KC Concepcion as United Nations Ambassador against Hunger

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KC Concepcion was chosen as the newest national ambassador for United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP).

She went on a three-month screening process and got approved by three offices—Rome, Vatican, and Thailand. She’s only the third to be chosen from Southeast Asia. KC went to South Cotabato yesterday for her first task as ambassador, the distribution of take-home rice to families that are listed and onsite feeding and distribution of warm formulated meals at different schools. “I want sana to have hunger and malnutrition covered by media at least once a week because it is an issue that is as important or even more so but none is paying too much attention to it. That’s part of my job, to help WFP work to put the issue of hunger at the center.” said KC.

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16 comments on “KC Concepcion as United Nations Ambassador against Hunger
  1. anonymous says:

    @critique please manage your grammar before you judge others

  2. cristhyl says:

    kc ur my idol i wish someday we met face to face . u are the best artist in this world wow idol na idol talaga kita !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Critique says:

    I am not against K.C. but I don’t feel her presence as a ambassador and helping people. Its just she likes to be compare like Angelina Jolie and if you are updated. She undergone lips surgery to be like Angie. And its sounds good to hear to her to be called in the news, and talk by people that she is like Angie if you reading some showbiz news. It is good to hear when it is your own will comes up and not to be a pathetic and very very trying hard.

  4. zhei says:

    sana maging rakista si Gloria..whahahahaha
    bagay n bagay un s knay!!!!

    rock en roll..kep rollin’ Gloria..

  5. beth says:

    luv u kc go girl ur the best

  6. kangusong nelatch… buti naman hindi mo nakalimutan si ms.g alvante…

  7. smuckers says:

    I don’t really have some favorite local actress but KC really stands out! Iba yung dating nya..very humble but high profile! Good job Kayce!

  8. Serenata says:

    Luv u KC^^,
    oo nga beLat,
    sana c KC mging precdent.
    kng c Frankie, 60 yrs oLd
    na ‘ko nun^^, hehehe=)
    Lalo na kng c MieL^^,
    hahaha..ka2tuwa c MieL
    lalo na ung ngbgay cLa ng
    birthday greeting sa mommy
    niLa^^, hehehe=)

  9. airah says:

    wow! kc concepcion was choosen as the ambassador against Hunger!! what an achievement! U DESERVED IT!!! this lady who has brains, beauty and values!! hope u achieve more!!! dont stick on local showbiz hope u have plans of entering hollywood! i know u can make it!! please be choosy on guys, i really dont know if there is a filipino man hu deserves u!! not even richard g! sam milby n lng!! hehehe! goodlukin w/ extreme talents!!

    we love u!!
    kc rocks!!

    -642 earnshaw girls!!-

  10. ChArOz® says:

    mga kapamilya… sikat nanaman ang ABS-CBN at sa taiwan naman ngayun… dati sa thailand, malaysia, indonasia dahil ky echo and kristine!

    at ngayon merun nanamang kapamilya program at sa taiwan……. naalala nyu pa ba telenovela nila kim chiu and gerald anderson…. watch nyu sa youtube…. Sana Maulit Muli invades TAIWAN (Kapamilya Exclusive 3)

    hehehehe chinese nga lang ang salita nila….

    OKE! try na mga ka TEAM!

  11. BELAT!! says:

    sana ikaw na lang maging presidente ng pilipinas!!

    pero sabi nung manghuhula sa show ng mommy mo,si frankie daw ang destined to be the future philippine president.. sya daw ang makakapagpaunlad ng pilipinas..

    ang tagal pa ng hihintayin namin pra umunlad ang pilipinas, bata pa si frankie.. wla pang muwang sa mundo

    matanda nako nun pag mareach ni frankie ang age requirement sa pagkapresidente.
    bka dko na maramdaman ang pagunlad ng pilipinas..

  12. swymgy says:

    kc rocks_

  13. Mickey says:

    Galing talaga ni KC! Beauty, Brains, Good will pa..

  14. Joe says:

    nice galing tlga ng pinoy

  15. nelatch says:

    at ikaw nman wilma ang ambassador against chakakan

  16. wow… ang galing naman ni KC…

    si mr.g ozon naman ang kauna-unahang ambassador of groceries…

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