Lipgloss – TV5

Lipgloss is reportedly an adaptation of the hit TV series Gossip Girl and follows the lives of the students of an ultra-exclusive high school through the school’s “unofficial” website.

The male cast are Rodjun Cruz, Fred Payawan, Mikee Lee, Sam Concepcion, and Kevin Lapena. The female cast includes Charina Suzara, Miki Hahn, Saab Magalona, Maxine Eigenmann, Mary Grace Perido, and Cheska Ortega. The supporting cast includes Lorenzo Mara, Rachel Lobangco, Lloyd Samartino, Ricardo Cepeda. Lipgloss is directed by Cris Pablo and Aleah Eugenio and pilots this Saturday, August 16, at 5PM.



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  • dewdew

    sabi na nga ba

  • Joe

  • maya

    ugh. so uncool.

  • Lunedi

    No offense, but I wonder why our TV writers can’t think of anything a bit more original rather than just copying something that was popular in other countries?

  • hahahaha

    This is too ambitious an attempt! The Filipino crowd won’t be able to reach the high-end show Gossip Girl. Hindi bagay!

  • dewdew


    oo may tama ka.parang karamihan kopya.

  • hahahaha

    I agree, this is so uncool. Hello!!! San naman ang Upper East Side ng Pilipinas?!

  • aileendote

    andito si saab kaya cool din yan

  • mimiku

    yeah whatever…
    Gossip girl has themes that is not suited in our culture
    and why would they just create an original concept instead of copying it.
    The show will definitely end up as a carnival program of copycats.

  • unica


  • catriona

    having studied in an exclusive private school from elementary to high school, i can say from experience that we don’t have any situations or themes that are even close to what gossip girl has. iba talaga ang level ng mga teens sa states, regardless kung private or public. lipgloss will more likely look like a fantaserye minus the magic/supernatural powers of the characters given the ‘out of this world’ situations i expect it’ll have.


  • dewdew

    some say na magkakaroon daw ng gossip girl dito sa philippines.ang abs- cbn daw ang kukuha ng rights.ewan ko lang kung totoo talaga ha.

  • Serenata

    .ngaun plang pinag-uusapan
    na .. khit baduy kung pinas
    ang setting, sna mag-click
    prin 2..=)

  • technogurl_czie

    did i read it again…FRED PAYAWAN?!!! weeee! can’t wait to see him on tv. XD

  • the bus driver

    I able to watch the Ogags last Wed. And we are laughing so hard on the guys making fools of themselves. But wait, the Brazilian girls are hotter that ever…. I find their tagalog language funny and they will laugh at a while if they failed to pronounce it right….

  • aileendote

    maganda to

  • sue

    Another copy cat. Filipino’s can’t truly create an original show. Too bad. Producers/writers are just trying to create a show using someone else creativity and originality.

  • recko mamboooo

    yes tama kayo bakit hirap sila mag design nang show na totally philippine original…o di kaya ang problema nasa viewers din masayadong na influence sa foreign tv show kaya ang mga local tv show hirap mag attract nang viewers…..tolad nang PBB a totally copied or “franchise” or paid rights daw…

  • http://deleted GMA Sikat

    d ko magetz cnasabi nyo d2…la kc ako breeding….


    yari na naman tayo … asar talo na naman tayo when pips from other countries see this … outright imitation … will somebody start a petition to shut down this show while it’s still early …

    to directors Cris Pablo and Aleah Eugenio … magkaroon naman sana kayo ng respeto sa mga sarili niyo … hindi ko kinaya when i saw it earlier … carbon copy as in … ultimo yung issues ni blair sa gg with his dad eh kinopya din … grabe, binibigyan niyo ng matinding kahihiyan ang Pinas!

  • jennica

    anoh na ba yan!
    inabangan ko pa naman kasi akala ko maganda!
    aba ehh magaling pa atang umarte mga bata jan ehh…
    parang mga bano lang sila na nasa usual place..
    originality should prevail!!!
    naku..maganda pa din sa kapailya kahit papano

  • lipgloss? ugh.

    the actors acted really bad..
    magkaroon na sana ng petition na ipa close tong show na toh.
    kahihiyan talaga toh sa pilipinas..

  • me

    i like the cast and i admit they’re a little out of line…
    but you really can’t judge them because for most of them this is their tv debut…
    i’ll watch and wait to see what’s next and what they have to offer…
    then i’ll judge…
    they’ve only been on air once right?

  • catt

    i can’t believe the amount of people bashing this show. i attended an actual upper class school in vancouver, canada, and spent lots of time in manhatten, new york. are you actually guilable to believe that a bunch of underage teenagers in the USA have lifestyles as wild as those in gossip girl? no. its meant to be a fun tv show, so don’t take it so seriously. and you’d be surprised how the rich and famous of the philippines are too. just because you don’t have paparazzi all over and tons of tabloid magazines, doesn’t mean scandals don’t happen, they just happen without you knowing. i would know. seeing as one of my close friends is a cast member, it really bother me what some people wrote in their posts. maybe you should think twice before making rude comments.

    and for the person who wrote that the acting is bad: thats only cuz you’re comparing it to the acting in gossip girl. news flash: all acting in the philippines is at a much lower level than that of international acting.

  • catt

    sorry if i’m brutally honest

  • rz

    PLEASE. we all know, it’s a drama and all that. it’s exaggerated and blown up into larger-than-life proportions. but i’ve seen Gossip Girl, and despite the fact that those shows aren’t usually my type of thing, i actually enjoyed it.

    and now this kind of show comes along. how can we not compare it to Gossip Girl, when it’s promoted just like a spoof?

    and, i’d like to disagree with you, catt. pinoy performance level doesn’t have to be lower than that of any other country. some of our actors have got serious talent, but it goes unnoticed because the Pinoy crowd buys the pretty faces, not the thespic worth.

    i just wish for a little originality here.

    i know we can excel at something that doesn’t have to be a divisoria version of an international show.

  • marvin

    ang ganda ng LipGloss pang kabataan talaga…..
    keep up the good work guys…
    im sure you will be nominated as teen choice in the year 2008…!!!

  • marvin

    keep up the good work…!!!
    ABS-CBN and TV 5

  • watDa’F’ .. haha!

    dudE, no onE caN evEr rEplAce Gg!! :P

  • mum

    stop comparing with gossip girl because it’s totally different….. watch the whole season before you judge….

  • princessa

    sobrang ganda ng show, the color, un casting! i think the people should see the whole show first before they put their comments. exclusive school din ako galing and i really could relate to it. its not a gossip girl wannabe, its lipgloss!:)

  • sh3lly

    Oh, poo. Yet another copycat show. Originality is dead in Philippine mainstream media. Look at all our game shows, soap operas and movies. Almost everything is an “adaptation” of something popular.

    Thank God for cable, the internet, and video games for giving alternative forms of entertainment!

  • crammer

    dawson’s creek = tabing ilog
    transformers = resiklo
    low = bakahilo

    and now…..

    gossip girl = lipgloss….. O_O

  • _jonah_

    …it’s nice..i have fun in watching…you are so pretty Meg..
    …I’ll watch that again..
    God Bless!

  • irina

    hahaha upper east side sa may Rizal sa pagkakaalam ko! wahahaha!! :D

  • D

    if you have nothing good to say just shut up. yun lang. you’re just making more noise and more controversial.

    yung iba dyan nakiki comment lang hindi naman talaga alam ang gossip girl. you can’t blame the people behind it. its their work people!

    yung mga nagsasabi na copycats and can’t make orig. shows, why don’t you try make one and we’ll judge.

    give them time to show off ok? pilot episode palang! kung makareact kayo parang 2 years na naiiair!

    and alam ninyo ba yung “don;t judge the gift by its cover?”

  • meg

    let’s all watch it na lang on saturday, yah? :D

  • dewdew

    wala pa din dun sa abt ur luv ng abs.

  • loyal gg fan

    “If you have nothing good to say just shut up. yun lang. you’re just making more noise and more controversial.” –> you poor unfortunate grammatically handicapped soul….

    “Stop comparing with gossip girl because it’s totally different….. watch the whole season before you judge….”–> OH PLEASE.

    I saw the preview on youtube. SO SAD AND DISGUSTING. and did they get permission to use the beat of Lil Momma’s “Lipgloss”? I doubt it.
    nahihiya talaga ako para sa mga cast and crew ng second rate trying hard copy-cat na show na ‘to. for their sake, i hope that none of the people from the cast and crew of the original GG will ever encounter this piece of social climbing third world garbage.

  • iwcked

    ilove the show!!!!:) who cares if its a 3rd world version.. we are in a third world country thats why poeple could relate to it.:)

    ps:sometimes you have to use your mind.. just watch the show.. you’ll prove yourself worng:)

  • D

    yung iba akala mo diring diri sa mga tagalog shows eh mga pinoy din naman sila. nagfifeeling lang na americanized just to fit in. :)) ang pikon talo!

  • GG fan

    Ugh! Third world nga eh! So hindi makakarelate mga tao kasi majority ng mga Pilipino hindi naman mayayaman. Soo lame!!!!!!!! Bakit pa kailangan gumawa ng ganito? Akala ko ba creative mga Pilipino? Bakit hindi nalang gumawa ng iba. Yung may SENSE. At yung hindi trying hard na TV show(like this)

  • concernedcitizenoftheworld-

    to catt

    “spent lots of time in manhatten, new york. are you actually guilable to believe”


    check your spelling dear.

    attended an actual upper class school in vancouver, canada?

    what a shame.

  • catt_istyupid


  • mum

    whatever you say… good or bad… still publicity… thanks anyway

  • agatha

    Pinoy Version ng Gossip Girl.
    Maganda sya ok lang

  • Karen

    I wonder if you know the song being played in the tv series “REBELDE” ? The show is being aired everyday at 3pm..

  • http://deleted Karen

    just a follow up

    rebelde is being aired also in tv5, i am having trouble knowing the song title…


  • misa

    i dont see how hard it is to come up with a new idea… seriously. this is just sad

  • rhea

    you know wat i like lipgloss especially rodjun..waah sobra crush ko talaga cya..

    well i also like rebelde..heheh

    peace man

  • lexie

    HAHA whatever. Lives of the rich and famous in the philippines are way more up-scale than this. im so sorry for saying this but… this is so cheap.

  • zaley

    back off lipgloss! nothing comes close to THE original gg. whoever made this ridiculous idea seriously needs a life..this is social suicide. i rest my case

  • loyal gg fan


  • carlahateslipgloss

    god what is this crap??? oh my god it’s so cheap…i saw it once and it was terrible. bad acting, bad actors, and bad shoes! the problem with pinoy show business, particularly writers, is that they don’t believe in themselves so they end up copying others just because it’s so popular. please! never try to make a pinoy version of GG ever AGAIN. We don’t have catfights, not all of us have security guards and all the other rich stuffs in the philippines and it’s about time to make them face reality. I think we should do these kinds of shows when it is visible to the public and the whole world that we are rich, but for now let’s stick with the old probinsyana (cough! Marian Rivera) stories. and before doing any shows in particular, they should pick the best actors and train them, they should search for new talents, not just in manila but in the whole country because philippines is not just manila.

  • _-_cute_-_

    o what a nice program it helps me to moved on and teach me to be understanding especially in LOVE……i actually watch it evry weekend ti is very interesting…you are so cute pretty handsome JAKE…good start teens be nice also nice acting…..stay good..

  • http://lipgloss Tanyanah

    hi 2 all, bg0 q lng napan0od i2ng lipgloss ung lazt week lng,.. mganda nMn sya auz lng, ganda din ung kwen2,.. la lang zya lng pano0rin.. heheheh

  • nAm_retah

    ..ngaun ko loang nalaman na adapted pala yung lipgloss from a show titled gossip girl…but..its good…ganda promiz..kahit hindi satin…uhmm…be careful..i have a cozn from US and she tells me na gaya-gaya daw ang Pilipinos always…wala daw originality…no offencement…totoo naman kasi..lagi pa daw tayo nangugnuha ng shows from other countries….kagaya daw nung betty la fea at mg girl….
    pero promiz ganda nung story ng Lipgloss…kahit gaya lang…..

