Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) supports RH Bill

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Iglesia ni Cristo or INC has expressed support for the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo said the bill needs to be passed as it is the “moral imperative” of every parent to guide their children and make sure they have food, shelter, clothing, and proper education. This can be done if they “plan the number of their children and keep it under control.” INC also supports artificial family planning methods as long as they do not induce abortion. INC also took a swipe at naturaly family planning saying that this method is unnatural, ineffective, and also are immoral as it deprives married couples of intimate marital relations for long, extended period of time.

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13 comments on “Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) supports RH Bill
  1. Bell says:

    wat? cel, satan is not equal to rh bill. if you watched or read the speech inc gave you should know wat they want to happen.. they are pro for rhbill with some exemptions… things like no abortion..i’m pro for rh bill.. its for the best of the country :)

  2. Casty says:

    cel, how come it became Satan? RH Bill-Satan? cmon!!! whats the basis.. Let us stop arguing regarding this matter, it does not affect us.. Even it can be passed to become a law, still we have our choice.. I just wonder whats the big deal? Let us separate the state from the church…

  3. cel says:

    RH bill = Satan

    those who support Rh bill im sure you are supporting Satan…

  4. Korekek says:

    Its kinda weird to spend my tax contribution on this bill which would only be beneficial
    largely for those irresponsible couple… its an irony for me i guess… tsk!

  5. chano says:

    Kung wala kayong pera wag kayong mag-anak ng marami, self-control. Tsaka kung marami kayong anak huwag kayong tamad. Tapos ang usapan. Besides we need manpower, the more the richer. The problem is most filipinos are a sloth. The Catholic Church is righ. We don’t need RH Bill. The solutions are hard work, determination, right spacing, prayer, and eradication of corrupt officials.

  6. acidopanglabansafattyacid says:

    di kasi nila alam kung gaano kahirap magkaroon ng marming anak kasi ala sila non…owwwzzzz baka meron pero di lang nila sinasabi…..father, meron bang mababasa sa bible na bawal rh bill?

  7. Kurdapya says:

    Katoliko din po ako pero i support RH bill… kung alin kasi ang mga mahihirap nating kababayan ay yun pa ang maraming anak kaya hikahos sila sa buhay at kapag hikahos ka sa buhay, makakagawa ka ng isang bagay na labag sa batas…ika nga poverty is the root of evil…hindi lahat pero karamihan.

  8. 71 says:

    pls support RH Bill! bitayin ang mga DAMASO

  9. jp says:

    alam ng INC ang pinagdadaanan ng bansa. Alam din nila ang pangangailangan ng bawat pilipino. Suportahan po natin ang RH-Bill 4 the better philippines.

  10. sal_monella says:


  11. allergic sa tahong says:

    nice one INC. keep it up.

  12. mr.jabs says:

    i actually support RH Bill kahit Roman Catholic ako. Wala naman masama sa Bill nayan. It’s a matter of choice lang naman yan. Kung gusto mo marami anak for as long as kaya mong buhayin at alagaan, di magparami pero kung choice mo kunti lang, di konti lang.

    Kahit papano may punto ang INC.

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