Little Dreamer Shane leaves Pinoy Dream Academy

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8-year-old Shane of Bulacan is the very first expelled Little Dreamer.

Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamer Shane

Shane got 46.04% of the total votes while 8-year-old Kelly got 53.96%. Upon hearing the results, Shane couldn’t help but break down in tears. Some of her fellow Little Dreamers approached her to offer consolation. Meanwhile, Angelo bagged the Outstanding Little Dreamer award for the second time in a row, but tonight Philip shared the title with him.

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13 comments on “Little Dreamer Shane leaves Pinoy Dream Academy
  1. donna says:

    I LOVE YOU SHANE!!! we all love you hope ma meet ka namin pag vacation kami jan sa pnas

  2. donna says:


  3. isabela says:

    hi kamusta kana alam mo ba idol kita katulad ni philip sige bye na pwede ba tayo maging friends?

  4. Rexon says:

    yay philip won then amy then angelo but i feel bad for cristina,risie and aubry

  5. htht says:

    guys lets sipport philip

  6. joseff says:

    post nman kau ng picture ni kelly!!tnx..

  7. joseff says:

    i love you kelly hanashimi!! khit 10 yrs old tanda ko sau heheheh..cute cute mu..gogogogo!!go Philip kia nyu yan!KELLY I LOVE YOU hahaha

  8. PCN Admin says:

    Hello everyone, sa lahat po ng fans ni Philip, you are all invited to join our group. visit, join the fun and participate in topics and help us make a Strong Support Group for Philip Nadela.


  9. mark john says:

    taray taray taray 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x……………………..

  10. mation says:

    alam nyo si kelly talaga ang magaling sa lahat dahil yan si Shane matara dahil ayaw niya magpatalo1000000x………………………………..

  11. reggie says:

    alam nyo mas maganda ang performance ni shane kia kay kelly dahil sa vote nag katalo mamatay ang bomoto kay kelly

  12. DyOsA says:

    im sad for shane…she’s such a performer pa naman…go baby…dont loose hope, try ur luck next time…U’R GREAT…

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