Howie Mandel in Manila for Deal or No Deal world tour

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USA’s Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel arrived in Manila Tuesday to tape a two-hour episode of their show with Kris Aquino as his co-host.

welcome howie mandel mabuhay

American contestants will play on the special episode where they can win as much as $1,000,000. Mandel is currently the host of U.S. Deal or No Deal, airing on NBC, and the Canadian version, Deal or No Deal Canada, airing on Global.

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19 comments on “Howie Mandel in Manila for Deal or No Deal world tour
  1. Vince says:

    It’s sad. Howie Mandel in Philippines. Slap in the face of Filipinos to come and not have 1 Filipino or Filipina contestant. Not only that, there are nicer things in Manila or elswere to show on American Television besides the “fish market” or “Balut”. No? Is this what we want Americans who are not familiar with the culture to think? Gimme a break. Howie… go home.

  2. HABALer from davao says:

    walang masabi ang iba dyan… kung may nega man na magcocomment dito.. im sure walang sense ang sasabihin niyan… congrats abs-cbn…

  3. HABALer from davao says:

    nakaka-overwhelm… im so proud to be kapamilya.. proud to be a filipino… wow…
    hollywood na yan…

  4. dewdew says:

    sira!hindi si kris si howie!napanood ko yung entrance niya sa two!kapamilya kaya ako!

  5. Serenata says:


    wow tlga..=D

  6. jackass says:

    dewdew, haller! Anong walang kabuhay-buhay? Ok ka lang?

    Kanguso ka talaga! Hahaha Bitter!

  7. tatskaye says:

    d best kapamilya…dito na ako mag comments…ksi sa pep hindi nilalagay ang comments ko

  8. dewdew says:

    wala siyang buhay!

  9. dewdew says:

    calling all kapusos, nasaan na kayo1mukhang ka[pamilya na rin kayo!

    iba talaga ang mga kapamilya!


  10. ChArOz™ says:

    magaling talaga ang team KAPAMILYA! WOOOOOW TALAGA as in wow galing ng ABS! kahit foreign counterpart gustng gayahin ang ABS-CBN!……. proud pinoy and kapamilya tyo!

  11. jackass says:

    Wow, talaga! Another first from Philippine Television. And ABS-CBN is the only TV station who can make this. Deal or No Deal?

  12. baLiw says:

    wOw…it’s like….wOw…

    wla na ata aq masasabi dito kundi WOW!!!

    Is it a Deal or No Deal?

  13. Kapamilya Tayo says:

    yah KDND Season 3 i think e2 na un! wow kaabang abang toh! team kapamilya!!!

  14. snikers says:

    tingin ko ipalabas ito sa ABS-CBN, world tour eh. part pa rin ng american show ito pero dito maglalaro sa pinas. and the jackpot is a whopping $1m!!! nyahaha shet sana mga pinoy maglaro. and dba may another season ng KDND?

  15. Kapamilya Tayo says:

    wow!!!!! sna ipalabas ito sa ABS-CBN, npanood q sa TV Patrol c Howie nand2 na sa Pinas, na gulat aq sa grand prize 41Million??!!! OMG!!!

  16. LoRrAiLe says:

    Da bezt tlga ang kpamilya……………

  17. archerdcross says:

    Congrats KAPAMILYA DEAL OR NO DEAL….. pang-world class talaga.

  18. Malasado says:

    I wonder kung ipapalabas din ito sa ABS-CBN naku kung hindi sa youtube na lang

  19. Malasado says:

    D best talaga ang Kapamilya pang worldclass. Yan ang dapat pag franchised dapat gawing maganda para hanga ang mga banyaga.

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