Kris Allen – American Idol 2009 Winner

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After a record-breaking (more than) 100 million votes cast nationwide in the US, Kris Allen was declared the winner of American Idol Season 8 (2009).

Kris Allen

Kris beat co-finalist Adam Lambert of Los Angeles, California. Kris gets a record contract along with his “American Idol” title. The two-hour finale featured a lineup of stars, which include the Black Eyed Peas, Cyndi Lauper, Kiss, Steve Martin, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Santana and Keith Urban among others.

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42 comments on “Kris Allen – American Idol 2009 Winner
  1. GENESIS says:

    i am not american im a filipino i watch american idol here in the philippines in qtv 11 and im number 1 fan of adam lambert im very dissapointed to the results of american idol because i expect adam lambert win the title im sorry to kris you are not deserving thats only my opinion the result is bias…..

  2. simon says:

    two words:


  3. christi says:

    macarchie, it’s the votes that made kris allen win. the judges were obviously rooting for adam lambert!

  4. abdulsalam says:

    I love all of them
    but kris make the record

  5. abdulsalam says:

    kris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are the mailler now!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you beat adem
    you are herro.

  6. geordss says:

    congarts kris. idol!

  7. eden says:

    WHATEVER! i love adam lambert!!!
    see how gracious he is when the results were announced?
    he isn’t the arrogant person that everyone thinks he is.
    he is happy for Kris like a big bro.
    I LOVE ADAM!!! the two of them are good friends. wish them both all the best.

  8. jirehluis says:

    congrats! gwapo mo talaga… my kamukh ka sa

  9. jehromy says:

    I never thought that Kris Allen will emerge as the american idol for season 8 because when they were still top 10 kris wasnt showing yet his best.. Anyway he proved it to be on that finals when he has his own version of heartless and aint no sunshine.. Kris is already a crowd favorite even at the start of the competition he always got the top votes among all the contestants, i think theyre somewhat high end or what to have those big votes..
    I thought it would be adam and allison.. anyway congrats kRIS!! have a good career..

    Godbless my sChoolmate..

  10. Mint. says:

    Extremely surprised that Adam didn’t win. Who cares about his sexual orientation? Seriously. To all who says Adam ‘screams’ in his songs, PLEASE. If you guys consider that as screaming, then i LOVE it. Adam has the clearest vocals i have ever heard and if you don’t like his style of singing then, well, alright.. Congrats to Kris nevertheless. Adam, can’t wait for your album! Rock on.

  11. knife_sucker says:

    sana magaling rin siang artist tulad ni david archu!!!

  12. dada says:

    kris deserves it!!!!! oo magaling si adam kaso vote ng tao yun pinagbatayan.. bakit naman dito sa pilipinas, ung philippine idol, hindi naman magaling yun nanalo.. parang hindi naman naging issue… e sa season ng ai ngayon, pareho naman silang magaling..
    kahit sino pa sa kanila yun nanalo, ayos lang, magkaiba naman kasi ng genre yun music nila.. CONGRATS kRiS!!!!

  13. nhie says:

    well, kris deserves it..yeah we all know that adam is far better than kris… simply because adam had his formal training when he was young, compare to kris who was self trained… kris improved a lot during the competition.. im not saying that adam didnt, but before joining american idol adam is already a good singer.. its just annoying that there are people keep on blaming kris, it a matter of vote and kris has nothing to do with it… so congrats kris and adam!!!

  14. John says:

    @ chuvanez


  15. zaia says:

    Chris deserves

  16. chuvanez says:


    asa ka pa.. tulunga muna nilang sumikat yug mga napg iwanang sigers nila a galig din sa talent search nila. naku ha, hahanap na naman ng bago. sayang text votes. marami na naman silang maloloko. hhahaha!

  17. John says:

    PHILIPPINE IDOL deserves a SEASON 2!

  18. says:

    congrats for kris, you deserved the shot. but i still have the eye on ADAM LAMBERT and MEGAN JOY CORKEY is an ultimate fave! hahaha

  19. macarchie says:

    Congratulations! that’s all I can say…the judges might get difficult on choosing the true winner for this contest. because both of the finalists are very good in singing and I think the judges have chosen the right one, Kris Allen has the potential to be an International Artist not only in singing but for his physical beauty and appearance.