  • nAm_retah

    ..yung kanta sa rebelde..TU AMOR po yung title…ang kumanta RBD band…hehe..Like that Rebelde show so much…hehe…love it…

  • jodezdao

    maganda ang ohsujung, waterboys,rebelde, golden bride talentadong pinoy, lipgloss na rin kc dun na si mikee lee eh….

  • jodezdao

    basta watch lipglos okey…..

  • mahyacinthus

    i don’t think it’s uncool…in fact it’s cool to my ears…

  • danielle

    i still think they should have used another name for the school. c’mon. LINDEN HIGH?! that’s as trying hard as you can get. Why not name the school colegio de something? That’s more realistic.

  • lady sarah reyes

    oh my god………
    this is cool………
    i love watching lipgloss……..
    sam is so cute……
    also i love the story…….
    how i wish to see them in personal……..
    i love LIPGLOSS so much……….
    i want to be their friend…….
    all of them are cute and talented…..
    love you guyz…………..

  • jpb

    cool show!
    wanted to s*ck sam’s c*ck!

  • lady sarah reyes

    once again…….
    hehehe,,,,,,,,,i just love LIPGLOSS…
    i want to be a part of your show,,,,,hehehe
    coz i want to see SAM CONCEPCION in personal….
    can u add me in friendster?????here’s my email add…

  • http://lipgloss Tanyanah

    khit zabi nila na bg0 lng ang TV5 ganda nMn sya,.. ung mga palabaz,.. yez bukaz danda ng talentadong pinoy nila,.. aztig n0od na kau sa mga ndi pa nakakan0od,..

  • mariz_b!tch

    another FREAK show

  • gossip girl fan

    Doesn’t give justice to the original. I feel bad for Philippine TV.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, Tabing Ilog was decent, albeit a ripoff, but this is just too much. They say it’s a loose adaptation of Gossip Girl but I think that was just an excuse. It seems like everything was ripped off, only the names have been changed.

    It’s a little too unrealistic, culture-wise. At least have the adaptation fit the framework of today’s kabataan culture.

  • hell to the naw

    What is it with Filipinos and western obsession??? Hate to break it to ya’ll, but ya’ll will never be white so stop trying to be it.

  • Seona Dancing

    Hindi lahat ng filipino ay may cable, so di lahat alam ang gossip girl! Salamat na lang sa tv 5 magkakaroon na sila ng idea. Further more, the running story it self ay maganda talagang nakakahook sya. Very Filipino parin naman ang story. Watch it para ma enjoy nyo plus yung mga nanglalait dyan, Im sure pinanood nyo lang to para makahanap ng pangit. YAN ANG MALAKING KASIRAAN BILANG FILIPINO! Cmon think about it!

  • loyal gg fan

    Seona, there’s this invention. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s called the internet. It’s now cheaper, faster and more available to the masses.
    Even before GG was aired on Philippine cable, a good number of FILIPINOS have been watching it on the internet. Amazing noh?

  • 77bsvww77

    Lipgloss is like the only way other people could get acquainted with Gossip Girl no matter how degrading this show is to the country…well at least we could give them credit for them. Unfortunately, this show simply gives teenagers of the Philippines a completely distorted image of the lives of the so-called elite,preppy students. Don’t ask me but with your uptight socio-political atmosphere, don’t you think people would think lower of students from La Salle, Ateneo, St. Scholastica and all the other exclusive single-sex private schools with this show? I mean…the next time you’d see a la sallian you’d think of that image of private high school spoiled brats sniffing cocaine on a monday night.I hope the producers of this show actually thought of that.Never mind that it’s a ripoff of GG.Sooner or later a producer will do the same thing.The show simply cannot survive in our culture.

  • tsk3…

    labot man mo kung mugaya sila…

    khirap kya mggawa ng mga ganyan…


    sus… nlng…

    tan-awon nato kung orig…

    tingnan lang ntin kung orig..


  • tsk3…

    more power LIPGLOSS…

    insecure lang ng uban dra…

  • Secnarf

    If you haven’t noticed it yet loyal GG fan, Lipgloss’ story plot is way too different from the American-made Gossip Girl. The people in Lipgloss may also be elite but you can’t link them to the attitudes of the so called Upper East Siders of your prized GG show. They’ve got that unique Filipino traits in them. Plus, haven’t you noticed it also, nobody in Lipgloss has smoked cocaine yet. Duh?! So why compare?!

    I think the people behind this show are trying to revolutionize Filipino viewing by giving us a taste of something different than the same old, bukid-type telenovela…

    You people always seem to look at the black dot in the middle of the big, white paper..
    You always compare this show with that of foreign shows. I bet you very loyal GG fans can’t even create a show like Lipgloss and even try to show it in any local channel..Sigh…

    Probably the only thing you guys are good at is to criticize other shows.. Ooops, i think that’s the only thing you can do pala?! Tsk tsk tsk…

  • tsk3…

    managinip ka habang gicing…..


  • tsk3…

    to those who under estimate filipino shows, just keep your mouth SHUT!

    because it might come back to you…

    kung ayaw nio manood ng LIPGLOSS, eh di wag nlng kau manood…
    ba’t pa kau mg.criticize….

  • tsk3…

    y don’t you just stop telling those to filipinos,, you don’t care of our lives…

    more power lipgloss…

  • lipglosser

    Totally… I agree with you Secnarf! Para sa mga manglalait, na panglalait lang ang gustong gawin sa buhay nila… Gusto nyong baguhin yung show?… E BAKIT DI KAYA UGALI NYO ANG BAGUHIN NYO! M G A T A L A N G K A!

  • Seona Dancing

    To people who keeps on giving negative and even rude comments….. CONSIDER THIS!

    ” Our carping criticisms of other people are really nothing but unrecognized bits of autobiography. If you want to know what a person is like, listen to what he says about other people” ( The Spectrum of Consciousness, p. 203)

    So need to say more?????

  • tsk3…

    tama si Secnarf….

    ang mg.criticize lng ang alam nio..!..

    pataka ra mu ingon2 dra..



    (don’t mind those who criticize ur show.)

  • madison

    mgnda nMn ang lipgLoss…
    khit di orig ung idea…

  • Massie

    I’ve watched Lip Gloss and I haven’t watched Gossip Girl. Kahit hindi orig yung series okay naman yung show. It’s cool. Actually, there’s no use in criticizing a show if you haven’t even seen the show. I mean, don’t mind other shows the U.S. have.

  • dhee

    lipgloss is totally COOL and if i may, i’m suggesting that they focus more on Kyle (sam concepcion) and ziggy’s (Cheska ortega) love story..ang cute nila! btw, i also suggest that they play CRUSh by david archuleta during their fits them coz Kyle is secretly crushung ziggy…Lipgloss staff, what do you think?

  • marie

    leave gossip girl alone!!!!

  • eloise

    duh! ano ba ang problem niyo? edi wag niyo panoorin…
    mari_leave lipgloss alone! haha… CRAB!

  • eloise


  • eloise

    loyal gg fan_shut up crab, i’m not a fan of lipgloss or gossip girl but you’re just too much to bare! social climbing CRAB!

  • elaine

    cool talaga ng lipgloss!!!!

  • elaine

    napanood nio na ba yung episode 5 last saturday?
    grabe and cute ni kyle and ziggy.

    saka finally narealized ni jake na si abby talaga yung mahal nia!!!!

    what’s next kaya!!!?

    im so excited talaga

  • Seona Dancing

    Sabi ko naman sa inyo nakakahook talaga yung story. It’s getting better every week. It’s so exiting!!! And their acting it’s getting better talaga, lalu na si Jiggo. So Lipgloss fan… Keep watching and let’s support the show.

  • tsk3

    hoy marie!
    wla nga kming pkialam sa gossip girl kc nga mka. ligloss kmi.. kau nga jan ang nga.simula ng gulo eh… fyi, pra i2 s mga lipgloss fans na website. hndi i2 pra sa mga gossip girl na fans…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Maganda to ksi nandito si SAM CONCEPCION bilang Kyle

  • CraZyGuy_20

    yAh!! i Agree that this will be exciting now SAM CONCEPCION is there!! im no.1 fan of him and he really has the potential of being the BriGhtest Star of his GEneRaTion!!I think we must not stick to both station rather than support othr filipino network like “tv 5″ …Although its only a remake of popular tv show in america the “GOSSIP GIRLS”….We Must support it Who KnOws maybe soMeDay our ORIGINAL show in the philippines there gonna make a remake of it in other countries??@!! .. i have watched it I must say that the show was not so good enough to potray the role of each character of them but it was fun and kilig to the bones lalo na sa mga love teams!!@@hehehe>…Gotta go!!!kip in touch on”LIPGLOSS” on tv 5 ShaKE MO!!

  • Gossip Guy

    hey people!

    I would just want to say that GOSSIP GIRL fans and LIPGLOSS fans can co-exist. At first I was totally against the idea but when one of my friends (and a total GG fan too) watched the show she was hooked. At first she didn’t like the idea but now she’s telling me that the show is good. I’m always planning to watch the show but stuff interferes with my plan. I hope that what my friend (and you LIPGLOSS fans) are telling me is true.

    you know you love me,
    gossip guy

  • bhEKz

    aLam nyUe…
    f yU dNt wUanT d sHow…
    wUag nyUe nLanG pNuodIn…
    kEsa nMn sa reklamU kaU nG rEklAmU…
    mGa bWicT…


    GRABE as in GRABE!!! I had an access to watched Lipgloss episode 7, it is really an episode to WATCH OUT for. It’s funny, kilig, and SEXY!

    So watch out for it this coming Saturday at 5pm @ TV5!!! Guaranteed FAB!!!!!


    Hey there Gossip Guy!
    If youre planning to watch the show, this Saturday is the right time coz IT IS THE BEST so far, according to my reliable source.

    So don’t you dare miss it!

  • Laarni

    can i ask po kung anu ung song ng lipgloss sa TV5??

  • Ahh.

    wahahaha!…. grabe nman mga nagcucument d2!


    anyway.. maganda ang lipgloss.. kita mu nman naghuhubad na si na mikee at yung ibang cast.. HAHA.. hawt.

  • blueangel

    para sakin parang medyo liberated ung mga scene for there age..katulad na lng nung bed scene parang hindi bagay..yuck!

  • phoebe

    Ok naman sya ah!!! para sakin, maganda……… BAsta ako, inaabangan ko sya always… hehehe peace……… Go LIPGLOSS….


    Hi Laarni,
    It is ” So Fab ” Let’s keep on watching Lipgloss, more exitement to come!!!

  • peach trinity

    hi, i rely like saab and rodjun especially sam,…




  • diane

    I love lipgloss as in…….But I hate CHESCA ortega …..OA

  • +_kAkaShi_025_+

    ..uHmMmM..i LoVe iT s0 mUcH–LIPGLOSS–gRAv… uNg bAby c0h aS in mY gF sUpEr Fan sYa nG LipGloSS..aHehe..gHAndHA!!!

    –d2 kHo Lang nLaman nHa c0py Lang uNg sHow SA g0ssiP giRL…
    pER0–aNOng c0nNect???
    dHi nAman p0pULar yUng sHow nHa yUn sA pHiL. dBuh–!

    uNG mGa nGp0p0sT nG nEgAtiVe c0mMentSs… kULang sA pAnsIn yAng mGA yAn..!
    s0 jUSt iGnoRe tHEm..La aMang kWentHA kHung pApatuLAn yAng mGA yAN dBuh…

    jUSt wAtcH tHe sHow…aNd i kNow..y0uR g0nNa LoVe iT..!

    i Love hUsh hUSh t00…

    m0re p0wEr LP..!

