KC Concepcion and Lino Cayetano all praises for each other

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Although KC Concepcion and director Lino Cayetano are still mum about the real score between the two of them, both have nice things to say about each other.

KC has her upcoming TV Special on ABS-CBN while Lino directed the upcoming movie I’ve Fallen For You.

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7 comments on “KC Concepcion and Lino Cayetano all praises for each other
  1. TFCgirl says:

    over rated ..maarte..feeling hollywood..masyado maarte magsalita..my god ang arte arte nya..nag stay lang cya sa europe ng ilang years naging ganyan na cya hahaha..u suck KC..magiging idol kita pag nakita na kita sa hollywood..

  2. Jewel Mische says:

    pzzt! Hellokitty is correct!!! At saka ang arte etra naman ng KC na yan. Kailangan pa na reserved ang kiss nya sa tv. Kung gusto nya talaga na maging magaling na artista, hindi dapat sya ganyan. Dapat, kung ano pagawa sa kanya, gawin nya dahil artista sya. Palibhasa anak sya ng artista kaya dapat lahat sa kanya, SPECIAL.

  3. smuckers says:

    Ewan ko sayo! bulag siguro tong mga ito kaya di marunong tumingin ng desente at sikat na celebrity. Idol ata yung mga pipitsugin..hehehehe..Anyway ngayon ko napatunayan na you can’t please everybody..KC is still the best star in her generation..

  4. Ewan says:

    Over rated! Over Exposure! We change channels whenever we see KC on a certain channel, even commercials!

  5. Kaye says:

    @Hellokitty, hi there KC hater! I don’t think you know what’s going on around you. KC is indeed a star. People are crazy about her, they crave for her and couldn’t get enough of her. So what do you call that? You said she is not famous. Hello????? This girl has been famous since she was born. You better open your eyes and accept the fact that the real star is born whether you like or not. Can’t wait to watch her TV special, hope she’d speak french in her show.

  6. Hellokitty says:

    I hate KC, sobrang arti on tv! kala niya super sikat na sya!!! hindi noh….. matured masyado mukha niya!! hindi cute…..

  7. Ann says:

    Sounds interesting…..if only I could see it.

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