Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez – Amazing Race Asia Season 2

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The team of 31-year-old Marc Nelson and 30-year-old Rovilson Fernandez is one of two teams that will be representing the Philippines in the second season of The Amazing Race Asia.

Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez

The Amazing Race Asia is the biggest reality production undertaken by an Asian broadcaster and season 2 promises to be bigger, bolder, and going to countries in Asia and beyond. This season also added for the first time a team from Japan. These adventurous racers made up of siblings, best friends, couples and ex-flatmates, will go all out to bag the US$100,000 prize.

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105 comments on “Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez – Amazing Race Asia Season 2
  1. queen says:

    u guyz r de best ever in amazing race history!

  2. jess says:

    oh hi……………….cute moh sobrah………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. lee boughenschtein says:

    hayst sayang tlga Well people still think marc and rovilson is the Winner!!!!

  4. mk says:

    way to go mark and rovilson. yeah, can u still join tara?
    i love u maaaaark!!! ^_^

  5. vogue vernal says:

    .guyz, can you still join in another season?

  6. vogue vernal says:

    …u really rock the race but i guess you can move on!!!

  7. marc nelson says:

    we lost da amazing race,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. HAHA says:

    HAHAHA Kakatuwa mga comments nyo.

  9. Pinoy Ako says:

    Ito dapat sinasalihan ng mga ‘loids na yan.. THE AMAZING CHROMOSOMES!

  10. chai says:

    m&r are true the winners in our hearts..

  11. jamille says:

    marc and rovilson, you guys rock..

    proud na proud ako sa inyo..
    keep up the good job!

    P.S. Ang layo ng mga itsura nyo sa mga LOIDS..

  12. HAHA says:

    HAHAHA Kakatuwa mga comment nyo.

  13. Vanessa and Paula says:

    You are still winners! Mas gwapo kayo kaysa kay Adrian at Collin and for me, yan ang mas importante. But I did hope you guys will rank in 1st place. Anyway, that is a done deal. We are so proud of you for being part of that race and emerging victorious despite defeat in the hands of those nasty chromosome abnormalities from Singapore.

  14. jenny says:

    I am going to miss waiting for TARA2 every Thursday and just to see Marc & Rovilson.

    Marc & Rovilson I am sure you 2 will have even brighter future (with more fame and fortune knocking on your door) now that the whole of Asia and beyond know who you are… HOpe to see and read about your future undertakings and achievements soon.

    You lucky people of Philippines.. you guys get to watch Marc & Rovilson on tv right?

    ANyway, i have to state the very obvious again:

    Tom Welling, etc etc)”

    Nb: God must have spent a little more time on you on Valentine’s Day.

  15. carmela rodriguez says:

    marc and rovilson…, salamat sa pagbibigay karangalan niyo sa ating bansa..:D ang galing niyo talaga…!!!goodluck na lng sa career niyo..!!! God bless…, sa mga puso nmn kayo ang 2nay na nanalo..!!!!:D

  16. julie says:

    ahhh! i turned off the TV last night at the part where the two other teams were already heading to the final pit stop! at that point it was quite obvious what the final outcome was gonna be! T.T

    anyway, i thought the camera commercials starring the contestants kinda gave away the results ages ago. one commercial starred vanessa with an appearance of rovilson at the end, and the other one starred BOTH adrian and collin… but still i kept my fingers crossed for the philippine team. but it’s OK coz they both did great and i enjoyed TARA2 just watching their antics! u guys make pinoys proud! (^o^)

  17. gay says:

    though we are third but you’ll always be first….you have raced well, you are most loved, you have been gracious and have done well… are still my best team and you won so much prizes and that is one good strategy….

    hoping that marc and rovilson will be the next host of TARA3…..hehehe….

    good job guys…..

  18. bertinelli says:

    haay….nice underdog story itong sa singapore team.

    i enjoyed watching marc and rovilson. KENKOY!!!!
    it’s okay… dami naman nilang prize for being 1st in most of the pit stops.

  19. shackattack says:

    talo pinas. masama pa na pagkatalo.
    sayang talaga.

    after what happened that final leg, i can say
    it’s MIND over muscles and looks.


  20. jenny says:

    Dear Marc & Rovilson,

    I am sure you guys were as heart broken as all of us when you got 3rd.. Its ok. you guys still raced well enough to leave a deep and lasting good impression on us…

    You are still NO.1 with us…

    Hopefully TARA will now change its policy of commencing and ending the race in the same country…especially when one of the 3 final teams are from that country….

  21. claudine says:

    You break the amazing race Asia the most number of first team to arrive. I am really disappointed that the last stop is in Singapore. Where Collin and his buddy is residing. How sad but I am not on sour graping. For me still they are the winners.

