Jamilla Obispo FHM Pics

Did you know that the 18 year old teenage mom PBB Teen Edition Contestant from Laguna once graced the pages of FHM Magazine? Her screen name then was Natalie which is her second name (Jamilla Natalie). If you want to grab a copy of the said magazine, look for FHM back issues where Katrina Halili was cover.

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48 comments on “Jamilla Obispo FHM Pics
  1. gianne says:

    jam wag mong intindhin yng mga taong naninira syo ska yng mga taong bumabastos syo…wala lang silang magawa…basta gawin mo lng yng mga mkakabuti for u and for baby miggy…im hir to suport u…iloveyou…

  2. angela says:

    ur so sexy!!!
    i love ur face..

    ur still sexy evnthough u have already child..

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