NEAC.. call them at 238-2647

  • raymond

    yeah i agree with you i apply my own application then i received a letter from BON then they said that i my mga lacking requirements ako kac im a US citizen.i was like what! i fill up the form sobrang daming mali.then i went to NEAC for assistance then after a few days naging eligible na thankful talga promise.

  • Xee

    really guys?wow coz its really a big help for me then coz im planning to take NCLEX by next year.i should visit that center then for a help.whats there number?im from manila

  • Jakob

    Xee.. the website has infos.

    I visit the center in manila, it’s in st. thomas square near PRC
    The number I have is 734-1426

  • sandra

    hi jakob.can i have the land-line number of that center?what’s there website?

  • amy

    how to apply NCLEX in the philippines and how much it will cost.tnx

  • Jakob

    amy, it depends on what state you are applying to since all the states have different fees and such.

    My friend applied before me and her application was cheaper but the state changed it’s requirements so then I had to do extra steps.

    It’s better to just go to NEAC and let them help you with all those questions, they even updated me when the state changed requirements in the middle of my application; you can’t get that from the board of nursing!

    When I went, Kristine helped me in Manila; she’s really nice and helpful.


    guys..try an application center to help with the processing of ur nclex!!!!no hassles and they will do it all for are provided with the requirements to get and they’ll be the one to process it..of course with reasonable price.try NEAC…

  • venus

    how to apply and whwn to apply nclex exam?
    how much it cost?
    what are the requirements?

  • Melody

    hi i am an american citizen who graduated here in the philippines. Do i need to take the NLE before i can take the NLEX?

  • http://www, NEAC Experts

    ATTENTION: CABON Now Requires SSN to apply for NCLEX.

    CABON Now Requires SSN to apply for NCLEX.

    Effective on April 26, 2010 California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will no longer accept applications that do not contain a U.S. Social Security Number. The Nursing Practice Act provides for a unified examination and licensing application. Once an applicant passes the examination, a license is automatically issued. Under these circumstances the BRN cannot accept applications for the examination and licensure without a U.S. social security number.

    For those applicants who have failed the exam and want to re-apply; CABON will not accept re-application without U.S Social Security Number.

    If your application was sent prior to April 26, 2010 or if you are already eligible, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.

    For assistance with your NCLEX application or for information on how to change your application to another state, please contact us using the information below.

    NEAC is a professional NCLEX Application Center, please visit our offices for free consultation on NCLEX fees and steps required for the state of your choice.

    NEAC Nurse Exam Application Center
    w w w . a p p l y n c l e x . c o m
    www . nclexapplicationcenter . com
    online @

    Manila Center:
    St. Thomas Square 2nd Floor
    1150 Espana Blvd. Sampaloc, Manila 1008
    Phone :(63)-02-734-1426 -02-734-9245
    Cebu Branch:
    Mango Square Mall
    Gen Max Ave. 3rd Floor Unit 301
    Cebu City 6000 Philippines
    Phone: (63)-32-238-2647
    Davao Branch:
    Elena Arcade, Door 12 Duterte St.
    Davao City 8000 Philippines
    Singapore Office:
    545 Orchard Road #04-18
    Far East Shopping Centre
    Singapore 238882
    Phone:(65) 6733 1314

  • Thesa

    my cousin and i are applying the nclex exam at northern mariana.we send the application form together with the other personal documents as well as the school documents via the express mail,will it be accepted since it was not sent via registered mail?
    please i need the answer as soon as possible…thank you


  • cherry

    I applied for California and is suppose to take the exam here in the phils. I have not schedule for the exam .my ATT is valid until aug 31,2010 ….can i still extend? what is the process?
    please advice.thank you



  • cathuy

    @Thesa: Northern Marianas is very difficult to contact and THEY DO NOT accept money draft payment from Philippine bank. They only accept U.S money order. It means all international applicants cannot apply to Northern Marianas if you do not have U.S money order as your payment. You may got lucky if you can contact them. I advise to write a letter to them and thats the only way to communicate with them.

  • avril

    just want to ask guys regarding the requirements of vermont NCLEX actually some of my credentials were already available since 2008, like my TOR and RLE hours, can I still use this..because i remembered last year they added some requirements like PRC verification which I dont have, I am not currently in PHILs. .Many thanks


    just want to ask on step by step procedure on how to apply for nclex exam

  • lean

    hi! when are the exam dates available for 2011?? pls. send me the dates.. tnx

  • Dylene

    Hi…please help me.. How to take the exam??? And what are the requirements??? And how much to take this exam??? Thanks..

  • Liean

    Hi.. What are the available dates in 2011??? Thanks..

  • erlinda

    hi….would like to know the requirements and amount to how much i need to pay for the

    Nclex exam..thnx

  • chin

    hi! I would like to know the schedule of the exam for 2011, requirements and fees..thanks:)

  • NEAC

    @ CHIN: The NCLEX exam schedule is Monday to Friday. You can choose your schedule.

  • NEAC

    @ CHIN, Philippine NCLEX exam is everyday except weekends. You can choose your exam schedule.