    Me and my husband are looking forward to see you on Amazing race all star.

  22. jenny says:

    Poor Marc & Rovilson. They should have been the winners. Never mind i am sure they have a bright future ahead of them now that the whole of asia and beyond know who they are…

    We still love you and think you guys are the best!!!!

  23. jenny says:

    Just 2 hours more to go and the last episode of TARA2 is on. I just cannot wait for it to get started. Very very anxious!!!

    All the BEst Marc & Rovilson!! May your guys have all the Bestest Dumb Good Luck with you that will fly you to the final pit stop/finishing as the winners of TARA2!!! I am so rooting for you guys. Go Go Go Marc & Rovilson!!!

    You GUys Da Man!!! Beat the other team hands Down!!! You are already the winners in our hearts… Good team spirit humourous polite and respectful to other teams and good racers plus good looking too !!!! LOve you guys!!!

    Happy Birthday Marc!

  24. TSK TSK says:

    “hey.. don’t be mean people.. pero malamang isa ka lang na nagbabago-bago ng name.. don’t be like that.. would you want people from other countries call your kababayan “mongoloids”??? tsk..tsk.. nakakahiya naman yung pinapakita mong image ng filipinos..”

    – Im sorry for this statement. Yeah those Singaporeans look odd, they really are special! Go Team Philippines!

  25. TSK TSK says:

    hey.. don’t be mean people.. pero malamang isa ka lang na nagbabago-bago ng name.. don’t be like that.. would you want people from other countries call your kababayan “mongoloids”??? tsk..tsk.. nakakahiya naman yung pinapakita mong image ng filipinos..

  26. Mongoloid Connection says:


  27. Ryoma Echizen and Kunimitsu Tezuka says:

    Better Go for Marc and Rovilson in the Final Pit-Stop

    Team Seigaku Salute to the Teams

  28. mero says:

    i love u mark nelson wohoo! tnx 2 u rovilson 4 the laughs

  29. Ryoam Echizen and Captain Tezuka says:



  30. Allan Wa says:

    kailangan mabigyan ng detour sina adrian at collin papunta sa clinic para magpa genetic counselling sa kalagayan nila na Down Syndrome wahahahaha. Go Team Philippines, ang galing! Vanessa mahal na kita mwahhhhh

  31. Precious says:

    RACE RESULTS: From Hungary to South Africa

    1ST. Marc and Rovilson
    2ND. Adrian and Colin
    3RD. Pamela and Vanessa

    ELIMINATE: Ann and Diane

  32. Deepblue says:

    Go Go Go Pinoy!!!
    Hope u will win to the final Race……

    To Vanessa Regards… mmmwah(,”)

  33. Palos says:

    Mga Igorot! Wahahaha

  34. Palos says:

    Igorot sina Adrian at Collin! Taga Mountain Province Kalinga, Singapore, wahahaha

  35. Cupid says:

    Allan Wu has a crush on Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez and he does not want to show it so he has to root for Adrian and Collin to be not so obvious..:) The Singaporean team are losers! Both have Down Syndrome, a condition where they have trisomy of chromosome 21. Those guys better seek medical attention and let Marc and Rovilson win! :)

  36. jenny says:

    Go Marc Rovilson…since anything can happen i sure hope you guys will turn the race around and be ist again at the next pit stop… Good LUck Guys!

    And does anyone notice that Allan seems pleased that Adrian Colliin got ist again? The way he was talking to them is like he is rooting for them?????

    Anyway… Go Marc Rovilson.. GOd Bless you win the race hands down…

  37. Cupid says:

    is marc and paula from thailand a couple? vanessa and rovilson? sweet naman nila

  38. Deepblue says:

    Sana manalo ang Team Philippines!!!
    ndi ung 2 MOngolian Bbque…..waaaaaaaaaaahahah……(*_*)

    Go Van and Pam…..!!!!
    Hope to see you here sa MY Van… I love you!!!


