Inaki Salvador leaves Pinoy Dream Academy

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19-year-old Rafael Ting (screen name: Inaki Salvador) of Pasay was expelled from the Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 last night at the PDA Concert Hall.

Inaki Salvador and Miguel Mendoza - PDA 2

Inaki got 24.03% of the total votes while fellow probationary scholar 19-year-old Miguel Mendoza of Muntinlupa got 75.97%. Meanwhile, Bugoy Bogayan once again is the star scholar after the scholars’ duet with the celebrity singers. He got a whopping 9.81 from the jury and mentors.

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24 comments on “Inaki Salvador leaves Pinoy Dream Academy
  1. susie says:

    the lesson i learned from this pinoy dream academy is,,, ..
    if you want to win .. act like a baliw like laarni..

  2. stephen says:

    Grabe… naman .. Laarni won? She’s good but not the best among the academy dreamers..
    Our economy suffers, sana man lang tumaas ang standard ng entertainment industry..
    Ano ba to.. like our national election , brainless and voters..

  3. markus says:

    What !!!! laarni won ? Oh my GoD..We are further destroying the image of Filipino people.

  4. ellen says:

    I think lizel is more deserving.. Look , we are not in the pitying business.. Laarni ‘s image and character is so irritating and She is giving the youth and viewer a very very bad example.

  5. markus says:

    What !!!! laarni won ? Oh my God, the voters are crazy just like laarni..We are further destroying the image of Filipino people.

  6. gil says:

    shocks.. super no taste and no class at si laarni ang nanalo
    Please upgrade the Filipino standard.

  7. sandy says:

    ..hi inaki.. im anoe of your million fan,cmula p nung una..
    keep safe oweiz..mwahh

  8. darna says:

    ang papanget nyong lahat

  9. jpb says:

    t@ngina mo Ckikabelle

  10. Ckikabelle says:

    yabag lang ang tinggog anang iñaki. Ang tingog murag itik ang lawas murag butakal.

  11. kulah says:

    c ejay pwedeng pwede pa laosin..hahaha

  12. Joe says:

    cno ung bigfoot next to him..??!!

  13. emily says:

    ok lang Inaki ang na out…. wala na si liezel dali naman nya malaos di pa nga sya artista eh… laos agad… bugoy diko type maging grand champion… LAARNI pa pweding pwedi…..

  14. Rosa Mia says:

    Hi Inaki..It’s not the end of the world, even u were expelled from PDA. Ur exposure is enough to prove that ur a good entertainer. Keep it up, for sure u will go a long long way….I love watching PDA….Ayun napupuyat…iba kc viewing sched dito sa Bahrain… Keep it up…enjoy ur music…..u will make it good outside the academy….with the training u gained from the school…Correct?????

  15. minihaha says:

    juz d ryt dcsion frm d txters

  16. VICKY says:




  17. hates says:

    kakatakot itsura nya jan oh..^^

  18. trulaluh at walang halong eklavuh says:

    i don’t like Iñaki eversince. Over confident, feeling sikat na kagad.

  19. lailyn says:

    love you laarni

  20. kpamilya bahog boto says:

    hello how r u all…

  21. gab says:

    yes.. ahahha.. ^^

  22. fattyacid says:

    it’s a battle between Laarni and bugoy na…pero lamang na lamang pa rin si Laarni dahil sa vocal prowess at versatility nya.

    si boring liz napag-iwanan na nila…kalevel na lang nya si cris and miguel…not bad to fight it out for the third spot.

  23. diefan says:

    Hurrah! Finally, Inaki is another reject. Hahaha…

    Re: Bench, I agree.
    Monday, we’ll find out her grade (Leizel). Hoping Laarni has higher grade than Leizel. It is because Laarni song is harder and you can tell her song is stronger and powerful. Can’t wait till Sunday ASAP. Laarni -Good Luck girl. ~Smile

  24. Bench says:

    Buti naman at si Inyaki ang natanggal mas talented naman si Miguel kesa sa kanya… Naku, asan na ba si Liezel mukhang natatabunan na siya ni Bugoy?

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