Koolchx – Maxim Philippines magazine March 2008 Cover Girls

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The sexy girl group Koolchx will grace the cover of Maxim Philippines for the month of March.

Koolchx - Cass, Michelle, Gemma, Nina, Malaya, and Princess

This is the first time Maxim has ever featured a group on their cover. Koolchx is composed of Cass Ponti (Pinoy Big Brother season 1), Michelle Murenec (U Can Dance 2.0), Princess Ryan (U Can Dance 2.0), Gemma Fitzgerald (Pinoy Dream Academy), Malaya Lewandawski, and Nina Dolino.

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11 comments on “Koolchx – Maxim Philippines magazine March 2008 Cover Girls
  1. Duku says:

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  2. pnikpikan_21 says:

    c cass lang pinagnanasaan ko sa kanila, the rest, parang mga katulong…hehehe

  3. trillo says:

    c cass at malaya lewandowski lang maganda

  4. lynn says:

    michelle walang future at muka pang lalaki

  5. beef says:

    haay naku gemma walang future

  6. trillo says:

    group cover daw po for MAXIM, FHM ung kitty girls

  7. dada says:

    eto b first time na group ang cover,,, i think nauna ung kitty girls

  8. mark says:

    i’ll buy this one

  9. BELAT!! says:

    sexy pa ako

  10. richard says:

    ano ba yan. mga walang future!

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