  • http://yahoo lqzsharmaine

    to those people nga naman na nag cocoment nang masama para sa show MAGSITIGIL nga kau para kaung sino!!


    so dont take it away from us!!

    u such!

    alam nyu kung ayaw nyo sa show d WAG nalng kau manood dun nlng kau sa GG nyu!!


    TV5 SHAKE mo TV mo!!

    no offence to all!!

    ang ganda lng talaga ng mga scenes nila

    every sat. ko tlaga toh inaabangan!!
    nagkita na kami ni SAM CONCEPCION at sinabi ko sa kln yta na congratz for having ur show so COOL!!

    WATCH LIPGLOSS always sa TV5

  • Beverly


    No surprise at all.

    The great Philippines. Yeah right. The great “IMITATORS’, I mean.

  • hanna

    oh lipgloss is totally coll i watch that every saturday please stop saying its uncool try and watch it you will love ti promessssseeeeee +=+

  • http://friendster.Com Somebossy

    hey are this people have breeding why dont you just watch lipgloss and porve to yourselves that you are wrong whats the matter about the copyright of this show

    you were so unbreed

    i agree that dont judge that gift on its cover

    i think the person behind this is the person doesnt have anny breed at all

  • wahahahaha

    HOY Somebossy… before you comment on somebody’s “unbreed”, CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR and get yourself some “breeding”. You can start by checking the dictionary/MS Word if there IS such a word as, what is that? unbreed?

    As for this “LIPGLOSS”, when the hell is Philippine TV ever gonna come up with something with real substance and teeth???! Something thought-provoking, something with sense… something ORIGINAL that we can all be proud of?

  • chardx

    daming chks..

  • kentucky

    well, i have nothing to say against the TV5 cause i like those drama episodes that they are airing not like before….well then tv5 has doing they great job…

    i like most is Oh Su jung
    the Golden Bride
    the Lip gloss
    the water boys

    i hope they put back the original time so that i can watch

  • ano ka chx

    ang dami niong problem sa lipgloss aah..RAKISTA nlang pnuorin nio..

  • elaine

    oi ang ganda ng lipgloss

  • it’s cute

    It’s great. I can say that even though it’s copied from US, Filipinos did a great job on it. Peace ( :


    Hey, hey, hey! I happened to watched the advanced screening of this Saturday’s episode… GRABE sa EXPLOSIVE REVELATIONS! You’ll know na WHO… posted the scandalous video…And what will happen to Kyle and Maui.

    Don’t forget tomorrow… @ 5pm, TV5.

  • elaine

    so fab gnd title ng song ng lipgloss

  • chi

    you know, there are lots of great writers (in the making and those who won palanca awards) here in the philippines. i don’t get why tv networks get writers who just copy stories and concepts from foreign shows and comic books.

    maybe, they’re too good for television.

  • dez

    ilove maui…………..ireally lve maui and ziggy………

  • han-ian

    yow….i like it super….esp.sam……

  • darlhez09forever@y.c.

    danda ng lipgloss.. love it..

  • darlhez09forever@y.c.

    lipgloss fever..
    e2 n ang simula..

  • iheartchuckbass

    Hindi lahat ng filipino ay may cable, so di lahat alam ang gossip girl! Salamat na lang sa tv 5 magkakaroon na sila ng idea. Further more, the running story it self ay maganda talagang nakakahook sya. Very Filipino parin naman ang story. Watch it para ma enjoy nyo plus yung mga nanglalait dyan, Im sure pinanood nyo lang to para makahanap ng pangit. YAN ANG MALAKING KASIRAAN BILANG FILIPINO! Cmon think about it!

    oh come on! the story is good eh? i think you should thank GG because filipinos now have something good to copy. :)) very filipino ang story? ocge. pnuorn mo muna ung GG tas mkkta mu kung ganu ginaya ng lipgloss ang GG. kaya wag mu na uulitin na VERY FILIPINO ang story ok? :))

  • starr

    The acting’s bad, the script’s bad and the casting’s bad. The network might as well shoot itself in the head. When will we ever be original? Instead of making a ridiculously pathetic version of Gossip Girl we should have just stuck to the usual poor girl being picked on then soon taking revenge or something. haha its so pathetic we shouldnt even waste our time watching it. That’s all. Thank you :)


    My dear Iheartchuckbass, Wow grabe kinopya mo every words na sunulat ko! What can I say… Ang galing, at ang tiyaga mo mangopya!!!!!

    Anyway, Definitely there are similarities… but as you can see naka take off na sila sa story ng GG mo. And still yes very Pinoy parin ang story! The problems there ay totoong nangyayari dito sa Pinas. Ano ba ang out of this world sa iyo dun? O I see… Di ka siguro maka relate… Mahirap nga siguro kasi d mo sila maka level. Oh that is sooo sad. Either di kapa naiinlove or walang naiinlove sa iyo? It’s a basic teen age love story, Pinoy family problem where you can watch in any teleserye, dito nga lang very youthful and has very kilig factor. So I really don’t know what’s getting into your nerves. P L E A S E!!!

  • rica

    ..aizzt,,gossip girl lang pla un?

    but anyway,,mganda nmn ung lipgloss ah..

    ang cute nung story.,

    inaabangan ko nga yon every saturday eh..(wula lang share lang,,)

    fave ko c kyle tsaka c meg..hehe..


  • Amber

    im watching it… the story is good… the actors are way worst than i thought… they should act well, like portraying their role correctly instead of copying serena, blair, chuck or whoever GG casts…

    the story is just typically like GG but the actors and actresses should atleast HAVE ORIGINALITY on their talent… para mahalin sila ng tao….

    but the story is good… and the place as well…

  • ediza

    hi there, mga nagcocoment ng hinde maganda ang lipgloss eh di wag kau manuod kung puro comment kau siguro nanunuod kau! naku pde ba wag na kau magaksaya ng comment puro negative lang naman ang comment noh! hayaan nyo lng ung mga gustong manuod kung napapangetan kau wag kau manuod! basta ako I LOVE MAUI, ILOVE MIKEE LEE………

  • Ei

    i believe that lipgloss is one of the best shows in tv right now, it’s very modern and daring
    un nga lang feeling ko hindi tama yung timeslot, medyo matured ang show n ito, but anyways, i still like and love it!, despite that the actors are amateurs, they still pulled it off! way to go tv5!

  • Ei

    i believe that lipgloss is one of the best shows in tv right now, it’s very modern and daring, this show has sense, unlike other show/networks, basta may maipalabas lang
    un nga lang feeling ko hindi tama yung timeslot, medyo matured ang show n ito, but anyways, i still like and love it!, despite that the actors are amateurs, they still pulled it off! way to go tv5!

  • senda

    sana i extend nyo po ung time ng rebelde kz poh maganda poh ung show na yon
    miss gretchen ur so nice i gonna lyk ur show im with you

  • dodong

    ,super ganda kaia ng LIPGLOSS..!!!!!!!..chaka ang cute ni SAM CONCEPCION..sana iextend nyu pa ung oras nung show…and dun sa mga naninira,ala ba kaung magawa?…hah??…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dodong

    ,super ganda kaia ng LIPGLOSS..!!!!!!!..chaka ang cute ni SAM CONCEPCION..sana iextend nyu pa ung oras nung show kse…ILOVEIT!!…and dun sa mga naninira,ala ba kaung magawa?…hah??…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elaine

    OMG!!!!!grabeh nakaka-adik yung lipgloss super ganda!!!!

  • http://yahoomail jay

    CONGRATS!!! Lipgloss season 2 na!!!…..Ang galing talaga!!!….I love u LOUISE (Grace Perido ) Ang GANDA ng face mo at SEXY pa…Iba talaga ang dating mo!!!…

  • http://yahoomail jay

    GRABE!!!! KILIG TO THE BONES talaga ang manuod ng LIPGLOSS!!!…I LUV IT!!! LOUISE cno ba talaga ang crush mo? c ALDRICH o c JIGGO? ehehehe..

  • http://yahoomail jay


  • http://yahoomail bem- bem

    JAKE (RODJUN) bagay din kayo ni LOUISE ( GRACE ) na love team….POGI at MAGANDA…..Sana gawin din kayong love team…l

  • robby

    ang cute ni julivee. hehe!!! ganda nya…. bagay dn sila ni caloy.. sa kanila ako super kinikilig!!! =)

  • http://friendster jet

    ganda tlga…tpos ang gwapo p n caloy….

    ganda ng story….

  • elaine


  • yuna

    iT’s Ac2allY Cool, BUT tHe actors and actresses aren’t good in acting.

  • walang originality

    no way, gossip girl has a lot and much morfe difference than lipgloss
    lipgloss is a copycat…

  • Joe

    Gossip Girl …….. jolog version.

    Sakit akong magsalito no? :p

  • hieveryone!

    um i’m sorry to say this pero saan naman kayo nakakita ng “school” na may uniform na mini-skirt napaka stupid naman noon. are they trying to show their legs? or gusto lng yon ng director?

  • kms

    sexy ng mga chikas.. hahaha sana may ganoon na totoong school uniform.. I’m sure gaganahan mga students na lalake nyan.. love it!

    **sa Japan meron school naka miniskirt sila.. like sa lipgloss.. pero dapat ibahin.. kasi mababastos mga Filipina nyan..

  • kms


  • watevs

    i thot so..

    nanood ako sa pilot episode ng season 1 kc feeling ko bago yong presentation ng show. unique. but when i saw gossip girl season 1. nge!

    nakaka-turn off. parang gaya lahat sa tv5. ang hushhush parang entourage ang theme..

  • Laarni

    ano nga po pala ung title na may phrase n ganito “Do you ever think that you never d…blah…blah../blah..”???

  • AMIe

    ..hmp..ok lang ba director nito?
    ..kasi walang consideration sa public..
    ..dapat may kapu;utan ipinapalabas niyo.. bata2x pa nung mga cast
    ..stupid cast!
    ..dapt marunong kayo lumugar..
    ..ur just adopting foriegn cultures!
    ..stateside, banyaga, imported,
    ..damn those things,,
    ,,alis niyo nga tv5 yung lipgloss.

  • AMIe

    ..wait, the way the students dressed..
    ..seeemed kasi nagbubudget ng tela..
    ..dahil bah fashion..

  • intruder

    yung the way rin mag act yung leading lady ni sam,,
    turuan niyo nga siya.. parang lumalaki yung bibig niya..
    parang kung magsalita kinoconvince yung kausap..para namang sa high school drama contes xa mag’act
    sayang mganda pa naman..
    san ba siya napulot na director?
    alisin niyo na xa,,
    sana xa na yung mamamatay next saturday..

  • elaine

    haha!!!ingit ka lang….hahaha

  • angelic

    i find the show good naman, pero knowing na filipino version lang cia ng gossip girl, nkaka hiya kasi anu un, filipinos are a bunch of copy cats? wag ganun. kaya naman natin mag isip ng something more orig, and pinoy! yan nga talent natin e.. :)

  • rean

    hay grabe ang gnda ng lipgloss lgi q ngang inaabngan 2 eh ang gwapo ni kyle pero di sila bgay ni ziggy borha klungkot ksi wla n si ziggy

  • Lalalala

    ano ung insert song ng lipgloss ung sinasabi ni Laarni?? indi ung so fab

  • K.

    to D:

    i just saw your comment and it made me laugh real’ hard :”>

    “if you have nothing good to say just shut up. yun lang. you’re just making more noise and more controversial.” – girl, it controversy kasi eh.

    “and alam ninyo ba yung “don;t judge the gift by its cover?”” – no sorry, i don’t know that saying. kasi sa pagkakaalam ko don’t judge a book by its cover yung famous saying eh :-j =)))

    Carbon copy! It disturbs me.@-) And the shoes && clothes!:(( && the way they type!:(( :|

  • JWon

    UUUUUUGGGH. First gossip girl and now twilight! Ano ba yan!

