Lecce teacher sexual abuse video clips hit the net

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Authorities in Lecce, Italy are investigating video clips that involves a Lecce lecturer being fondled by a number of students.

The woman you see on the video clip is the teacher and the boys are her students. There are actually two video clips in circulation now. When the first video hit the video sharing site YouTube, the lecturer was immediately suspended and the incident investigated.

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5 comments on “Lecce teacher sexual abuse video clips hit the net
  1. recca says:

    bakit di ko nman mapanood? guys.. pano ba gagawin?

  2. usws says:

    I read somewhere that this teacher supposedly has somekind of disability that disallows her from feeling anything from the waist down. That’s what i READ.. Haha!


  3. anonymous says:

    dis shyt is sick!!!! that teacher is fukin slow!

  4. mel39_2007 says:

    maganda super kahit d ko p nakita

  5. Jasmin Santos says:

    iwwww!! kadiri tanggalin nyo na yan dyan noh!!

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