KC Concepcion: Cosmopolitan Philippines Cover Girl

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The 10th anniversary edition of Cosmo Philippines runs a double cover: KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual.



This is the first time that Cosmo had to do double cover and this is also the first time that a man has graced the cover. Also included on this 350 page issue are Dennis Trillo, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano, Rafael Rosell, Enchong Dee, Jay-R, Marc Nelson, Jon Hall, Victor Basa, and Will Devaughn. This issue will make a good gift for your girlfriend.

Photo courtesy of KC’s blog

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36 comments on “KC Concepcion: Cosmopolitan Philippines Cover Girl
  1. rose marie gaffud says:

    hi ate kc happy ako sainyo ni kuya piolo sa po magkatuluyan kayo

  2. elma says:

    beautiful bagay sila ni Piolo

  3. MONET says:

    hi kc ang ganda2x mo talaga

  4. keng says:

    elow…lam mu..ur the only one na favorite ko na artista…
    and for the actor nman is kuya richard..
    sna mkita kta..
    hay tma nman ang loveteam nio nkaka in love..hehehe
    i hope tlaga na mkita ko kyo…
    bti nman jan sa tv oh..hehehe
    i love you very much hihi

  5. abegael says:

    i know all filipino suport their tv shw coz all filipino love ate kc

  6. abegael says:

    hi kc your the best bati mo naman aq sa tv ohh just say hello ha thanks ate kc

  7. kris says:

    we support always, richard and kc, by the way congratulations! for them certified blockbuster love team and for the title prince and princess of philippine movies of 2009. we love kc and richard so much!

  8. Please support KC and Piolo in their upcoming TV show “Lovers In Paris”. God Bless…

  9. lacson says:

    hello! kc sana magkatuluyan kayo ni chard. hindi kayo bagay ni piolo parang kuya mo lang siya at may papa sam na siya. at least si chard tunay na lalaki. di katulad ni piolo mahilig sa lalaki.

  10. eva says:

    i love kc very much, gusto ko si kc para richard pero silang goodlooking, super maganda silang tignan.

  11. joway says:

    perfect…talented!!!she is my idol..
    i love miss kC..super!!!

  12. crowned says:

    kc conception is super fabulous! her down-to-earth attitude and classy looks make her an ideal role model for the filipino youth.

  13. maryjane says:

    ang ganda mo talaga ate belib talaga ako sayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  15. kris23 says:

    hi po…zuper kainlove tlga xa…ganda nia grbe…

  16. abbie says:

    kc is such a geat actress and an inspiration to everyone! i’m a huge fan and i really really like her personality ASTIG! love yah kc. . . Keep it up!

  17. shara says:

    i really love Ms. KC!
    She’s so wonderful…
    wala siyang katulad…
    the one and only! Woooooah!

  18. mr.lonely says:

    she’s so beautiful..

  19. kc 4ever says:

    kc u’ll stay in my heart 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!i love youuuuuuuu

  20. chandelier says:

    She’s so Beautiful…luvyah:)

  21. Hannah montana is great says:

    all for one our real summer has just begun lets rock and roll and just let go

  22. Hannah montana is great says:

    philippines!!! okay yay

  23. Hannah montana is great says:

    HSM3 is almost here in the phililppines yay hannah montana hits the big screen yay

  24. crestie says:

    why kaya wala na si will devaughn sa asap? lagi na lang si jon at sanjo. pls bring back will sa asap

  25. jehan says:

    happy 10th anniversary cosmopolitan i like her sooo much! fun niya talaga ako. good luck sa career niya. thanj=ks sa pag feature sa kanya!

  26. JAQUIN BORDADO says:

    Very pretty talaga I will be her slave if she likes. Love her from head to toe!

  27. She’s very pretty and deserves to be in the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines 10th anniversary magazine.

  28. janice says:

    shes perfect,………very beautiful,talented,rich and glamorous

  29. greg says:

    next tym cover them wid her mom…………….

  30. greg says:

    very talented and beautiful lab her…………………………

  31. Eden ruiz says:

    kc is very beautiful just like her mom and dad…….

  32. Eden ruiz says:

    beautiful just like her mom and dad

  33. Rose says:

    kc is a role model…

  34. L says:

    *PHOTOSHOPPED* lolz.

  35. heart says:

    i agree!!! she’s classy, pretty and so private. i love her!

  36. ems says:

    she’s classy and very pretty

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