  • elizabeth

    ang sama nyo! ang ganda GANDA NGA NG lipgloss EH.. BUT NGA KAYA GAYAHIN NG PINOY ANG HOTTEST SHOW NA GOSSIP GIRL EH!!!! JUST NJOY D SHOW! itz nice.. madame ka makukuhang IN!

  • sheelagh

    my gosh! Filipinos need originality..
    pathetic people!!!

  • Ahl

    ganda kaya ng lipgloss! kahit copy cat pa! astig nga eh!

  • http://friendster rean

    kumilos kau ng maaus di aarte arte jan i.)!w0Ny0

  • Louise :D

    Well, it’s kinda cool naman pero… Hindi nila gayang-gaya ung gossip girl. Tsaka puro na lang Filipino version. Gumawa naman sila ng sariling story. Ughh.

  • kamiLkamiL

    i love the rodjun-maxine loveteam! maxine is daughter of mark gil.. infairness she’s so pretty and i like her .. her role in lipgloss is mabubuntis sya ni edge .. pero bf nya si jake (rodjun) .. bsta .. i love them both .. ^_^ i will keep watchin’ lipgloss ! its so great ! the story is beautiful and i love the casts .. and also i can relate to the story .. coz im also a teenager .. the tv show lipgloss is about the life of a teenager .. i love it ! ok guys ! ciao ^_^ .. ndi ko din alam yung gossip girl pero i think cool tong lipgloss ..

  • humeru&radius

    i love the story and the cast. i regret when i missed some episodes. Well lets not fight whether this is a copy cat or not. if you have ever been in a production you can see the effort that most people put into it just to keep the show running smooth. Lets give them a chance to reclaim themselves whether they are good or not. In time i believe they will improve. =) go Lipgloss…

  • iyaMoto

    duuhhh. naiinggit lang kau sa mga cast ng lipgloss kasi magaganda’t gwapo sila kaya ganyan kau mangglait kasi ang papanget nyo. sori walang gamot sa insecure. kahit ano pang sabihin nyo tuloy parin ang palabas ng lipgloss. kung hindi kau nagagandahan manahimik na lang kau kasi kami nagagandahan kami. lipgloss gandahan nyo pa bawat episode. grabe inspiring ung palabas nyo.. marami akong napupulot na aral. keep up the good work..
    lovza lot.

  • http://mukamo Luisjacinto

    EeEw mas gusto ko ang Gossip Girl their on their second season and the shows getting more interesting Blaire is getting more meaner and I love it WATCH GOSSIP GIRL ON ETC EVERY TUESDAY 10 PM Support them GOSSIP GIRL XOXO!

  • jason


    TRY 2 WATCH IT! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………………………………………………….
    I’M A CERTIFIED shaker AND kapamilya!

  • phao26

    keo nmn… its just an adaptation… im not that “fan” of lipgloss but i know its cool to watch it…

  • wicked

    I’ve watched lipgloss for the first time last sat.
    I liked the show very much, it been a long time since i’VE WATCHED Something fresh and i wanted to find out if a real website exists.
    I’m surprised there are so many bad comments about this show. I pity those who commented very badly about this show. I think you are the very reason why the Philippines is what it is now.
    Ang mga baduy at copy cat ay ang mga nagsasabi ng bad comments. Feeling nyo Amerkano kayo. Akala nyo alam na alam ny ang Amerika, bakit Pilipino din naman kayo ah. At ini-idolo nyo pa Amerkano! Tingnan mo nga ang balat mo uy! Maitim din ang kili kili mo.

  • jhovee

    …hellow pohhh ang ganda pohh ng lipgloss nakaka kilig hehehehe? i’m jhovee?

  • cLarz…

    hoy…!!!!!kAu kaxAxAd0 nioNg mgsLtA……

    khT an0ng gwN ni0h…hAAA….2Loy nA 2Loy pA rN aNg lipglosS…..

    gNda kyA ng LipgLosS…tsAkA anu nmN kNG nkA miniskirT cLa…

    vkT iNggaT kA..???

    ngc0mMenT pA kAu d2 kNg wLa nmN kAuNg ssbhNg mgNdA…!!!!

    wiLL u pLz…shuT up ur m0utH….???!!!!!

    ssMa ng mgA ugaLi ni0h…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • kaye

    i think its a nice show..

    …and i know that there are teens
    that can realate to it..

    ahm.. where can i watch it starting episode 1..

    i started to watch the episode 2 na..



  • eUreka04

    umm ano po un title nung songs n piniplay sa lipgloss??? thanx:]

  • nottoberudebut

    People who enjoy Lipgloss: enjoy it because it’s you’re right
    People who don’t enjoy Lipgloss: don’t watch it

    I haven’t watched it because I’m still not over the fact that it is a rip-off (people should stop denying it) of Gossip Girl. From the website, to the uniform, maybe even some plots…Trust me, I won’t watch it, but I don’t hate it.

    I do agree this is TV5′s way of getting “Gossip Girl” to those who cannot afford to watch it. However, I have to say something about this:

    “I bet you very loyal GG fans can’t even create a show like Lipgloss and even try to show it in any local channel..Sigh…” – Secnarf

    You might think that they can’t create a show like Lipgloss because they don’t have the money, or they don’t probably have the right connections. Plus why would they make a show like Lipgloss, if Gossip Girl is already there to entertain them?

    If I had the money and resources (and the right connections), I would definitely make a TV show different from anything in the current industry right now. But, even if it is completely different, people will always try to compare it to something.

    Just like the saying goes…you can’t please everybody. ^_^v

  • kaye

    can they repeat it again..
    starting from episode 1?

    kht mga super gabi na?

    i really love it..


    san ba pedeng magrequest nun?



  • elaine

    you can watch the complete episode in pinoy channel
    just search in google and then type the pinoy channel and then search the word LIPGLOSS. from the ist episode of season 2 until the present.

  • mhAc_khEi

    i can say that..its a gOod tO watch..ejh..2 thumbz up to u heheh.,

  • mhAc_khEi

    i enjoi watching lipgloss…again n again…ejeh……..

  • victa

    i really love lipgloss!! graveh i’m hooked to it already..there is this song na narinig q, specially sa mga scenes nina saab at matt..i just dunno kung ano title,,can u guys give me the title of that wonderful song..bsta alam q may word na start sa song na un.
    sa mga taga-lipgloss, keep on rocking our worlds!!!

  • kaye

    hi elaine,,..
    thanks for the info
    ahm.. do you know where to watch season 1?

  • dez

    hi everyone basta ako i watch lipgloss kc nandun idol nagiisa mikee lee, maui.go mikee mikee hehehe ilove it………….

  • kaye

    uhm.. cno pde mag kwento ng season 1?



  • Seona Dancing

    Hi Kaye,
    I can give you a brief story of Lipgloss, I’m really a loyal fan. It started na magbest friend sina Abby and Meg na naging magkaaway dahil kay Jake. Nainlove si jake kay Meg nung nagkaroon ng summer trip outside Phil. Ayaw ni Meg si Jake, si Jake mapilit. Then nalaman na nga ni Abby sa party nakita nya na hinalikan ni Jake si Meg, still di nya gusto si Jake. Pinahirapan na ni Abby si Meg, mga secrets revelation from Abby. At that time Edge came into the picture to support Meg, eventually na develop na sila. Nung namatay yung dad ni Abby they became friends again, with Meg, best friend talaga. narealize din ni Jake na love nya pala talaga si Abby, kaya binalikan nya ito, nahirapan muna sya. Now as you know now, sila na ulit. Naghirap na sila Abby kasi pinutol na ang financial support sa kanila, dun naman nag sexy modelling si Abby. Ziggy naman inlove kay Maui, nadevelop na lang si Maui kay Ziggy, at first gusto nya lang gamitin si Ziggy to get back at Edge(brother ni Ziggy) nagkainitan kasi sila Maui and Edge. Mayaman at mayabang kasi si Maui. Si Kyle naman inlove na kay Ziggy to start with. Ever helpful and supportive kay Ziggy. Naging sila ni Kyle nung may ginawang foul si Maui which is yung vinideo nila Steph yung love scene ni Abby and Edge. Maui is so sorry he wants Ziggy back kaso Ziggy choose Kyle na, pero love nya parin si Maui. Ni let go rin ni Kyle si Ziggy kasi nga love nya talaga si Maui, dun naman namatay si Ziggy, sa accident. Si Jiggo naman half brother ni Jake na least love ni Congressman, anak yata sya ng katulong, na patay na yata. At that time may gusto si Louisse kay Jiggo secretly na inamin nya rin kasi naiinvolve si Jiggo sa Mom ni Abby. Naging mag M.U. sila, kaya lang Jiggo left for the states, dun naman nakilala ni Lousse si Aldrich. Si Julivee naman yun kay Caloy ang love story nya. Nag kahiwalay sina Meg at Edge dahil may nangyari kina Edge at Abby sa isang sleep over party nila with Meg. Nalasing si Edge at yun na nga. Scandal ito, pero naayos din hanggang dumating na sa picture si Sarah old gf ni Edge from the states, gagawin nya lahat just to get Edge back. Tingin ko halos ito na yun! Wow haba na nito. Sana okay na ito. Thanks and God bless!

  • Nyen

    Hi Victa,
    Don’t worry, I’ll watch tonight and I’ll find out what’s that wonderful song you’re talking about. Later…

  • sha

    poor Edge! Meg has now Nikko Lopez!

    just wonder, why did they surprisingly broke up edge and meg?
    as i know, they will forever be,.,

  • http://youtube tintin

    hi i love this show sna ndi matapos i2ng show nyo

  • http://youtube tintin


  • lrae

    dis show so unpredictable …..
    still nice…

  • http://lipgloss unicah

    hai pohw!!musta i watching lipgloss!!every sunday!! ammmmmm……. nu po b # ni caloy at julivee:) at mawi takkkecare!!!!!


  • kaye

    Hi Seona Dancing..^_^
    i really really appreciate it!
    iloveyou for that!!

    i was not hoping na may seseryoso nga dun sa request ko..
    i can really see na avid fan ka ng lipgloss
    and i salute you for that^_^ wee..

    ahm,.. thank you sa summary,..
    what a nice story telling:)

    ahm,. i’ved watched it na sa youtube and puro eksena lang ni kyle ung andun,..

    kaya a big thank you talaga..

    ahm,. magkasama si Ziggy and Kyle sa car accident? la na sila both ngayong season 2?….

    love parin ba ni meg si edge?

    e sila abby and jake why po sila nag live in ?

    sana lalo pang gumanda eksena between caloy and julivee :)
    thanks ha..

    pasensya na po sa istorbo and sa tanong..

    salamat po ng madami.

    Godbless din po^_^

  • kaye

    to unicah po,.

    wat tym po every sunday?



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  • Seona Dancing

    It’s not every Sunday but every Saturday @6pm. REMEMBER ha!

  • Seona Dancing

    Hi Kaye,
    Thanks for the appreciation, I love it! To answer your questions: No, hindi magkasama sina Ziggy and Kyle sa accident. When Maui let go of Ziggy to Kyle he went to Canada, so nawala sya for a time. Naging sila na, Ziggy and Kyle kaso nararamdaman ni Kyle na love parin ni Ziggy si Maui kaya nilet go nya na rin si Ziggy and that’s when Maui came back, kaso nasa street sila nun, nakita ni Ziggy si Maui at the other side of the street nung tatawid na sya nag look back sya kay Kyle that when she met an accident, and died. Kyle left for the states. Alam ko love naman talaga ni Meg si Edge, lalu na ngayon na alam na ni Edge ang true condition ni Sarah, tingin ko magkakabalikan din sila. Abby and Jake naman, binugaw nga kasi ng mom ni Abby si Abby kay congressman, lalu nung naghirap na sila, kaya mayaman na ulit si Abby, thanks to Congressman na dad ni Jake. When Jake found out about the deal na pist off sya sa Dad nya at nagtanan na lang sila ni Abby. I wonder nga kung ano na mangyayari ngayon, now na maeexpeled sila sa school?
    I hope this helped you, let’s continue watching Lipgloss to find out what will happen next sa very exiting and super nice tv show na ito, LIPGLOSS! Bye, God bless!