  • roselle valencia

    hi i just wanna ask,my registration eligibility was issued last dec 2009 and im planning to take the exam this coming feb 2012 my ATT will expire 2012.Im just worried that they might closed my account since it was noted that after 2years the file will be closed.will there be a problem…please answer my concerns coz im worried otherwise i would have to take the exam before dec 2011….thank you so much. Im in Saudi arabia right now

  • NEAC

    You need not to worry your eligibility since you already have your ATT. Your need to take the exam WITHIN the ATT validity. There will be no extension for your ATT so make sure to take the exam before it expire.

  • peng

    GOOD DAY…i just to ask regarding SNN. i took my nclex exam last dec2009 but unfortunately i failed. i plan to re apply this year but a freind told me that SNN is req. does this new req. applies in my case?i am re -applying for cali…kindly help..thnx

  • Monskie

    @Peng – Infortunately, California BON will not allow you to retake the exam without SSN. You may start considering to retake it in Vermont, New Mexico and New York states. They do not require SSN and CGFNS cert. BUT, they are requiring international RN graduates to submit CES (Credential Evaluation Service/ Professional course by course credential evaluation from CGFNS office). Pls note note that if you failed the NCLEX 2x, you must take a formal NCLEX review course to retake the NCLEX.

  • Joel

    Just want to ask if US social security number is required.i passed my application last year but it was returned to me together with a not from california board of nursing requiring the US social security number

  • NEAC

    Starting April 26, 2010 California requires U.S SSN, if you applied in April, your application will be sent it back to you. If you do not hold a U.S SSN, please be advised to apply to other states.

  • mark

    hi, para sa lahay po,
    saan po ba pwd magtake ng nclex exam dito sa pilipinas? mag kanu pa ba ito? at pano rin po ba mag take ng exam na ito?? pls, help me.

  • carla

    hello. i just want to ask, how much would it cost If i will pass my papers to NEAC so that they can help me with my NCLEX application? I just want to know an estimated price of their service so that I can prepare financially.. pls reply here or email me at iamdeina@yahoo,com.. thanks! :)

  • aReN

    Good day! I just want to ask how much will it cost if ever I will ask for NEAC’s service for me to file all the requirements needed to take NCLEX-RN? Thank you and GodBless!

  • NEAC

    @ AREN, can i have your email address so we can email you the fees and instructions.

  • Nestor de Castro

    I just want to know the step by step procedure to apply for NCLEX EXAM in the Philippines. Do you have any contact addres so I could inquire directly from them?

  • Mackey

    pls i need help im confused……….

  • nelson

    hello good day to all!, i would also like to know the steps and proceddures on how to file for nclex here in the philippines! how much will it cost and how long should i wait in order to take my exam! i really want to take my nclex now!

  • albert

    I think the only easiest and hass-free way to apply to NCLEX is by using a professional service unless you want to do it all by yourself and take risk instead of let the people who has been doing for years to handle it. LEts face it. 50 different states 50 different ways to apply nclex! As far as i know NEAC Nurse Exam Application Center assisted more than 10,000 nurses to get licensed in the States.

  • rALPH

    hey i wanna inquire how much it would cost if i apply through your can email it to me. Im bery interested in your service and i hop you get to reply to my request

  • Laynapinky

    can u pls tell, whn is the schedule for 2013 ? and before that how long is the review? thx 

  • Iyiolamargaret

    I want u to tell me the schdule for 2013 befor then when to start e review

  • Dhen

    please email me too :) thanks!

  • zyrie

    hi. can u pls. email me too.

  • rez

    how much does the agency help cost?

  • Botibot

     i applied the nclex myself. as with the rest of the nurses i know. its better to apply directly. there are guide per state on how to apply for one

  • Cathymark

    Applying to NCLEX is not like 2 years ago. There are many changes and more complicated to apply. Once you commit a mistake, it will cost you a lot of money. I applied California by myself 3 years ago and i failed, now i tried to apply by my self in Illinois and soo difficult and the instructions in the website is confusing and i don’t even know where to process the finger print card etc and.. I think it would  be better for me if someone will handle my application so i dont need to worry..also i am working and soo terrible to contact the Illinois BON.about the status of my application. they do not answer the phone..and they do not reply to your email..

  • PepeMan

    When will be the results posted for the last August 22 exam?

  • NEAC

     Usually exam result will be released within 3-4 weeks but if your state is a member of quick result you may avail the quick result

  • Maryjoyce Marcelo

    Hello. i would just like to ask what are the states that do not require SSN and CGFNS for nclex application? Thanks

  • krystelle

    what the first thing i do for application for NCLEX? i prefer to apply in California..

  • lieso

    what are the requirements to take the exam sir/maam?

  • Markjasonbrigola

    how much is NCLEX examination fee in philippines?

  • Mayo

    pls email me too pls.

  • romz co

    pls email me

  • pierre

    anu mga requirement

  • pierre

  • ej

    Hi i would like to know the requirements for NCLEX application and the process.. can you help me? Pls email me.

  • Tere

    Hello can u telll me if i can also take the exam i was graduated in the philippines what are those requirement .is it required to passed the exam in the philippines first.?