Krista Ranillo – Ginebra Calendar 2010

Controversial actress Krista Ranillo who recently made it to the headlines for her alleged involvement with boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, was chosen as the 2010 Calender Girl of Ginebra San Miguel.

Krista Ranillo chosen as Ginebra Calendar 2010

She will reportedly appear in 12 full-page spreads wearing different bikinis representing each month of 2010. This, Krista believes will further boost her career. Previous celebrities who were chosen by Ginebra as calendar girls in the past include Marian Rivera, Angelica Panganiban, Rufa Mae Quinto, Rica Peralejo and Iwa Moto.

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5 comments on “Krista Ranillo – Ginebra Calendar 2010
  1. dinbats says:

    very sexy at maganda pa wala kanang hahanapin pang iba

  2. TAMA na! says:

    super lansa namang isda nito!…
    puro father figure ang gusto mo ah.(“,)
    Maayos na man pamilya mo!we can never tell what will be the fruit of every trees talaga!

  3. heber says:

    A word of advice for you! Kung totoo man ang tsismis, Please stop being a home wrecker! Maghanap ka naman ng binata para hindi ka makasira ng pamilya! Maganda na ang pamilya ni Pacman at successful na sana in every step of the way! So don’t you dare barge in! Ikaw naman Pacman, sa dami ng pera mo, hindi mo kailangan magbahay ng babae! Just do one night stands para walang sabit! Hindi pa masisira ang pamilya mo!

  4. nick says:

    Sabi nung kakilala ko, nahirapan daw sila sa pag-iedit ng legs nya for this ad..madami daw kasing lines (cellulites)…

  5. blinkwing says:

    everybody has the right to do what he/she can….kung yan ang paraan para lumigaya ka do it!

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