  • kaye

    hi Seona Dancing,..

    thanks ulit..

    ahm,.. so sad naman to know na ang bilis nilang
    tinapos role ni ZiGgy..

    and so may nangyari between dad ni jake and abby?..
    ..eeww.. :o
    nu ba yan.. kawawa si jake..


    thanks a lot..

    i’ll keep watching^_^


  • BENG

    i love this show!

  • BENG

    i like julivi and kaloi..



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  • Tibia and Fibula

    Sana si meg at Nico na lang ang magkatuluyan… kasi si edge parang natikman na ng buong bayan.. haha.. at si rodjun… hayy grabe.. wafu.. haha exciting na ang love story nila julivee at caloi.. yan ang dapat abangan.. pati ang love story ni maui sa kapatid ni caloi… cge lets see… ^_^


    yung may mga MULTIPLY jan… JOIN kayo dito!

  • ariane

    eo..haistt..guys..kip up the good work..if mkareceive man kau ng bad commentss 4m oder pipol,hu cares?..we humans hav lots ov points ov view..but thru it ol jas do ur best..di nio naman gnagawa yan jas to please dem rader for the glory ov GOD..I JAS Hope,mas mag add kau ng goog scenes and twists sa story to make it mor pinoy an orig.and xoo dat many will apprec8 it..lipgloss…ur lipglosss…mor power.. GOD IS WITH US..
    …….KERI LANG……………..

  • ariane

    ..lipgloss family…

    wag kau gigiveup..i lov the cast..specially kevin..your such a nice person coz i had pruv it bwen u nhad a mol tour in pampanga..i was one ov dos ladies watching you..ure nice,,though i wasnt able to have some pics,,coz dami nkapila andd shy aku..di kc ako sanay..aheqz,,bsta thru it ol jas do ur best..inaabangan ko ung kei meg and abby..sana makaroon cla ng conflict..xe dv, bestie cla, so sana magkaroon cla ng conflict tas ma test ung frenshp nla..aheqq..pra mkarel8 pa ung mga teens ng todo…keri yann,,,,

    may frenster va mga cast nio???
    i hope xoo meon..i hope add nio

    …i hope may fs c kevinn..aichA..GODSEES GODKNOWS GODBLESS

  • lulu mo!

    # hieveryone! Says:
    December 6th, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    um i’m sorry to say this pero saan naman kayo nakakita ng “school” na may uniform na mini-skirt napaka stupid naman noon. are they trying to show their legs? or gusto lng yon ng director?

    Actually mron po gnun school ung brent na skul sa mamplasan laguna eh mini skirt din un uniform at ung school na un mismo ung pnpkta sa lipgloss international school po ung brent.

  • jian_bear

    auz Lng, mejo common n ung tragic-then-turned-bliss.. lamu na
    prng g-mik n click na t.g.i.s SORRY

    pro mgnda c maxine…

    more power..♥


    MAXINE is not a part of LIPGLOSS.
    it was her sister, Saab Magalona…

  • annyka

    ilove watching lipgloss. i always watch every saturday because kinikilg aqo s story although dme nagsasabi panget daw peo once u start watching every sat hayyysss masasabi nyo mganda nga…sana habaan p ang oras ng lipglos…thanks…

  • Andie

    Bagay kami ni mikee

  • lg

    why so critical guys ? LIPGLOSS is actually cool. , its nice in a way that it really shows how teenagers do.,
    even if its nothing like gossip girl ( which is abslutely true ) but their stories really hapen in real high school life., dba? we can relate to it.,

    ., LIPGLOSS roCks!

  • eUreka04

    # victa Said:
    January 20th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    i really love lipgloss!! graveh i’m hooked to it already..there is this song na narinig q, specially sa mga scenes nina saab at matt..i just dunno kung ano title,,can u guys give me the title of that wonderful song..bsta alam q may word na start sa song na un.
    sa mga taga-lipgloss, keep on rocking our worlds!!!

    -ei! the title of the song is “let’s start from here” by joanna wang

  • audry

    hahay tama na nga yan guys..
    wag muna kayo mag judge,,, nood muna kayo…

    –kilig masyado cna saab at mat

  • darkangel

    ang gwapo!!!!!!!!!!! tlaga ni mikeee!!!!!!

  • AleXanderea



    Xuper Duper mEga Over, GRAVEH!!!!!!

    Ur—–S0 CutE GRAVEH!!!!

  • kaye

    nu pu ba mga soundtracks na ginagamit nila sa lipgloss?..
    especially sa scenes nila meg and jake pati meg and nico?

  • alonce

    wala kang kwenta noh chaka nyong lahat nohlalo nah si jennica noh
    ganda ganda nga ng tv5 noh kaysa sa KAPAMILYA mga buraot noh

    gnda kaya ngf lipgloss noh

  • dez

    hi everyonne mamya lipgloss na naman, aabangan ko love story ni maui (mikee) at carla di ko alam name ng girl dun eh……….tapos ung love triangle nila caloy at julivee un lng…….ilove maui……..

  • anna

    nu po ba title nung song nung scene nila nico meg and edge after ng prom.. na may lyrics na ‘im down on my knees im beggin you please, it’s the same old story somehow, im counting the days..

    then ung scene naman ni abby and edge na nagkikis cla ‘ so far away…what can i say’

    sakit na po ng mata ko kakasearch

  • eUreka04

    # anna Says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    nu po ba title nung song nung scene nila nico meg and edge after ng prom.. na may lyrics na ‘im down on my knees im beggin you please, it’s the same old story somehow, im counting the days..

    then ung scene naman ni abby and edge na nagkikis cla ‘ so far away…what can i say’

    sakit na po ng mata ko kakasearch

    =^^ hi!! un s scene nla nico, meg and edge it’s: ‘softly saying sorry’ by ariel rivera :)

    :] tpos ‘tell me that you love me’ by regine V. nman was played on abby and edge’s kissing scene,.


  • eUreka04

    # kaye Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    nu pu ba mga soundtracks na ginagamit nila sa lipgloss?..
    especially sa scenes nila meg and jake pati meg and nico?

    =uhmm dmi ehh..
    (eto random ln)
    1. my love – celine dion
    2. laging ikaw – myrus
    3. let’s start from here – joanna wang (eto un track on meg and nico’s scene)
    4. u want me 2 – sarah mclachlan
    5. softly saying sorry – ariel rivera
    6. tell me that you love me – regine velasquez
    7. everybody knows – john legend
    8. the man who can’t be moved – the script (month’s ago p tohh ehh pro gnamit dn dun)
    9. light on – david cook
    10. i will be – leona lewis
    11. right here (departed) – brandy
    12. don’t believe in love – dido
    13. dito sa puso – lovi
    14. hanggang dito na lang – jimmy bondoc
    15. a little too not over you – david archuleta
    16. use somebody – kings of leon

    dko matandaan yun title nung iba ehh.. :))

  • dez

    ilove u maui, well, gusto ko na istorya ng lipgloss nakkaexcite talaga……..basta solid mikee ako……….lipgloss da best ang 3rd season, nung pa end ang season 2 gusto ko kc daming nangyari, specially namatay si ziggy……nakkaawa naman kung kelan balik sya ky maui saka pa nawala…..sayang……..babalik pa ba c kyle where is he na ba? what happend ky steph at sarah?………well basta i watch lipgloss ilike na kc my bago na ano kya gagawin nila ej at nina dun sa lipgloss………hmmm…….sino naman kaya ang magugustuhan ni carla between, maui at poknat? what about edge at abby? meg well lets see………basta watch lipgloss………..


    gusto ko lang sabihin na kung tutuusin wala naman talagang original. consciously or unconsciously, yung mga ideas ng mga tao are shaped by the things around them and besides what is filipino? dahil sa haba ng panahon na na colonialize tayo ng mga spanish, americans, japs masasabi ba talaga nating may truly Filipino identity tayo na nakahiwalay from our colonizers? kung oo babalik tayo sa mga ethnic native stuff.. ewan ko lang kung may manonood ng show tungkol sa mga ganun

  • aiyah

    ang pangit ni jesica or carla sa lipgloss!!!!!!!!

  • Camz

    HI! I don’t care kung ginaya nyo ung gossip girl basta this show rocks!

  • andrea a. castro

    hi im andrea

  • quinie

    gosh!! as in omg!! carla and maui indee sila bagay!! hope maipartner si mikee sa ibang girls. i guess louise and mikee will do!! mas gaganda ang show if ipapasok nila si nicole and si robi. wink wink.. :)

  • quinie

    mikee!! your so cute!! hope punta ulet qau sa sm pampanga fo another mall tour!! morepOwer!! Godbless.. xoxo!! wink wink.. :)

  • quinie

    mikee!! your so cute talaga!! as in!! hope to see you ulit soOn!! Godbless!! :)

  • quinie

    maui and carla are not bagay.. hope ipartner sa iba si maui..

  • Baby Jandy

    i really love lipgloss.. but sometimes i hate edge.. mostly talaga..kasi babaero

  • Edward Cullen Is My Bitch

    I love that show, it’s a weekend fap-fest! Hot girls everywhere I fap at everyone at the show even the trees man!

    And that girl na medyo chubby and mestiza, yung medyo parang eng-eng? Yung may dyslexia ata! Man, I just wanna rip her clothes apart and her delicious undies and rape her violently! Those uniforms!Yeah!

  • dez

    hi i am avid fan of maui, well, tama kau hinde cila bagay ni carla, mas bagay si maui at louise hope na sa dinggin ang wish ko heheheh…….ilove maui……….asar ako kay poknat hinde naman magaling eh…………………….basta maui or mikee iloveit………..

  • Mhaya14

    i like the show.. ang ganda. nagagandahan ako sa story at sa mga cast.

    wala akong pakialam kung laitin nyo ko.. tv5 really appeals to my taste.

    i don’t care if you throw insults at me for being totoo.

  • ——-

    WHAT THE HELL?! You peo-ple think it’s corny. Hahaha. LIPGLOSS is amazing. It tells us about how teenagers are now and we can learn lessons from it. If you think it’s corny, then skip your teenage life!

  • ——-

    I’m so addicted with LIPGLOSS especially when it comes to RODJUN CRUZ and MAXINE EIGENMANN. LIPGLOSS ROCKS

  • koizumi

    Hey, what happened on the Feb. 21 and 28 episode? Gosh, I missed it!

  • mari

    It’s sooo cool!! its so nice. The usual “teen” situations are seen here. I can’t even miss a single episode. I suggest that there should be a promo for lipgloss. A meet and greet promo.

  • Plague

    ~this TV series got me hooked again watching since ~My Girl~ & ~My Only Hope~….

    ~Fresh cast ..the story, another slice of life struggle….

  • aRiza

    i LOve lipgLoss!!

    ang gwapo tlga ni Poknat sa personal….


  • gOssIp_eMo

    sA mGa nAuNanG nGkOmmEnt,.
    mAnUoD kAu pArA mLaman niU nA mSa mGAnDA Ang lIpGloSS..]
    wAg nGa kAu mPaNghUsGa..
    e kUng kAu kYa guMaWa.. kYa nIu..

    #1 FAN of LIPGLOSS

    condolences to saab magalona..
    may ur father rest in peace..

  • gOssIp_eMo

    all the actors & actresses are good..
    all of them..

    ansasakit nyo magsalita..

    & u MAYA!!

    bka ikaw uncool..


  • kaye

    condolence to magalona family.

    .stay strong.
    .we love you.

