Lucy Torres Gomez – Marie Claire Magazine Philippines February 2009

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Lucy Torres Gomez graces the cover of the February 2009 issue of beauty and fashion magazine, Marie Claire – Philippines.

Lucy Torres Gomez - Marie Claire Magazine Philippines

In the said issue, she talks candidly about her marriage with actor Richard Gomez and shares her thoughts on love. Available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide.

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13 comments on “Lucy Torres Gomez – Marie Claire Magazine Philippines February 2009
  1. Evangeline Chiu Contreras says:

    Dear Sir:

    Kindly refer to the April issue of Marie Claire magazine, Philiipine edition.
    I had sent a feedback comment on one of the articles in your February issue article and was subsequently published in April issue.

    Do you offer gifts as I was made to understand that readers who send in comments have the privilege of these.

    Thank you.

    Faithfully yours,

    Evangeline Chiu Contreras

  2. gtm says:

    Being judgemental is also a pshychological sickness…peace…

  3. gtm says:

    hey, dont judge the person as if u know her…she didnt bother you guys so calm down,…just appreciate the beauty that lies within..

  4. wengweng says:

    kamusta nman kayoo..kung clepto eh di sana di na sya kinuha ng rustans para maging image model nila..duh..tsismis lang yan…

  5. betiful_lalola says:

    whos not a sinner? everyone has its own darkness inside…hiding…so leave the woman of gud heart alone…gudluk! lucy…magkababy na sana ulit kau ni richard!

  6. Obesity Jessica Sago says:

    The ORIGIONAL M A T U S Queen is BACK! mag ingat lang kasi baka mawala mga gamit nyo jan.

  7. tilitamsi says:

    ^^^ clepto is psychological illness its not a matter of being rich or poor….

  8. lyndon says:

    napakaganda naman ni lucy torres-gomez!!!!diyosa talaga!beautiful!huh!ere na naman itung mga ito!insecure!clepto clepto!sa yaman nya magiging clepto xa?cnu nag blind item?c cristy perminute-minute na ngaun e nasa kangkungan na ang dalahirang babae?

  9. fattyacid says:

    oo nga, totoo ba yung klepto issue against her?

  10. maya says:

    yah…marami na rin ako narinig at minsan blind item pa…

  11. Maldita says:

    Clepto nga dw yan totoo ba un? Ang Filipina version ni wynona…same clepto????

  12. tilitamsi says:

    ito bah yong nagnakaw sa rustan’s noon? at binayaran ni richard ang mga taga rustans para i withdraw ang complain?

  13. pitongaraw says:

    ganda talaga niya!

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