Korean Lee Da Hae issues apology to Filipinos

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Korean actress Lee Da Hae apologized to Filipinos after she earned the ire of thousands of Filipinos after a video of her demonstrating how English was spoken in different countries was uploaded on YouTube.

The video was recorded from the now defunct KBS2TV variety show, “Sweet Night“, where she was one of the guests. But Lee said it was all just a misunderstanding. “As an individual who use to take English classes over the phone with a Filipino instructor, I give you my word that even the mere thought of mocking Filipinos would never cross my mind. I cannot tell you how much Filipino fans mean to me and as much as I love them, I would in no way hurt or upset them.” part of her tweet said.

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22 comments on “Korean Lee Da Hae issues apology to Filipinos
  1. blah blah blah! says:

    what a fool! syang xa.. ang gnda p nman ng image nia sa my girl! pgktpos xang suportahan ngmrmi sa show nia, mng iinsulto xa.. sna nga totoo ung cnsbi niyang she’s been misinterpreted..! ang cute2 mupa nman.. so true nga na looks can deceive!

  2. sunbae_kris says:

    Yes, she is pretty and her movie is cute but I hope whe would say sorry base on what she said worldwide.. Not a cover-up answer which isn’t even close to what she said on that show. Sad! Koreans are hard to talk per English in my country but we try to communicate anyway. A lot of people in my home town hates her already. Tsk! Tactless maybe.. and RACIST!

  3. aja says:

    more likely it sounds chinese accent. dun ako natawa

  4. zandy says:

    cheer up to her..that’s Korean entertainment level and the KBS staff as well..goodluck!


  6. campus_radio_ayos says:

    dapat diyan wag ipalabas ang mga show niya dito sa pilipinas e….

  7. cathy says:

    I used to be a her fan. Obviously to have all of us raving about her now means we liked her before. I guess this is where the line is drawn from a fan to an intelligent viewer.
    Korean dramas are simple and light and that is the reason we like to watch them. The stories takes us to their homes, their lifestyles and also to problems where we can relate too in our own homes. But a line should be drawn when to be a fan and when reality strikes hard.
    Her apology is inaccurate and is not sincere to me. She has no idea how greatly she has hurt the country and every Filipino who patronizes Korean dramas. The producer of this show is also accountable. These Korean shows should show some bit of respect not just to Filipinos but to SEasian countries who are discriminated simply because they cannot speak English with the accent of Americans. Show some bit of respect too to your fellow Koreans who flock to the Philippines just to learn English. This move to entertain is not amusing at all!

  8. Itago says:

    I dare her to do a face-to-face English accent clash, showdown and take the korean and filipino as an audience! Buti nalang hindi ito pinatulad ni her highness Sen. Mariam Santiago kundi haha.. Alam nyo na Law instructor kaya un,

  9. ldh says:


  10. tom pacada says:

    correction.. I’m one of the many filipino english teachers who teach some OF them..

  11. tom pacada says:

    @lee da hae – the accent you imitated does not represent the general english accent of filipinos as a people..do you know that there are thousands of students here in the philippines trying to study english? i’m one of the many filipino english teachers who teach some them. and we don’t speak like that. if there’s something wrong with our english accent, why would your countrymen flock here to learn? it’s definitely insulting to us..

    @lee da hae’s filipino fans – you are really fans.. mere fans!

  12. Poebe says:

    =( she’s pretty isnt it? I like her the way she played the role on “my girl” drama series, but NOT anymore by this time, thought she’s nice, she’s just pretty without heart, (for doing such thing like that, knowing that she also leave in asian, didnt even thought that that a national TV program), without brain, she should’ve read the Philippine History, LOL, thats it..

  13. .... says:

    natuwa naman ako kay asnimah parang close ang dating nila ni lee da hae.hehehe.peace

  14. lady sujini says:

    apology accepted!

    i have watched the video ayun natawa lang ako. ‘di naman insulting nakakatawa lang din talaga parang ewan kasi yung pagkakapronounce niya,,exagg.haha

  15. kee vin says:

    mmm.. nag aaral ako sa isang university dito sa cavite
    marami akong classmate na korean
    mahirap silang ka usapin gamit ang english
    friendly sila pag may kaylangan o mangongopya….

  16. dareen louise says:

    hmm….. i don’t think it’s a racist remark… we don’t notice that we also hurt the feelings of koreans or the chinks every time our entertainers also make fun of their english accent.

  17. i have to watch the video wow well forgiveness then

  18. jc_geisha says:

    I hate her… The question was clearly said in Korean “What about the accent of Filipino Teachers?” and that’s how she replied.. She made a very lame excuse.. Even her reason didn’t match to the situation.. I have nothing against Koreans,.. but she’s a racist!!!

  19. Asnimah says:

    I believed that sHEs nicE perSoN i hopE soMEday sHE will visit herE in philipPines i know a lot of people like her herE in phil. I do lovE her music hehe rock n’ roll

  20. Asnimah says:

    Em pinOy n i like lee da hae sO much’ ‘ i knOw sHE’s kinD I LOve anything bouT korEa b’cOz of hEr

  21. 14145 says:

    like her because of my girl..

  22. clark23 says:

    Great She is still the “My Girl” of the Filipinos…

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