Janina San Miguel answers her critics

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Binibining Pilipinas World 2008 Janina San Miguel has a response to her critics after her controversial win.

Bb Pilipinas World 2008 Janina San Miguel

We have uploaded the video clip of her interview on TV Patrol World and 24 Oras. Check it out on YouTube.

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30 comments on “Janina San Miguel answers her critics
  1. pilipina says:

    some of us are just fortunate to have come from a family who could afford to send us to a decent school, or orient us how important it is to educate ourselves to cope in the harsh world. Janina is probably not one of those people..so do we have to write all these non-sense for her to see and bring her down just because she can’t speak the foreign language? Remember…it’s a foreign language. I bet those who are ridiculing her are even worse…uneducated, shallow, ugly and bitter..

    Janina, you have made a lot of people proud of u just by your determination to find who you are. You are a beautiful person inside out. Just keep in mind the wisdom your receive, and use the criticisms as stepping stones. invest on your assets and you are sure to soar high in the end. All the best!

  2. -_apRiL_- says:

    haLa ui…

    pAkauwaw lNg jUd nAh Xah ui..

    sUs inTawn dAi..

    paUli saH iNjo.. HehehE

    ma-yAwardz jUd aNg pHils aNi..!!!

  3. lynelle says:

    Mo Twister: So Janina, how does it feel to win Ms. World?
    Janina: Thanks Mo. I feel confidence.
    Mo: So, where will the Ms. World Pageant going to be held?
    Janina: Uhhm I still don’t know… uhmm sorry, I’m not good in Geometry…
    Mo: Baby doll, that would be geography.
    Janina: ahaha, uhmmm yeah
    Mo: So where is it going to be held.
    Janina: I hope its somewhere in Europa because I want to go to France.
    Mo: I see.
    Janina: I want to learn to speak France.
    Mo: Uhmmm that would be French. The language in France? ok, Never mind.
    Janina: Ah ok. I thought France is the mmm… Mcdo? You know Fries?

    naloka ko sa mga sagot nya…haaayyyyy…3 interview nya sablay lahat ng sagot…pano pa pag nandun na…waaaaaaaa

  4. wes zobel says:

    Go for it girl! Life is tough, but you are already ahead. After all this is done with, I’m sure you will go far in life. Just make the right choices. Stay focus and honest and stay humble no matter what’s ahead.

    You have all our support and prayers…stay in school no matter what and the rest will come. And then go out there and show those people that Janina San Migue; English or no English is a true person. Iha, use these experiences as lessons learned and lead others. One day, you’ll look back and see how proud you should be of what you have accomplished. You have waken up everybody both ways.

    For those who speaks “Taglish” in television shows, and who laughs and ridicules you at the moment; they should be ashamed of themselves. But everyone is entitled for their opinion kanya lang sobra minsan. Dito tayo magaling, madaling nalilimutan ang ating kakulangan, mapang-ape at akala alam na ang lahat. But we are all survivors and there is no doubt you will survive and surpass all this. Just stay focus…focus.

    Mga kapatid magtagalog na lang po tayo kung gustong tagalugin. Kung gustong sa Ingles ay tapusin po natin in complete sentence dahil ang sakit pong pakinggan. Kaya bago po natin laitin si Janina, she is not the only one who we are confusing. We are hurting the young generation with this “Taglish” trash. I hope the people esp. in the television industry will stop using this “Taglish” non-sense to cover their own weakness. Kawawa ang mga bata, they think it’s cool. A complete sentence in either Filipino and/or English is perfect. Ibalik natin sa dati.

    Janina, good luck iha and just keep trust to the Lord. More power to you and love your family no matter what lies ahead. Don’t hate the people who are against you, see them as your tools to make you even stronger. Actually, you already have the guts and again, I have no doubt you will come out as a true winner.

    Congratulations to your Bb. Pilipinas title!!!


  5. Kenneth Cole says:

    I have a video of her answering the most crappy BB statement in my entire life. I just can not imagine why she won the pageant. She did not even answer the question. I don’t know who is in fault here but it sure is clear that there is something wrong with the system. Are the judges at fault? or is it the whole pageants error? was it staged already? is she dumb (that’s obvious… she COME FROM TAFF TEN). Whenever I watch the clip it leaves a smirk on my face.

