Karylle swimsuit malfunction in Boracay

After Anne Curtis’ accidental swimsuit malfunction in Boracay, a picture of singer actress Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari or more known as Karylle caught in the same predicament is being posted on the world wide web.

The said pic was also taken during the Boracay episode of ASAP XV. She was performing with Vina Morales and Yeng Constantino when the wardrobe slip happened. Celebrities should be more careful during their performances because a lot of people nowadays own a camera whether a digital camera or a cellphone with camera. So just a split second of indecent exposure and you can be sure that it will find its way on Facebook or wherever on the Internet.

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24 comments on “Karylle swimsuit malfunction in Boracay
  1. wheng says:

    anne ang ganda mo!!!
    everyday kami nood showtime inaabangan namin outfit mo…….maintain your beauty!!!

  2. tpti says:

    tsampyon ang sarap pag salsalan ahihihihi

  3. JACZ says:

    nakita ko na yan whew!

  4. danda says:

    e ano namn kung lumabas dibdib ni karylle? wala namn cyang kareer… mas ok kung nnay nya ang lumabas ang dibdib kagandahan pa… pero pabor k karylle un, bad or gud… PUBLICITY pa rin lol

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