  20. jeth says:

    hi! in my opinion adam lambert is the american idol. im not saying that kris is not an idol-like, but i consider adam as STAR! anyhow, congratz to Kris. goodluck to your career and to adam, im cant wait for that album of yours. tc

  21. rta says:

    remember AI’s voting process is different from the Star Academie Franchise. in AI, it is always a surprise ending that the ones who sing better arent winning because the public longs to vote the person they like, so the judges’ scrutiny is not so much capable of swinging the vote.

    in the Star Academie, the scholars’ singing quality and looks are balanced and judges/mentors get to endorse/pick scholars deserving to go on and those that will be up for the public to choose.

    i will still prefer Star Academie’s method of bringing out the best singers. others might think this is unheard of as this competition is based in europe.

  22. dx10 says:

    congrats ng congrats kayo di ninyo alam yan ang source ng swine flu hahhahahah

  23. jsusies says:

    congratz … hoping for your more success

  24. Marz says:

    Much love from the supporters in NZ haha :)

  25. ewww!... says:

    congratulation fafa kris…u’re so gorgeous!

  26. victoria says:

    Adam is the true winner. American must enjoy boring and lackluster singers. That is what that got in Kris.

  27. utt says:

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  28. Oscar says:

    It’s an complete outrage that Kris won. Never before has an artist in the final been so much better than the other one. To compare Adam and Kris is just ridiculous. They’re in two completely different leagues.

    I had some hope left in the american people but lost that now. Adam is the only true winner

  29. John says:

    I’m glad that Kris is the American idol! i just really hate Adam Lambert though a lot of people love him, i just don’t like the way he interprets his song.. (a lot of screaming & shrieking)

    Hope that Kris’ career will not fall to the category of AI winners like Ruben and Taylor.

  30. ..yankee!:D says:

    yah!kris really deserves it!:))
    .. congrats kris!;p

    && hey!i love adam BTW.üü



  31. ur so gorgeous hahahahaa i hope that theres many album you make can i request a love song such a sweet story of your lovelyf harhar??????????

  32. JP says:

    I expect Kris to come out with plenty of contemporary songs that are pretty much going to be BLAH!

    I prefer Adam because he has more personality, talent, edge and did not capitalize on looks. That makes him an artist.

    But that’s what I want… and I am not American, so that does not matter.

  33. Joy says:

    kris..congrats for being the winner of 8th season of AI..
    you deserve it..
    but i also like adam..
    it’s just your the choice of america
    and it’s really for you..
    maybe there will be other great opportunities for him,..
    it’s actually i thought adam will win because simon wants adam,.
    and adam have lots of supporters..
    but again congrats kris..

  34. Georgia says:

    I live in England but i couldnt wait to find out who won and tbh im really annoyed that Adam didnt win! Adam’s voice is different and amazing! Maybe american voted Kris the winner because hes a christian and hes not gay! and tbh that is bullshit! America needed to vote on the most talented singer, its not all about the image and personal relationships! If i was in america on the night of the final i would of voted for adam sooo many times to make sure he won!!!

  35. charo santol says:

    yahoo!! congrats!!

  36. Lala says:

    In my opinion, I think Adam Lambert should’ve won. He has both the charisma and the voice to be the American Idol. I’m not saying Kris Allen doesn’t have the charm and the talent it’s just that Adam Lambert really is just better as a performer.

    But anyway, congrats to Kris Allen. :)

  37. Jammin says:

    We’re here in phils and we are following your journey to american idol. with your talents in music, you really deserve it Kris!

  38. fattyacid says:

    have you guys seen the looks in the judges faces after the announcement was made? they were quite displeased about Kris winning. i could almost sense that unnerving biases and notorious preference over some contestants as they have done it so in favor of adam and danny. they have been p!mping them all through out this season. well, i am glad the true artist have won…not the screaming and screeching one! again, congrats Kris!

  39. KAPAMILYUCKS says:


  40. juicekoday says:

    I must admit, i never thought it would be him. I really thought it would be danny versus adam, but having said that. I rather chose him over adam. CONGRATS KRIS, a long way to go to prove your worth as the American Idol.

  41. fattyacid says:

    congrats Kris! you deserve it!

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