Kaye Abad: Maxim Philippines September 2006 Cover Girl

According to Ethel Ramos of Malaya and a report from TV Patrol World, Kaye Abad will indeed be on the cover of Maxim Philippines this September.

Kaye, who has a slimmer figure now, admitted she has agreed to go sexy on the cover of Maxim Magazine, the same magazine which featured fellow Star Magic talent Angelica Panganiban in her first daring pictorial.

Kaye said she felt that if Angelica, who is 19, can do it why can’t she. The 24-year-old admitted that she’s on a diet. She only eats tuna with a small slice of bread. She has also been doing workouts for at least two weeks.

What did Chito say about her decision to bare (a little) in a pictorial?

“He’s very supportive. Siya pa nga ang nag-encourage sa akin to do it. It’s time, he thinks, I reinvent myself.

“About my parents (who used to be old-fashioned), sabi nila nasa edad na ako to decide what I think is right for me,” Kaye further stated.

We saw the clips of her pictorial on TV Patrol World and boy she has a great body. Chito Miranda sure is lucky.

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  • Raquel Melano

    kikai says:

    ang galing-galing mo mare! iba ka talaga !! hanep sa ka seksihan, keep it up girl

  • melai

    naku tigil tigilan nyo nga kame!!!
    mga SHARMUTA!!!


    Naku naman kaye, anung nangyari na sa iyo? sawa na ba si chito kaya sa public ka naman magbilad ng kataw-an mo?

  • walalang

    yah,,she’s really beautiful,especially for her simplicity..

  • rodi

    kaye abad….. a very sexy and daring young actress…. very impressive photos on maxim phils….