I Do movie – Star Cinema

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I Do is an upcoming romantic comedy movie under Star Cinema.

It is topbilled by Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales. Members of its cast include Pokwang, Dennis Padilla, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco and Nash Aguas. The movie is inspired by a true story of young couple who were trying to fight for their relationship. It is directed by Veronica Velasco and will premiere on September 29, 2010. I Do is one of Star Cinema’s 17th anniversary movie offerings.

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26 comments on “I Do movie – Star Cinema
  1. ayahbueno says:

    panu makapanood ng movie? panu din makadownload ng movie???

  2. pinoy says:

    its a great movie. hope it will give more lessons to teenagers who wanted to get married.

  3. i like the movie which is i do! with erich and enchong,
    i hope that this movie will be shown in cinema one,…
    this movie is very inspiring for the people. especially for those people,
    who are in relationship……it is funny movie.. congrats!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM YOUR TRULY FUN!!!!!!!!!

  4. mae flor says:

    hay ..naku sobrang ganda nang i’do i’love it….sana maging kau talaga ne enchong erich…

  5. jHaYne says:

    …”i do” movie is so great! love watching it with my sis!! ang gwapo xe ni enchong!!! d’ best!

  6. ferdinand layosa says:

    i want to have a copy of i do movie lines of janus kakatuwa kasi siya e tnx so much

  7. bam says:

    san ung church?

  8. Julie says:


  9. Julie says:

    I saw the movie ” I DO” and it’s a very good movie. Enjong and Erich did very good. I like the story of the movie. Hope that they’ll make more movies together. I just love them together.

  10. Myell says:

    When I first learned about this movie, I immediately set a “date” with my husband. And our money is worth it :D. The movie is very nice, truthful and not obscene. A good call to teens who think that starting a family is easy. I like it and congratulations to Erich and Enchong, and all the casts.

  11. vhina says:

    wala lang

  12. vhina says:

    muka namang maganda.. hekhek…

  13. maby says:

    ang ganda2 ng movie…so nakakakilig..i think enrich is rili a threat to kimeralkd..peace..hehe

  14. maby says:

    ang ganda2 ng monk enrich is reallyvie…so nkakakilig..i think enrich is rili a threat to kimerald..peace..hehe

  15. cindzz26 says:

    ang ganda ng movie. ang kulit nilang lahat hahaha tawa kami ng tawa. Konti lang ang nanood parang kulang kasi sa promo ang star cinema pero ang ganda niya talaga promise. its worth the money

  16. embeep24 says:

    supet galing nila,.nice one star cinema,da best,first timeko manuod ng movie nyo na love story,.and that first time,super ganda ng resulta,kak touch ayos kayo

  17. marielle says:

    CONFIRMED – this is a feel good movie. I was with my whole family when I watched and we enjoyed it so much. Janus and melai brought so much laughter, Dennis Padilla nd Pokwang also good. Erich, two thumbs up she was very consistent, sobrang galing, sobrang natural sila ni enchong. I really want to recommend this especially to those who would like to entertain.

  18. princess hayra de belen says:

    i really love the movie!!
    so funny and it also do make sense specially to those teens who are planning to get married in an early age.

    i hope star cinema will not stop producing movies that expresses the filipino heart.

  19. Julie says:

    I just love Erich and Enchong together. I hope someday that they’ll be boyfriend, and girlfriend because they look good together.

  20. linz says:

    just saw this movie and i am so proud of erich and enchong. You guys are the best

  21. Lowelyn says:

    I’m so excited to watch “I do”.I’m sure this will be very successful!!GO EnchoNg mhai LOve!!haha!!GO!!ERich!!!GOra!!GAling Galing NIo!!Goodluck and God Bless sa iNyong Dlwa!!

  22. kukumalu says:

    weeW…ITS NyC TO see Both of Them (eNrich) in a MoVie tOgEThER… lUv the Both oF them

  23. gigi says:

    i love the casting. Melai, Pokwang, Janus plus Erich and Enchong. I’m sure that this is gonna be a lot of fun.. I will definitely watch it.

  24. izzie says:

    saw the trailer and it looks really entertaining. Can’t wait to see the movie. Goodluck to Erich and Enchong

  25. jHaine says:

    Go Enchong and Erich!!!…
    I love you both. . .
    More power and God Bless…

  26. marice says:

    i dol love the movie sana i dol tuloy i do love to marry you haha part 2 i love or i will marry you ganda abs-cbn star cinema go erich and enchong love it

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