Kris Aquino: Preview Magazine November 2007 Cover Girl

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Preview Magazine features a side of Kris Aquino that we’ve never seen before. All that and more in their November issue.

Kris Aquino for Preview Magazine

Kris proved to be one of the nicest celebrities Preview has ever shot. With breathtaking photographs, this issue of Preview shows Kris wearing tough chic, one of the strongest trends in this year’s Autumn/Winter season. Kris manages to strike a perfect balance in life: she is friendly but professional, stubborn but submissive, career-driven but home-loving. Of the latter, she says, “If there’s one thing the people still don’t know about me, it’s that I nest. I am happy to be just home, reading.”

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13 comments on “Kris Aquino: Preview Magazine November 2007 Cover Girl
  1. teta says:

    i agree, its not photoshopped, its just make up. Ganyan talaga cya kaganda, akala nating edited pero hindi pala.

  2. ugh says:

    In my own opinion, this photoshoot is immitates very much the common concept of Europran fashion. The way the hair is fixed, the idea of the dress, the color of the skin, these are common European look. Trying to be Dolce/Versace.

    Wala tlagang originality.

  3. Ms. G says:

    The way they want her to look is like a modern-day Geisha. Its art! You gotta admit it has taste or you don’t have any inkling what art and taste is!!! Or maybe you’re boring and stupid! It’s shot in the name of Fashion jsut to familiarize Filipinos what fashion really is, whatever season we are on!!! But you obviously don’t go riding a jeepney wearing this or you’ll get shot, period!

  4. king buraot says:

    !!!!! yang picture na yan di ko makakalimutan!
    Kris Paki gulpi mo yung may concept nyan ha!

  5. king buraot says:

    pangit ang pag kagawa…period

  6. hey_you_yes_you says:


    in the fashion industry, universal na ang mga terms na spring/summer atsaka autumn/winter, kahit nasa impyerno ka pa. and kung leather ay hindi bagay sa atin dahil tropical tayo, di mo naman yan susuotin sa beach ano? and mas okay na din yan kay sa mag bikini ka sa north pole. sige, try mo!

  7. Kowkak na mang-aaway says:

    MAGGIE, Ang dami mong sinabi, puro ka daldal, paulit ulit ka lang. wala ka ring pinag iba kay kristeta! Pa english english ka pa at kung di ko pa alam, MUK MAFI KA NAMAN EH.
    ER, im sure ikaw ang true to life horror!

  8. Maggie says:

    First, I didn’t recognize Kris on this picture… she looks so sharp here. My comment is, whovever wrote the gyst of Kris Cover story stating about she’s wearing “trend for autumn/winter”, is the writer talking about the Phils. season? Kailan pa nagkaroon ng autumn/winter season ang Pinas. Tropical country po tayo, remember, we only have 2 season which is the rainy and summer. Let’s not try to copy the fashion of other countries because their trend goes by the season, spring, summer, winter & fall. Tayo, 2 lang. And not only Kris, I’ve seen alot of movie artist on Tv wearing those outfit, it don’t fit to our country,super init po.. katuwa sila…parang mga illusiyonada na magkaroon ng winter sa Pinas. Yong lang po!

  9. czarina says:

    d talga photoshop yan…….. tignan mo face nya chubby pa rin…

  10. Nikki says:

    It’s not Photoshopped. That’s make-up and lighting. Preview always does wonders with its cover girls. Anyway, I hate Kris Aquino, but, as always, I love this Preview photo.:)

  11. er says:

    parang syan star ng horror movie;

  12. jamie says:

    me not likey it’s photoshopped. looks really weird.

  13. Gloria says:

    is dat u??? looks like a teen ager… d power of photoshop…mas maganda pa rin ang natural beauty ni Kris compared to this….

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