Kim Chiu and Helena Belmonte: Mega Magazine July 2007 Cover Girls

PBB Teen Edition Big Winner Kim Chiu and model Helena Belmonte are on the cover of Mega fashion magazine.

Kim Chiu is currently busy with Gokada Go on ABS-CBN among other projects.



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  • mae_5493

    glamorous kim!

  • michael

    wow! kim’s beauty is really stunning! she’s really transforming into an elegant, fine lady!

    nice one gerald! lucky you for having kim!

  • sam

    Kim has become a beautiful and elegant young lady, nice model
    figure…. hope more magazines feature her…..i was looking for
    it at a magazine shop , unfortunately they still haven’t got
    the july issue yet…gerald is so lucky!!!!!!

  • RINA


  • josie

    although the other girl is pretty,but my eyes were fixed on kim:)

    kim’s stunningly beautiful!!

  • Jones Turbo3

    Now THAT’s a wonderful looking chik. The one in the blue, that is…

  • desa

    oh!!!my ghosh! i cant believe its kimmy,shes extremely beautiful,poses like a real supermmodel.shes even looking more professional model than the girl next to her.way to go kimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now u have another career.

  • Geophychem

    Keep up the Good work kim. magtatagal ka pa sa showbiz! sana always niyong i-feature ang kimerald!

  • kia

    c kim mukang anorexic! dapat ung katabi na lang nya ang
    nilagay sa cover!

  • sue

    kim is gorgeous and looks like a true model. She got the face, bone structure,height, grace and charisma. She’s also versatile from TV, movies, and prints. With all the fame she’s getting everyone would want to be in her shoes right now. But with that she stayed humble and down to earth. Way to go kim, keep it up!

  • L.A

    Oh! my goD! It only mean that Kim Chui is above the rest! MEga wouldn’t chose Kim if she’s a na ordinary artist. She got class. He appeals to wide market.

  • grace

    Hi Kim, idol talaga kita sobra!!……. sana forever na kayo ni gerald na loveteam!!! sana marami pa kayong movies and teleserye…..

  • grace

    Hi kim sana forever na ang loveteam nyo ni gerald…….

  • NiChee

    kim rocks! gerald sucks! i swear he’s riding on kim’s coattails. i don’t hate him, but i dislike him and his fake i-think-i’m-so-cute smile. *shudder* without kim, he’s nothing. Go KIM!

  • http://google anne

    .ang ganda mo talaga kim….

  • enagale

    you go girl!!!

  • http://www.friendsteralyzah05 imperfect gurl

    hell p0h ang beauty tLga ni kim chui k2Lad ng mganda k0ng naiLs..waahh.j0wkz lang p0h.peace!^.^

  • http://www.friendsteralyzah05 perfectly imperfect

    color=”hotpink”hi kim chui sna chat tau.eto ym k0h oh me PLEASE!!!!!!! y0u’re mah id0L kc eh!muaah

  • Edrienne

    hi ate kim ang ganda mo talaga

  • george

    Shes very beautiful.Shes simply hot.She posed effortlessly.

  • chariz

    kim chew. haha. kafanget at walang talent

  • yey 4 kim

    hey kayo mga ingitera lang kayo bakit sinisiraan si kim :look at ur self before jugeing others ha” che mga walang kwentang tao hmm

  • 4 ever kimerald

    hoy chariz at kia if u want attention go some where else may be u look like an anorexic[the correct spelling is anerexic]ohh and u say that ur perfect pe-lease yey 4 kim was right u know look at ur selves before judging others

  • nusheng

    …oo nga chariz…loser..hahaha

  • Reality breaker

    hi to all.. im watching My Girl right now and to my surprise, Kim is actually thinner than ever compared to when she was just starting -in pbb teen edition. I think Kim is anorexic unless she’s a vegetarian.. By the way, ANOREXIC is the right term, not anerexic (there’s no such word).

    Pls. don’t reply violently to my message because im not against her. Im just telling the truth..

    People who like her must open their eyes to the fact that Kim is not healthy and somebody must remind her about her health.. I admit that she looks cute and more like a woman today but if it’s her health that’s in line then that’s not good for her..

    I just hope that she’s just anorectic and not anorexic yet.. Observe her arms, it scares me.. She’s too young to get complications from being lack of nutrients and fats..

  • http://yahoo flower

    kimerald is my favorite loveteam. sana naman ate kim at kuya gerald mag concert kayo dito sa states!

  • angel

    Kim I love you!!!!!!!!!ur so cute…………I really really badly wanna see you in personal………….i hope that time would come………god bless you. GO for Philippines!!!!! GO kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>…………..

  • angel

    Kim I love you!!!!!!!!!ur so cute…………I really really badly wanna see you in personal………….i hope that time would come………GO for Philippines!!!!! GO kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>…………..

  • Trixie

    O.M.G kim chiu and ganda mo talaga at ang cute mo.

    and chariz whoever you are…………… i dnt think you’ve seen her acting!
    because YES! she does have talent

    GOSH! you dnt have any talent at all (NO OFFENCE)!

    lol watever!!

  • Trixie


  • meiy

    Ang ganda mo talaga ate kim..
    Bagay tlga kayo ni gerald idol ko po tlga kayo…

  • http://myyahoo doremi

    ganda u kim kamukha u ex-gf ko c cutebabe ng malanday valenzuela love you…

  • http://myyahoo picachu

    i want u in bed ang puti u. virgin kp kaya

  • betsy

    ang mo sana kaya lang yong pand mo inaaway c sarah pagsabihan mo yong mga katropa mo;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • lynching

    dAndA tALa6A nYa..mUaXx
    sUpER LoVe qcOE aN6 k!mERaLd
    kIm chIu