  • leezie

    cute naman ang ligloss ah..
    for those people na nag sasabi na corny ang show na to..
    so what,, eh yung mga scene nga na yun yung nag a-add ng cuteness sa show..

    sana lang tlaga, si maui(mikee) eh wag namang ipartner sa mas bata sa kania..’
    i have nothing against carla,she is cute nga eh boyish character turns to girlie girlie teen..pero obvious kasi na she’s too young to pair to maui eh diba..

    condolence to the magalona family.

  • jane13

    honestly speaking,

    may ibubuga talaga ang mga pinoy!
    ang gagaling ng mga cast sa lipgloss
    even some are baguhan.

    their efforts are really seen on the soap.
    i salute them.
    ang gagaling nila.

  • jane13


    eUreka04—- salamat sa song list!
    i’ve been looking for that
    and many other fans!
    tahnx so much! =P


    Actually now lang me nanuood ng show (Season 3). Na hook ako and I love the fact na hindi siya puro drama. It’s so funny how they keep pushing the gay Jose Mari to girls and also the adventures of Poknat. I’m a Gossip Girl fan and I must say hindi gaya gaya ang Lip Gloss. I guess naging inspiration lang nila ang GG sa umpisa.

    So sa lahat ng mga HATERS at TALANGKA diyan ito lang ang masasabi ko sa inyo:


    and para sa mga Pinoy na kinahihiya ang gawang pinoy sa mundo.

    - Magsilayas na kayo dito sa Pinas at magapply ng citizenship sa bansang manghang-mangha kayo. Mga mapag-panggap.

    Also I know this is off topic pero I HATE Pinoys na kapag nasa lugar na maganda dito sa Pilipinas o nakakita ng magandang obra, ang laging bukang bibig ay WOW, PARANG WALA TAYO SA PILIPINAS AT WOW PARANG IMPORTED. Baguhin niyo na please ang mga baluktot nyong pagiisip. WOW talaga ang Pinas at mga Pinoy hindi niyo lang alam kasi maciado kayong hangang-hanga sa mga dayuhan.

  • kaye

    di ko napanuod why Abby and Jake parted ways?. it all started?.

    -anyone?. help?

  • jane13

    ilove RODJUN CRUZ!…. =)

  • jane13

    i love RODJUN CRUZ!…. =)

  • poylaurel

    generally, filipinos don’t like their own shows because it’s baduy, a copycat, etc. etc. and they like foreign shows… is it because they’re original?

    and what’s so wrong with adaptations, when almost every country does that, even the US? even asian countries like korea, taiwan and japan do adaptations, if not from another show, from books or mangas or what-have-you. but you’d never hear people from their own countries bash the shows the way we do.

    kung napapangitan kayo sa drama natin, then why not make your own, tignan natin what you can come up with. these dramas were hard, serious work, so bashing them rather than giving constructive criticisms are unfair for the producers, the directors, even the actors.

    i love watching taiwanese, korean, japanese dramas, and even pinoy dramas. instead of having a preconceived notion that pinoy dramas are baduy, why not clear your mind off any criticisms and enjoy the show first? masyado na tayong conditioned with the american style of dramas, e iba naman ang culture nila sa culture natin.

    all it takes to enjoy a show is to have an open mind. when you close your eyes and shut your ears to filipino dramas, then it will always appear bad for you, no matter how good they are presented.

  • kayle michael

    they not copying GG, but is inspired by GG

  • lalala

    this is so cool kaya because of rodjun cruz! yay! :D:D super hot nya.

  • lalala


  • jhei11

    .,nU nga ung title nung theme song ng lipgloss?
    its not lipgloss by lilmama ee. .
    may i know what’s its title?

    kip supporting lipgloss!
    esp. maxene and saab. .


  • clarys

    hi poh<<<<<<<<kailan ung mall tours ng lipglosstv5…..o kea ung website kng paaano malalaman un..pls

  • jestoni

    sana poh isama nyu naman c nicole uysusieng dyan sa lipgloos plzzzzzz

  • jestoni

    guztong-guzto ko talaga ang lipgloss lalo na c sab idol ko talaga cya!!!!!!!!!

  • zarx of st john the apostle acdemy

    sana poh makasama naman c nicole dyan kac paborito ko talaga sya!!!!!!!!!!!thank you very much!!!!!!!love ya!!!!!!!!!

  • zarx of st john the apostle acdemy

    love ko talaga ang lipgloss lalo na kung makakasama dyan c nicole ,,,,lagi ko cyang papanoodin!!!!!at saka pwede paki greet naman ung classmate ko c janen &jonalyn ,,,dahil sinabihan ko clang manood ng lipgloss ,,,,,,,lalong-lalo na c janen nagkwekwentuhan pa nga kami tuwing monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you very much tv5 shake mo tv mo

  • jonalyn delos angeles

    hello tv5 alm nyo ba na love na love ko ang lipgosslalo na ngaun na may bagong cast ,,c brent

  • jestoni balane

    wish ko sana maging member ng LIPGLOSS c ate nicole kac idol ko po talaga sya,,,,,,,,thank you tv5\!!!!!!shake mo tv mo !!!!!!!!!!

  • janen pardo

    sana poh buamlik na c sam concepdion dyan sa LIPGLOSSat saka si ate chezka!!ty

  • =layli08=

    super ganda…….
    pang age kuh talga…..
    cute ni julliby………
    crush koh c ejay falcon c santi!!!!!!!!!

  • [+]dharkhizta[+]

    ang lufet talaga ng lipgloss,
    walang katulad.,,
    nice program!!
    keep it up.!!!

  • migo_yuel

    sa tingin ko…

    maganda as a tv series ang LIPGLOSS.. kaya lang
    hindi xa maxadong applicable dito sa bansa natin.
    hindi naman kasi karamihan ng mga kabataan dito sa Pilipinas ay nakakapasok sa mga exclusive schools dahil nga hindi kaya ng kanilang socio-economic status.

    kung inspired man yung series o trying hard copycat ng gossip girl, e kayo na bahalang magsabi.

    para sa kin, mas maganda lang kung mas linocalize yung theme nung story. mas ginawang Philippines yung setting para naman mas makita natin yung status ng mga kabataan dito sa bansa.

    dun sa ibang nacu-cute-an sa pagpu-push kay Jose Mari (not sure, basat yung i think e gay) para magustuhan ang girls, i think napakasexist nya para sa mga homo/bisexuals. e anu naman kung magustuhan nila ay from the same sex, that’s their preference. wala na tayong magagawa dun kundi tanggapin yun tulad ng wala tayong magagawa pag umulan kung hindi ang magpayong, magkapote o sumilong dahil mahirap pigilin ang ulan.

    + i also agree na dapat wag ipartner ni mikee sa mas bata sila, hindi sila bagay. haha.
    + sana hindi puro selosan ang nakikita, sana may patayan din, joke lang. haha.
    + sana wag maxadong ipakita ang katawan ng mga kabataan kasi parang nagpropromote pa xa ng pornography. (opo, pornography na yan kahit walang pinapakitang hindi dapat ipakita.)

    marami pa ako gusto sabihin pero next time nalang. pag nanuod ako ulet ng lipgloss.

  • joberth

    maui @ carla sbrang bgay kau dont give up maui kyang kya u yan

  • Keitarou Kim


    ..jux wana axk..

    ..wat ung theme song ng lip gloss..?

    ..un na ba ung song ni Lil Mama..?


  • dez

    hi maui, mikee iloveu, lipgloss ok naman ang mga act ng lahat…..

  • dez

    but i hate carla and poknat..

  • mela

    hi po,.,

    anu po b ung mga kntang ginagamit sa lipgloss,.,

    ang cute po kc e,.,

    hi dn po sa mga cast,.,

    ang galing nu pong lhat,.,

    keep up the good work po,.

    kip safe,.,


  • :)mashi:)

    ang cool tlga ng lipgloss.
    nkakatuwang panuorin ang tarayan nina abby at camille..hmmnn..cnu n kya ang lalamang, ngaun na nkuha n ni abby ang mana nya?

    hayyss..kh8 na sinsbing kinopya lng to sa plabs ng ibng bnsa, mganda p rin kung pnu gumaganap ung mga artista..

  • inki

    the show’s soo cool.. too bad im misssing it for a couple of weeks now… they have a replay right, anyine know kelan sa tv5 un???

    any mall show??
    i would love to see them esp edge and ejay..

    i think, sir aldrech and louise’s love angle is soo okay, sana di na nilagay si lian..
    and san napulot yung brent, andameng mas okay jan… tnaggalin yan…

    bring nback edge and meg’s love story while adding ejay for a triangle..

    sana di na nilagay c matt evans jan…

    kaloi and julivee are awesome…

    all the best for this show…updates on mall shows..

  • Blair Waldorf

    DUH!!! wla nang mkakapalit at mkkagaya kay chuck!!! DUH!!! tsaka san naman kaya kayo kukuha ng mga damit tulad ng gingmit nila sa gossip girl? DAAHHH!!! tsaka wala nang pwedeng pumantay sa pagkabitchy ni Blair noh…

    xoxo Gossip Girl…

  • iloveedward

    i wonder where lipgloss gets its songs. i like them :)

  • knikol

    hmn. i really dislike carla. no offense for those who like her. i hope maui will be partnered with someone else. and yeah, it’ll be exciting if robi’s there. haha. dont compare lipgloss to gg. pls lng.

  • Bea

    I am really an avid fan of lipgloss. I really wait for it every Saturday. i just saw the episode a while ago and I love the team up of Louise and Edge..they are just so cute together.. no offense to the Meg and Edge, Edge and Abby and Louise and Jiggo fans. I hate the person who placed the bomb during Meg’s wedding and I think it was Ejay a.k.a. Santino. Well, I am eagerly waiting for the next episode and wondering who’ll die and survive.

  • deathnoter L

    thiS apRil ko plang nApanooD anF LG..^^, i was amazed^^…ganDa, even puRo flaShbaCk nlAnG nApanooD ko..hahhaa…ang tArAy ni aBbY..>>( hi boy..cold body..perfect..hahahaha…gAnDa^^…well, i was kinDa ShoCkEd anD saD daHil sa sumabog nA bomB..(hehehe)..hAii, sanA walAng nAmAtAY…huhuhuh

  • Kandida

    ugh! i dont wanna say this but nakakahiya n ang philippine showbusiness.. do u know american-owned blog.i think connected talga yon sa CW.nwe, there was a forum there at napag-usapan nila how copycats ang mga filipinos at trying hard..

  • undefined

    hi, may i join ??ahaha .. add me ..joy_undefined14 .. that’s my YM id .. tnx ..

  • megan

    Sa mga nanglalait ng lipgloss wag naman kayong maging judgemental. Watch before u comment.Tanungin niyo sa sarili niyo kung never ba kayong kumopya ng ideas ng iba!!!!!!!!!!! che na lang sa inyo

  • kyut

    maganda siya

  • kyut

    ayus naman ang story niya….
    d naman cguro nkakahiya yun kasi normal lang yung
    kumopya ng ideya sa iba..

  • chona cuTe

    omg!!!grabe naman yung nangyari sa kanila nung sabado!!
    sana mahuli na ung nagtaniM NG BOMBA ,,,,,wish ko lang aT saka sana walang mamatay sa kanila …………………..

  • chona cuTe

    grave nag-away pala si meg at saka si abby ?????? hindi ko yun alam ahhh,,,,, sana wag nang maulit yun…………………….

  • chona cuTe

    naku ,,,,tama naman si megan ,,,,kampi ako sau ….wag nga naman kau munang mag judge panoorin nyo naman muna!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • chona cuTe

    ate inki ,,dyan naman ako hindi papayag na tanggalin na si brent or should i just say na si nico ibaviosa ang cute kaya ,,,wala ka namang taste!!!!!!!!!

  • chona cuTe

    grabe ang galing namang mag away ni abby at saka camile sana maulit pa yun,,,ang taray talaga ni nina jose ang cute ……………….

