Makati City Police now on YouTube

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The Makati City police headed by Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz has uploaded videos on the popular video sharing web site YouTube that show the different modi operandi of criminal elements in the Philippines.

There’s the modus operandi of the Ativan Gang, Date Rape, ATM Scam, and many more. Check out the videos at The actors and actresses on the video clips are police officers themselves.

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4 comments on “Makati City Police now on YouTube
  1. madel lopez says:

    hi thanks mga police buti andyan kayo to protect us sana mas pagbutihan nyo pa.wag kayo magpapabulag sa pera kase yan ang sisira sa inyo.dapat tanggapin natin ang kung ano lang meron tayo and sabi nga ni pare god kung gano kaganda at kadami kabutihan ginagawa natin ganun kadami din ang matatangap natin.mas pagandahin nyo pa ang batas at hulihin ang masasama tao at bigyan leksiyon ang mga addict na bigyang pagasa makapagbago.thanks ang good luck makati police

  2. antonio jaymalin says:

    I was so glad the chief pnp wants to maintain the highest form of integrity in the philippine national police. The people expect within this year all the rogue and abusive cop will be discharge from the service cause this kind of policeman has no place in the society.the people are paying their taxes so they expect the best service of policeman to maintain peace and order and not themselves are the protector of illegal activities. The chief Pnp is doing his best to bring back the trust and confidence of the public to the police and as a pilipino citizen i am supporting this effort of our Chief Pnp and other high ranking police officer to bring the police closer to the public. Maybe after 5years the respect of public in a police will be restored and all the negative image of cops will be banished. My dream will oneday come that i will no longer see a cop being involve in a crime or abusing his authority.

  3. Carmelo Lisciotto says:

    Internsting update out of Makati…

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