  6. cyberangel says:

    kahit papano may kabaitan yong tao…eh yong mga nagcocoment dyan hangang dyan nalnag kayo..bakit,meron ba kayong title?bala meron best in alaskador ang ingitera ever

  7. bebot_nineteen says:

    its ok if janina goes with her messed-up english answer in the q&a portion but its so pathetic na broadcast major pa naman siya. wooooootttt!

  8. HABALer from davao says:

    bb pilipinas world should be a saparate pageant… if they say that miss world doesnt have q&a portion.. then they should separate bb pilipinas world as a pageant without q&a… all beautiful girls even the dumb ones…

  9. mommy sheng says:

    hay .. kaya walng ulad ang bb pilipinas .. unang una sa mga popol na judges (most likely marian and dennis were included) .. boring host (same as before piolo -wala na ba iba nakakasawa na) and the tv network who handle the contest GMA (kanit kailan di makilala sa international sence) … POOR >>POOR >>>POOR… lahat alang kwenta .. kay tuloy itong nanalo “walang kakwenta-kwenta”

  10. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    Ok lang sana kung pambaranggay lang ang contest na sinalihan niya, pero Bb Pilipinas po iyon! It only goes to show that Bb Pilipinas is losing it’s brilliance dahil nananalo ang mga mongoloid at abnormal na contestant katulad ni Janina San Miguel.

  11. berto0476 says:

    wala ako say keep it up girl hahaha

  12. Terry says:

    Yes, everyone is entitled to a second chance, we already heard about her background. She doesnt belong to well off clan, its not easy to be embarassed infront of a huge crowd, she can still improve.

  13. Roy Vincent says:

    grabe unang reaction ko nong sat nang pinapanood ko to…
    gulat then lungkot, ganda panaman nya… tsk tsk tsk

    pero nang yari na ang nang yari…
    galingan mo nalang sa Miss World…

  14. joemar says:

    gud luck…. masuya ma dead…………….katung itom ug dila….. na wlang ibang ginawa kundi……….. nil;ampaso ang mukha sa… klsada…

  15. joemar says:

    soryyy sa mga ingitira dyan… magbago na kau… ksi..talak kau ng talak wla naman kayong binatbat…..bhe…. suya lang mo………..

  16. joemar says:

    dont worry we support you….. pabayaan u ang lahat ng intriga….dapat ipakita u sa kanila na kaya mo na manalo sa mis world kasi…. hinahamon ka nila… do become a deserving a winner

  17. joemar says:

    keep up a good work better luck fdor the mis world …. hope sana manalo ka

  18. Punks says:

    @ Pinoy Money Talk

    Oo nga kaibigan tama ka dyan.
    Lagi na lamang ba pag may bago eh dapat intrigahin?
    kaya hindi na umunlad ang plipinas eh!

  19. yan ang hirap sa pinoy eh. hindi nila magawang suportahan ang bansa. puro chismis. dapat nga mas maging proud pa tayo sa kanya eh. kasi she did her best. :)

  20. Punks says:

    kawawa talaga cya kc hindi cya tgilan ng intriga. mga wala kc mgawa yung mga tao na gustong magkalat lamang ng tsismis. dapat suporthan ntin hindi dapat intrigahin.

  21. HABALer from davao says:

    kawawa naman pala cya.. good luck sa kanya sa miss world… sana manalo cya…

  22. bing says:

    nakakahiya ka grabe. cguro syota nya ngayn si dennis trillo kaya pinanalo tong tang@ nato

  23. Henyo® says:

    If I am one of the judges…. here’s my very challenging question:

    “Kung tatlo lang ang ngipin mo….. gusto mo bang kumpol sila o kalat?”


  24. Joe says:

    she didnt deserve to win..period. shes the laugghing stock of the country

  25. Proud to be KAPUS* says:


  26. Proud to be KAPUS* says:

    bakit po kuha sa tv patrol ang nasa photo sa taas? hmmmm… Team Kapamilya Tayo!

  27. Proud to be KAPUS* says:

    Proud to be KAPUS*
    i is fraud to be kapuso. you was right to do all what is my three for love in were because i says belong. there shall to in the box was tampering okay with they seem beside mine. i wants our mega sardines come please buy stop and for good the ratings was. again thanks you all!

  28. chibambi says:

    hmmmmm ^_^

  29. bentongtado says:

    itim kili kili mo… paputi muna ng kili kili

  30. Serenata says:

    nkkpagod mag-check sa youtube^^,
    hehehe..sna lng d na ciya mabatikos
    sa answer nya d2^^,

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