Kris Aquino suffers miscarriage

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A day after announcing that her mother, former president Cory Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer, TV host/actress Kris Aquino via a text message to her close friends confirmed that she miscarried (nakunan) her 2nd pregnancy with cager James Yap at 7 and a half weeks.

TV host and actress Kris Aquino

“Dr. Pastorfide (Kris Aquino’s doctor) already ruled that I had miscarriage. My gestational sac has collapsed and my ovum is blighted. This I’m sure is part of God’s will because He wants me to be able to give my mom the best care and as much time as possible without any health concerns of my own.”

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23 comments on “Kris Aquino suffers miscarriage
  1. Annexe says:

    You are all gormless skanky ho! Surely you’ve got other better thingss to say than all your rubbish messages..
    All the best to Cory and Kris x

  2. dewdew says:

    grabe nman mom nya may cancer tapos yan pa!prayers na lang talaga…=(

  3. alboy says:

    gnyan tlaga life…

    it’s GODs will…

  4. atom says:

    serenate sana hindi mangyari yan sa mom, sister,friend,relatives mo ang dinanas ni kris.

    Godspeed to tita cory and also to ms kris for early recovery.

  5. Serenata says:

    oo nga dewdew..
    tnx naintindhan u^^,
    ..bhaLa xa kng pa2loy
    nya ggmitin username
    na serenata pro sna
    d xa gnyan mg-comment..
    hahai, prayers tLga
    mai22long ntin 4 kris..

  6. dewdew says:

    sa bagay sa tagpuan marami doon…sa tagpuan nagbaban sila ng mga nagpopost kapag may sinabi kang against sa kanila,agb at gma!

  7. dewdew says:

    may peke ka!sorry peke pala yung masama…pero sobra naman…

  8. Errr says:

    If that’s ypur opinion okay lang. Pero sorry di lahat ng tao tulad mo.

  9. Serenata says:

    ang dami namang mga peke dito…alam nyo naman yun din ang gusto nyong mangyari… mga duwag lang kayo…

  10. dewdew says:

    serenata:MASAMA KA!

  11. yuen says:

    serenta: ww tlgang glit n glit ka kei kris ah…

    dpaw nga mei concern ka din eh….

  12. Serenata says:

    hahai..sna nGa God’s wiLL e2
    pra mbGyan ng more time ni
    kriS ang pag-Laga sa mom niya
    ..trying times tLga 2 4 kriS. sna
    mkyanan niya..we’LL pray 4 ur
    baby and 2 ur mom..sna mkyanan
    niya 2,

    @ 2 sereneta rin ang name
    be sensitive nman..tsk3=(

    @ atenista
    ..ryt, n0 mother deserves a miScarriaGe=(

    ..pray nLang tau 4 kris’ mom and baby

  13. Serenata says:

    bkt ayaw ma-post?=(

  14. jim_25 says:

    @ serenata

    b i t c h !!!! inggit ka lang kasi b-kla ka! ipagdasal mo na lang na sana’y magkaroon ka ng matris…

  15. junky says:

    @serenata – your unsolicited comment is not relevant this time. pls. look for a right venue to say such words. very uneducated.

  16. marimar sucks says:

    for serenata: pls. bago ka magsalita pag-isipan mo muna ang mga sasabihin mo. be sensitive.

  17. Atenista says:

    @serenata: no mother deserves a miscarriage, no matter how much evil she has allegedly done.

    how can you say na Kris Aquino deserves the miscarriage but the baby did not deserve to die? A miscarriage is a death of a baby, a painful experience for every mother.

    condolences and prayers for Kris and James’ baby

  18. Serenata says:

    …kris is a b i t c h…
    she deserves it…
    but not the baby…
    they should really stop making kids…

  19. yuen says:

    syang tlga ung baby..sna d madepress c mrs. kris aquino bout this issue…

  20. ----- says:

    pwede bang maging god’s will ang miscariage?? i do not believe so. God would never want such a thing to happen.

  21. chibambi says:


  22. moonie says:


    sayang naman nung baby nia, pero that’s ok, it’s god’s will… good luck…

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