Kerbie Zamora eliminated from Be Bench The Model Search

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18-year-old Kerbie is back to being anonymous after being booted out of Be Bench The Model Search.

Kerbie Zamora - Be Bench

The remaining 6 contestants will be part of the Final 6.

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7 comments on “Kerbie Zamora eliminated from Be Bench The Model Search
  1. jammy says:

    i lovekerbie zamora

  2. hot JOSIE J says:

    okei lang yan kerbie… i willsupport you all throughout your modellinglife… probably, dun ka na lang sa penshoppe..bwahahaha or oxygen la lang kung ayaw sau ng bench

  3. jame guerrero says:

    “when door close, windows open!” – bwahahahaha!

    carry lang yan “be bench close, escolarians open!” hahaha

  4. john rj says:

    ok lang yan kerbie, kahit naeliminate ka na wag kang mawawalan ng pag-asa, sabi nga nila “when door close windows open!”…di ba?

  5. guillan says:

    haloo!!!!!ok lng yan kerbie,,
    mrami pa namng oportunity jan!!!

  6. Jake Walmer Gabbz says:

    Its a fairplay judging of whos gonna win to be part of the magic six. The comments and suggestions of the residents judges are consistent the way the contestants performed thier tasks. Values and education matters most in winning the game. Thank to all judges and the commentators from the channel. Mabuhay ABS-CBN. B BENCH D MODEL SEARCH.

  7. Brix_braganza says:

    Carlo was not in the bottom two. He was at the top three if you have seen the scores showed after the announcement that Kerbie will go home.

    In the past episodes, it did not automatically follow that those who are left before the final announcement are necessarily the ones at the bottom except of course for the one who will go home.

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