Little Dreamer Leon leaves Pinoy Dream Academy

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10-year-old Little Dreamer Leon got the boot last night in Pinoy Dream Academy season 2.

Little Dreamer Leon with his mom

Leon got 23.36% of the total votes while Kelly got 76.64%. He went home with a new Nintendo DS as consolation. Meanwhile, 9-year-old little dreamer Cristina is this week’s Outstanding Little Dreamer for her rendition of Leah Navarro’s Isang Mundo, Isang Awit.

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6 comments on “Little Dreamer Leon leaves Pinoy Dream Academy
  1. kelly says:

    laban laban laban may pagasapa ikaw

  2. Joe says:

    hahaha homo na bata pa? pakyu lol!

  3. Zweihander says:

    DS ata yung binigay, hindi PSP. Well, mas maganda naman kasi ang DS. :P

  4. leon says:

    bata pa lang HOMO na sya,… hahah

  5. fattyacid says:

    i think those kids are judt enjoying themselves.

    during the bonding moments sa LS, it is good to know that many of them like Laarni a lot compare sa ibang scholars…i guess marunong makiramadam ang mga kids…alam nila kung sino ang peke at kung sino ang totoo.

  6. Joe says:

    who..? wut da..prang mas masaya na to na umalis na, may psp pa nyahaha!


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