Leonardo DiCaprio in Manila, Philippines

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Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio will reportedly visit Manila, Philippines sometime between January to March 2011.

The visit is for an environmental awareness project in partnership with a private sector. The 35-year-old actor is an environmental advocate, he produced the environmental documentary The 11th Hour. He is currently promoting his latest Hollywood movie titled “Inception.”

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9 comments on “Leonardo DiCaprio in Manila, Philippines
  1. Trexie says:

    i even made poem for him :)

  2. Trexie says:

    i love lenny d :) he’s such a wonderful person whose feet remain on the ground :)

  3. marikit says:

    yes! this is going to be my best chance to see him. gosh i would really wish i can see him in person. I’m always be a big fan of leonardo di caprio. i love him!

  4. miss aruba says:

    hihihi matagal pa yan..baka magbago pa ang sched ni papa leo hihihi

  5. KAKA says:

    asus ang tagal pa pala……

  6. abdul jakul says:

    ok! kita na lang kami next year.

  7. marky says:

    this is amazing leonardo we love you leo leo rules

  8. ..... says:

    matagal pa naman

  9. Nesty says:

    Isa lang ang masasabi ko!


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