  • kingtrice

    sexy ni maxeme!!pti c nina love you 2!!!!muahhxx!!!!!

  • lexi

    i am a huge fan of gossipgirl, yes i was a bit appalled when i heard about lipgloss, but then again, ginawa yan ng writers as a strategic move,kung bumebenta ang gossipgirl, why not make a local version? saka it was intriguing din kasi how the artistas will play their blair-serena-dan-nate-chuck-etc. versions.

    nung simula i guess medyo nakakairita kasi the storyline was too familiar na, pero at least ngayon lumayo na sya sa plot ng gg. ill give lipgloss points for that.

  • katarina

    whatever…kung hindi niyo gusto e di wag niyo panuorin…

    kayo basta may masabi lang..

    tao tlga

  • aldrich

    w0w gnda ng lipgloss!!!SOBRA
    go guyz alam ko keep up the good work
    pagandahin nyu pa ang lipgloss aabangan ko yun

  • ms.emo

    aww.. i luv this movie..

    ok lang naman paminsan -minsan may kopyahin ang mga pilipino sa ma taga iabang bansa… kasi karamihan din naman ng kinakain.culture…at places dito sa pinas ay dinarayo nila…

    saka malaking pag kakaiba naman to sa ibang country.. kasi khit parehas ng story at least mga pilipino pa rin ang naganap sa mga ito..

    sana weekdays niyo na ipalabas tong movie na to.. or khit twice..

    ang ganda kasi eh! nakakarelate yung mga may lovelife na :)

    i luv diz movie…
    sana di agad mawala tong movie na to..

    kasi its a gud movies for the teenagers..!!!

    i love LIPGLOSS.. :)

  • xy

    ano nman kung “kinopya” ang isang foreign series? Is that a big deal? I don’t think so. Yeah, maybe the format was copied. Pwede naman na ginaya natin yung format pero dahil sa nakikita ng Lipgloss that it would fit and would have a big impact especially on our teens kaya nila ginawa ito.

    Ang talagang concern ko dito is ang sinasabi ninyong wala talagang originality ang pinoy. Siguro totoo nga. Bakit? Di ba tayo pwedeng gumaya ng format at lagyan ng Pinoy taste. What’s important in creating all these shows is that mayroon tayong nakukuha dito, values, fun, enjoyment….

    Hwag kayong masyadong nega……. Masyado niyong minamaliit ang Pinoy. Ginaya nga. Mas pinagbuti naman…..


  • butterfly

    pls lagay niyo na sa youtube ang season3 part9 ng lipgloss tv5 sno mga nabuhay? ast sino mga namatay?..GREAT job.. lipgloss is cool:)

  • butterfly

    lets support lipgloss

  • toni

    grabe naman nakakatamad nung sabado hindi cla nagpalbas ,,,,,,grabe hinintay ko pa naman!!!!!!!!!!!sana wag nang maulit yun!!!!!!

  • dez

    hay naku, cno cno kaya ang nasurvive at cno naman ung namatay…..waalang lipgloss nung sat..ganun talaga eh….pero ok lng para tumagal heheh………..basta ako guess ko lng na mamatay i think its saab, diana……….mga survivor, mikee, jake, edge and the rest……….basta watche na lang tau on saturday…okkey hula ko lng un hah……….

  • ceylaviene_27

    i have watched the series for many times and it seems a good one. Maganda din kasi yung story.

  • eUreka04

    @ # toni Says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    grabe naman nakakatamad nung sabado hindi cla nagpalbas ,,,,,,grabe hinintay ko pa naman!!!!!!!!!!!sana wag nang maulit yun!!!!!!

    -kxe poh black saturday nun ayt???

    ibig sbihin holy wik p keah wla un mga regular shows

  • CJ



    i will miss you

  • christelle arandia

    too bad. thank God na hindi na nadamay yung iba.

    si SANTINO din yung nag-lagay ng bomb.
    akala ko hindi sya. haays. nawala na yung 2 sa original cast ng LIPGLOSS. :(

  • angelbann

    ♥♥wish ku xana d pa mwala ang lipgloss,, huhuhu,,asar pag nwala un,, ganda ganda ,, wish ku ol da best para lalung mpgnda ang lipgloss,,♥♥

    [kseh nmn wehh un lng mganda high skull life showw]
    [asar kase ang ibng channel,,jokes hehe,,]
    [more power sa tv5 and GMA]

  • http://friendster quite

    hala graveh idol q tlga si nico!

  • k.27

    so sad!!

    wala na si saab….she’s the only thing that’s why i watch lipgloss every sat…so sad talaga….pero i’ll still watch it pa rin,kevin lapena is kinda cute….ganda talaga ng lipgloss…btw,i like saab magalona and her sis maxene magalona…

    go maxene and saab!!! <3

    sana tumagal pa lipgloss!!!!

  • maldita



  • ..=p

    can somebody please tell me where can i watch the previous episodes of lip gloss other thyan youtube??

  • macmyl

    i rily luv it…specialy abby..h8 niña so much…so OA…prang mrong sk8,msydong mhnhin…

  • macmyl

    i failed to watch the last week episode…huhu….ung ndsgrasya cla..

  • maldita

    TO WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES: then search “lipgloss”

  • VITO

    i think this show is better than Helium Club on facebook.

  • ksmm.27

    ano nangyari last week?? can anyone answer my question?? thank you…

    thank you so much…

  • maldita

    watch it yourslef at

  • wEz

    When and where will be the next mall tour of lipgloss??? Thanks!

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    please! wag niong laiting ang lipgloss!!! juzt gonna ask!! nanunuod ba kyo ng every episode ng lipgloss??? bnga ate di nila kinopya buong show ng gossip girl eh!! pslamat nlang kayo!! Most of all!!! nkita nio nmn kung cno ang mga cast di ba??
    … Nasasaktan nmn ang my mga gusto sa LipGloss!! kya please don’t judgehe TV Series!!!
    Hope u understand!!
    Cool pa nmn ung Cast! lalo na sila ….
    KEvin, Rojun, Saab, Mikee and Maxx Eigenman, Louisse

  • Ale

    The real people that plays the role in ever-trying hard GG adaptation, Lip Gloss doesn’t have anything to do with my disgust to the story line of the show. THE WRITERS CAN MAKE THEIR OWN “TEEN” STORY with Filipino taste. For once, let us be ORIGINAL.

  • http://friendster sczahmn

    hai,…..naku ndi n q mkpghintai qng anung mangya2ri………..
    sna mkta q cla in personal

  • http://friendster sczahmn

    mgmall tour nmn kau s lucena pls..s mai quezon province……….

    sna mgdag2 p kau ng uba png characters……………..

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    maganda nmn ang lipgloss ahh.nung una nkakainis kse parang msyado nila gnagaya yung gossip girl..pero habang tumtgal nmn e gmgnda ung lipgloss dba??suportahan nlang may mga bagong nddiscover na artistang kabataan!!..woot!!:)

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    kung sino man ang nakakakilala kay john aldeza na kirat pakisabi na dimonyo sya!!!
    thats all thank you!!!

  • copied

    pero joke lang pohh yung sinabi koh,,,
    guzto ko lang ho na isuggest na pwede po bang isama nyo naman si nicole of pbb

  • copied

    annoucement lang poh ,, kung sino man po ang nakakakkilala kay john aldeza na kirat oakisabi po na dimonyo sya from
    thats all thank you!!!!!!1

  • Iya Misa


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    sino po ba ung bagong cast?? i hope maganda sya,,,
    pero guess ko si valerie weigmann

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    pero,, wait lang sino po ba ung bagong girl?? is it valerie weigmann??

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    love na love talaga namin ito ng classmate ko na si janen at jonalyn,,
    grabe talaga !!!!!!!

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    rili luv doz songs, di ko nga lng alam ang title…

  • jude09

    eh, ano ba talaga tayong mga pinoy? ha? diba pinoy’s known for gaya-gaya? ano ba,parang hindi kayo pilipino.. dapat alam nyo kung ano tayo.., ahmm siguro you’re not filipinos.,k, i understand.. ganun naman talaga impressions ng west sa east.. ukey., maganda naman ang lipgloss,okey lang yung ginagaya-gaya.. hindi lang din naman gossip girl ang ginagaya eh,diba? yung METEOR GARDEN,diba may versions pang HANA YORI DANGO and BOYS OVER FLOWERS? yung BETTY LA FEA, ang daming versions from different countries., MY GIRL.,MARIMAR,dami pah..

  • Blank

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  • ashie07


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  • ashie07


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  • mEgumi_chaN

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    10:00 1 LITER OF TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    hi…..ang cute nilang lahat so adventure ng story and so fun

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  • Echizen

    bkt nman inalis c jake?! we like the jake-abby loveteam! sn bumalik sya, cla ang fave nming ng mga cousins k among all the characters, sn ibalik sya…

  • shiai

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  • shiai

    SANA NAMAN AGA-AGAHAN ANG LIPGLOSS KASI SOME OF AS IS SO B.C LIKE ME AND MY OTHER FRIEND ……………..PLZZZZZZZZ… GIVE ME SOME INFROMATION ABOUT OLL OF DEM………………..Sinong mabait helpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!me naman pooooooooo……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shai

    hi….. ui wat na po ung answer kht ano basta tungkol sa kanila……….tnx po

  • nakatok

    para sayo ate ASHIE07 ….
    at ang theme song nila ang SO FAB ….
    sorry ha yan lang alam ko nalimutan ko kasi yung iba ehhh,,,

  • jm

    comment for ASHIE07

    ung mga new songs sa lipgloss mga kantang pang T.A.O now if di mo alam un it means hindi ka T.A.O your a big losser A.L.I.E.N hahahahahaha


  • copied

    ang galing talaga ni regine angeles!!!!
    my god…
    I LOVE HER,, bagay sa kanya ung role nya…
    pero sino po ba ung step sister nya hindi ko kasi sya kilala ehhh??

  • shai

    OMG….. ang cute ng uniform nla .i like it much better pa cguro kung ang magiging sexy sila dun or kung makikita ang figure nila di ba……….?!!!!!!!

  • (¯`·._)º°mOomin el ey07°º(¯`·._)

    sna pu lgAy nyO pu uNg buOng kAnTa mGa pnpLay sA LipgLosS..

    aNg gA2nda pU kc ehhh, hNTayInq pU yn ahhh

    tNxzz pU..

    kip Up d gUd wOrk

  • xianne_vienne

    i have already watched lipgloss a lot of times and i never missed an episode. even though its just copied from abroad, na prove din ng mga filipino’s that we could create things that could be easily carried out abroad. its just a matter of support for the show. lets not practice colonial mentality too much. :)

  • shai

    har…har…har………para dun sa matatalas ang dila sa pang huhusga……ingat ingat lng because u dont even know the person better.

  • copied

    ang cute talaga ni maxine eigenman…..

  • copied

    bakit naman inalis si ate saab ,,,,,
    sayang ang galing pa naman nya…..

  • copied

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    bagay sa kanya yung ROLE nya!!!

  • sydney

    hi…anu po ba title nang song ung kai lovi poe at edge…ung season 4 na yata ung nasa pool sila tpos dumating ung bodyguards niya…pls reply…

  • lipgloss


    wait.. if u don’t like d show guys..

    di wag nyong panoorin.. ndi nman cguro tama na mgsalita kau ng ganyan about lipgloss..

    n isa pa, ndi nman kau pinipilit na panoorin dba.. soo i guess, wag na lng kau magreact if u don’t like it..!

