List of Banned Firecrackers (Paputok) in the Philippines

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Here is the latest list of banned firecrackers or paputok in the Philippines:

1. Pacquiao – bigger and more powerful than the piccolo
2. Goodbye Gloria – is said to be able to shut off street lamps and shatter glass windows
3. Ampatuan – more powerful than pla-pla
4. Trillanes – a 16-inch long cylindrical explosive
5. Bin Laden – a powerful baby dynamite
6. Goodbye Philippines – a giant triangular firecracker which can reportedly shatter a wall.
7. Goodbye Earth – triple the size of an ordinary five-star.
8. Goodbye Universe – as large as a bucket of chicken sold at KFC
9. Watusi
10. Piccolo, Super Lolo, Lolo Thunder and Big Judah’s Belt

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