Joy Siy evicted from Biggest Loser Pinoy edition

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25-year-old Joy Siy of Pasig City was evicted from ABS-CBN’s “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.”

She was evicted after getting 5 votes from other hopefuls. Siy lost a total of 52 pounds during her stint on the reality show. Her original weight was 320 pounds. Meanwhile, two new contestants were welcomed to the show. They are Andy and Leigh who both trained outside the camp.

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4 comments on “Joy Siy evicted from Biggest Loser Pinoy edition
  1. ABitterSCBN says:

    kasi lahat ay payat na…siya lang ang hindi hahaha

  2. ABitterSCBN says:

    hahaha TAMA!!!

  3. aling dionisia says:

    si Sharon?

  4. ABitterSCBN says:

    alam ko na sino mananalo dito…

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