  • Rofl

    Kadiri talaga, low-budget

  • joemar

    hi………. powe may tanong powe aq tungkol sa relasyo ni caloy and jullivy
    sa cson 4 anu ang mangyaya ri kac powe
    pans powe aqu ni jullivy

  • Heizhel

    GOOD STORY but not realistic. The cast habang tumatagal gumagaling n umarte.. pls ibalik nyo s scene c mikee lee and ejey falcon.. haha


    I do appreciated the show please give me the background songs title and artist esp. the love song of a guy starting the lyrics…. What a perfect…

  • andrie

    please give the lists of titles songs and artists of the background songs all played. Thanks and keep up the good shows

  • lea

    actually, i like this show, kahit maarte mga actors and actress. this show shows the situations of teens in the philippines now. katulad ni abby na buntis ke edge dati, ganun ganun. there are situations in the show that we can all relate to. maybe they even put up that show is to teach us mga teens that there is some things that we have to be aware about. if you dont like the show, dont bother to watch it. if your ashamed of the philippines copying other countries it would be better to not call your self pinoy just because your ashamed of your own country. un lang. ..

    i think umalis c saab kasi namatay ang dad niya? then maybe she wants to rest and have more time with her family?.. ewan. guess ko lang. xD

  • lea

    *actors and actresses

  • copied

    sigurado ka ba ate lea….
    buntis ba talaga si abby,,, hindi naman ate ahh…

  • copied

    ang cute talagang kontra bida ni regine angeles!!!!!!!!

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  • http://yahoo jasmine

    ..sino bah talaga maka2tuluyan ni abby and louis?…

  • http://yahoo jasmine

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  • ezralein joy ramos

    favorite ko talaga ung lipgloss because it’s so coooooooooooooool!!!!! favorite ko si abby at c carla.

  • jasmine castro

    joy, you’re right lipgloss is so cool! but my favorite is saab magalona a.k.a. meg madrigal

  • http://none louie sarmiento

    dear lipgloss gsto ko snang mapabilang sa cast ng lipgloss,maputi ako,matangos ng ilong ko,matangkad,korean looks,college student,,,sna po kailanganan nyo ng bagong star,,,maituturin ko po ng utang ng loob,,,tiga pampanga po ako,,,tnx po

  • princess

    super ganda ng lipgloss ..

    parang nd konplito saturday ko pg-nd ako nakanood ng lipgloss ..

    ilab Neil Coleta .. super cute nya ..

    more power !
    god bless

  • just_a_fan

    KUDOS to LIPGLOSS, the cast and the crew! Good job for creating such a TV show and for managing to surpass all of the critism being trown at you, congrats!

    I love this show, I was hooked the very first episode… I love the concept and everything about it, including its flaws and shortcomings… which makes it unique yet very likeable…

    However, even though I have tried my best to watch it every saturday (even friday nights, which is a replay of the last episode) some uncontrolled circumstances made me miss several shows, which then made me confused…

    I have noticed that there are several new characters and most of the starters have gone missing and are replaced… I miss Ziggy, especially her accent :P

    Still, kahit ganun ang nangyari I will still keep on watching IT and for those who keep on comparing the show to its so called original counterpart GOSSIP GIRL mind you that I also watch it and I am a fan of latter as well but I still enjoy watching the LIPGLOSS. Why not give the show a chance and if you are still bothered of it being a “cheap immitation of the original” then please stop watching it… Its as simple as that… :)

    and lastly,
    Keep it up guys, I am still here eagerly waiting for the next episode.


  • just_a_fan

    * for surpassing all of the critism thrown at you

  • http://facebook kimberly

    grabe ang ganda nyung lhat at gwapo ng lhat,

    at message ko kay(CALOY) SANA KAY (JULLIVIE) WAG KA NA KAY (LIZZA)





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    ganda rin ni abby

    lagi ko kayong pinapanuod

    sana makita ko kau in person


  • http://none may

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    wag na c liza
    galing mo pala sasayaw,nung nasa kulungan ka

    sana malaman na ni abby na may ibang gusto c nox
    wag na siyang mainlove don

  • rach


    gnda nan lipgloss knina..;))

    kip up d gudwork guys!xDD

    love it..


  • rach

    ui, iblik neu nmn c meg nd d other casts n ntnggal na!

    reunion b, ung gnun..

    example, c meg d nmn pla nmty, ung gnun! o kea reincarnation.


    sna accept neu request qo..


  • tine

    i really love the show..stop comparing it with gossip girls..please lang proud na lng po sa napo produce ng mga pinoy..i really love watching this, nahawa na nga sakin yung bf ko..sooooo true kasi yung mga ngyayari sa mga teens eh..

    i love max pretty, gorgeous and soooooo hot!!!

    kip it up guys..

  • fabgurl

    hey guyz! may ilalabas bang DVD ng lipgloss??.. pls reply:)

  • fabgurl

    hey pipz.. cnu po pwd mag kwento sakin ng season 2??:)..plssssssss:)

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    zAn pA kaU TV 5 na…………

  • josely

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    bsta ung my lyrics na “you change my mind you clean me up”…..
    sna lam nyo fav. ko kc un..

  • alyssa

    Maganda kaya lagi na lang nagpapalit ng loveteam
    kala k si meg tska si edge tas di pala ka
    tas kala ko si abby na tska edge di pa pa rin pala…
    ngayon kay lovi poe nman…….

    sana mkasali ako sa lipgloss……..

    as in sana poh.

  • art

    All the while, I thought that they are doing the shoot in Ateneo because of the bluish school environment but I was wrong. They do the shooting pala in Lyceum University..

  • fluffysasha

    di ko napanood yesterday yung last part na lang nang umayaw na si poknat……replay ba mamaya

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    d’ best cla pra smen…

  • jesh

    Midnight DJ is no longer fun to watch……….the new psychic is sooo unrealistic….I like to watch it because of Erich or Chicklet antics………Please remain her as the cast and not anybody else….Chemistry between Oyo and her is amazing….Thanks..

  • copied

    ate jesh LIPGLOSS po ito hindi MIDNIGHT DJ

  • copied

    medyo hindi na po ako nagagandahan sa lipgloss,,,kasi wala nang nag-aaway,,,,,miss ko na po ung away!!!!!!!1

  • julia


  • ..jhez:)

    ..haixt..luv ko tLgah.

    .ang mga cAst:)..

  • mark

    bkt nmn poh aalisin ung lipgloss
    bkt nmn poh ganun
    nakakainis nmn poh oh……
    idol ko pa nmn c kaloy dun ai………….
    gusto q png mpanuod ung lipgloss eh
    pwede poh bang gumwa p kayo ng
    season 3 ng lipgloss please????????
    s lahat nga poh pala ng cast ng lipgloss???”’””
    pwede nio poh b aqng i-ad
    eto nga poh pl e-ad q?????????
    tnx poh pl ??????????///////

  • Jella

    Lipgloss is a really good show!FYI people do not judge others first just look at yourself at the mirror because only God can judge all of us and you do not have the right to say those bad things you’re telling.Yung iba sa inyo hindi niyo man lang naaapriciate yung show.

  • faye angeline silvestrece

    grabe i will alwayz luv lipgloss….even if mag-fifinale na…hehehe…hi sa mga taga-lnhs lalo na sa mga diamondians…faye here…

  • eiindhyel

    eii… tPOs na ba LIPGLOSS?? la n ba ksuNOd un?? KBITIN nmn.. bLIk niu na PO lipGLOss uLit..
    gNda kc nmn sTORy e.. :))

  • fluffysasha

    di ko napanood last night ang lipgloss (yung replay), ngayon di ko naman napanood yung last episaode…tapos ilang weeks nang wala sa pinoychannel….kaniis talga

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    ang galin poh talaga ng lipgloss,,,,,,,,,,,, sana poh maulit uli,,,, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    nakakainis nanman,,,
    bakit natapos agad….mamimiss ko poh kayo,,,,
    sana mey part 2

  • http://n/a roxanne

    ang cuTe cutE NI brEnt…Hehe..
    4 me oK lng NMan unG LIPgLOsS..
    mejO Magulo lNG..
    BGlang Maiiba ung cTUAXOn..
    MOrE iMprovement..LNG cguro..s WRitER ND DiRECtor..oKs lNG uNG mGA ArTist..
    Sna IBalIK nyU c Saab Kc xA aNG pnAkagUzto qnG gIrl s LiPglOss..
    SNa mksma dn aQ s CAST nG LIPgLOss..hehE..
    GOdbLeSS ND mORE powER..

  • pat

    hmmp. kelan nio po babalik lipgloss?
    d complete saturday q pag d ko po un napanuod ei..

  • pat

    xana pag blik ng lipgloss
    blik nio c ziggy saka c kyle pati c sab magalona
    lov lo characters nila eee’

  • pat

    .bitin po ung finale nia

  • pat






  • dhavie

    hay nku gnda tlga ng lipgloss ka2inluv ung mga cast nla dun……..
    sna my su2nod pang episode!!!!

  • http://friendser MICHEEL

    hi ,, NG GnDa niAng pAlabas nA yAn !!

  • fluffysasha

    sa wakas kahit kalahati inabot ko ang replay ng finale…..sana meron lipgloss mamaya…..

  • mark

    s lahat ng cast ng lipgloss
    sana wag nyong pakinggan yung mga
    negative comments and im sure na lalo pang gaganda yung lipgloss sa mga susunod na episode…..tnx………

  • lashley

    i love caloy . he’s so handsome . wii :”>

  • hans

    is there a real linden high here in philippines??

  • hans

    saan niu shinoot ung nung nwalan houz cla edge?? saka ung kinidnap c princess ava nila abby?? haha

  • tiagong akyat

    mga luko luko!! e di huwag kayo manuod para matigil na kayo! wala na kayong sinabing maganda! pwe, mga b*b*!

  • hazie

    hay wala paring lipgloss.. miss ko na si papa niel.. hehehe

  • VielsIsGorgeous ♥

    Gossip girl is still better :P
    Yea && I wonder why they die a copyyy just to have a GG in the Phil.
    Maybe it’s better to have a bit originality. But since the casts are HOTTT, well it’s okayy.
    as long as they can go with the flow.

    Good thing some girls hea are gorgeous with a capital G, and one more thing.. the shooting place is uhh.. a-awesome :D

  • VielsIsGorgeous ♥

    Gossip girl is still better :P
    Yea && I wonder why they die a copyyy just to have a GG in the Phil.
    Maybe it’s better to have a bit originality. But since the casts are HOTTT, well it’s okayy.
    as long as they can go with the flow.

    Good thing some girls hea are gorgeous with a capital G, and one more thing.. the shooting place is uhh.. a-awesome :D

  • VielsIsGorgeous ♥

    Gossip girl is still better :P
    Yea && I wonder why they die a copyyy just to have a GG in the Phil.
    Maybe it’s better to have a bit originality. But since the casts are HOTTT, well it’s okayy.
    as long as they can go with the flow.

    Good thing some girls hea are gorgeous with a capital G, and one more thing.. the shooting place is uhh.. a-awesome :D

  • anonymous

    It is true that most of our drama shows our adapted from foreign dramas and some are just remakes of the old movies or old series from the past.
    If we want to make a quality series (just a suggestion), we should focus about the Filipinos Now (attitudes, norms, culture). For example, if we want to showcase a show about teenagers, we must observe how does a typical teenager act or behave nowadays. We must apply our knowledge about the developmental stages of a teenager in terms of physical, emotional, cognitive and social how these stages affect one another. It is also a good thing to observe teenagers that do not develop typically. For example, what might have happen if we include a teenager who has a disability in a group of normal teenagers or what if we include a teenager who is still unsure of his or her gender role. We might want to focus about teenagers who are abused but tries to fit it with his or her peers.

    We must apply our conventional and present knowledge about what is happening now and translate this knowledge into a good film or good series

    Note: This is only a suggestion, we are entitled to our opinion. We should be responsible for our own actions and utterances. This is one of the many ways in determining the personality of a person.

  • anonymous

    sorry” our” should be “are” in the first sentence before adapted!
    there should be “and” word before the how these stages
    the “it” should be “in”

    Sorry I made a mistake, im only human! Forgot to proof read and check my comment!

  • anonymous

    then again i made mistakes (plural)!