  39. gracie says:

    sna kau uli ang ma una sa 11 pit stop…

  40. gracie says:

    im sure you guys will win… good luck…

  41. Precious says:

    Race Results

    1st. Adrian and Colin (Win by fast forward)
    2nd. Marc and Rovilson
    3rd. Pamela and Vanessa
    4th. Ann and Diane (Yield)
    Eliminate: Paula and Natasha

  42. TK and Rachel fans says:

    You better get going to the Best and Gym buddies


  43. Sulutera (TARA 2 ADIKZ) says:


    Sa Susunod Adrian and Colin Mag solve ng problem at correct ang clue

  44. Spring Waltz says:

    sayang sana pala mga hunks din yung pinasabak sa season 1 gaya ni piolo pascual at sam milby tandem.. for sure panalo uli mga pinoy nito! Bakit kase Aubrey at Jacqueline Yu ang pinadala noon eh wala silang ginawa kundi mag make up?! Nakakahiya! At least ngayon mga hunks ang team natin panalo! Teka, loser pala yung isang team natin, si Henry at Terri, you think? (Yeah, you think?!!) Bakit kase sila pa pinili eh nakakahiya yung bunganga ng ex GRO na yun! Buti na lang na eliminate na sila. Sana sa season 3 eh may mga korean team din, chinese team rin na makasama.. kaso hirap ata mag ingles mga ito kaya wala silang mga team, hehehe. Anyway, goodluck kay Marc at Rovilson, you guys are the best! Magaling ang mga pinoy! Im looking forward for Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby for Amazing Race Asia season 3!

  45. Spring Waltz says:


  46. Allan Wu says:

    Adrian and Collin.. you are still in the race.. But I’m sorry to tell you.. that you guys look like Mongoloids! You might be eliminated in the next leg of the race if you can’t compete with Marc and Rovilson here in THE AMAZING FACE ASIA.. season 2.

  47. jenny says:

    Oh my goodness! Adrian and Collin got ist last week….thank goodness Marc and Rovilson came in 2nd… it was a really close call as Marc and Rovilson was somewhere 3rd or 4th in the leg of the race…i am now worried… because other teams seem to be doing just as well… i dont mind to see the msian teams get eliminated soon… by the way what is going on why are there so many non-elimination round in this race.?

    Any way, Go Marc & Rovilson Keep pushing harder and faster guys… you are the best!

  48. Deepblue says:

    Go Team Philippines(Marc and Rov)!!!


    Go Team Malaysia (Vanessa and Pamela)!!!

    God Bless you!!!

    I love you Van!
    Peace tyo Rov…..

  49. honey b says:

    COME ON !!!MARC N ROVILSON……….by far their the best team ever.they have true sportsman spirit in them…….GUYS KEEP ENJOYING THE RACE……..

  50. Mima says:

    I really hope that Marc and Paula are together, they’re absolutely perfect as a couple.

  51. Precious says:

    RACE RESULTS: Episode 10: Crap that 1000

    1st. Adrian and Colin
    2nd. Marc and Rovilson
    3rd. Pamela and Vanessa
    4th. Ann and Diane
    5th. (Non-Elimination): Paula and Natasha

    It’s because of Adrian and Colin didn’t solve the problem. it also find the Mark Entrance

  52. jenny says:

    Good Luck Marc and Rovilson…Go go Go and win all the legs of the race..easily

  53. - - f - - says:

    I would hesitate to believe if marc and rov didn’t win the last leg. I always watch the show because of them… nice faces, nice bodies, and team work, yeah ( I almost forgot that). They aren’t fighting and it’s a shame teri’s been such a monster to her husband. I salute henry for being soooooooo patient. If you notice it, teri’s not carrying her back pack while at race, it’s her husband who does that for her. I also apologize, for teri having thought paula and natasha splashed their boobies to get the taxi. Not all Filipinos think that way… and not all Filipino women are monsters…

  54. Anti-Kapuso says:

    HAHA TALO NA SILA HENTER = Henry at Terri

  55. jenny says:

    did you guys see the teaser for this coming’s race? please dont tell me that adrian and colin got the fast forward?? i certainly hope not….

    All the best to Marc & Rovilson… ..

  56. WALNG YIELD says:

    Pasaway sila Henry at Terri nag Yield sila Marc and Rovilson ano ka basted Away nanaman


  57. Ryoma Echizen says:

    Vanessa and Rovilson are Really Together in Sony Commercial in EPisode 9 Malaysia sisters when Vanessa Embrace and Kiss Rovilson’s Cheek

    Too bad She’s Suffer amnesia after fall 10m high a Swimming pool during Roadblock

    @Precious Thanks for Result

    Next Episode

    Adrian and Colin bad news is FORCE Disappear

  58. Indonesian Gorillas says:

    may problema ako sa internet provider ko (PLDT DSL) hindi ako makapag google. minsan pati yahoo.. hay naku

  59. Singaporean Mongoloids says:

    san makabili ng dvd nito yung complete season? yung original ha.

  60. Deepblue says:

    Hello Team Philippines!!!

    Go Go Go!!! Beat them all but don’t forget to help Vanessa’s Team…Hahahah


    Ang Ganda Talaga ni Van, Mahal ko na sya,hehehe!!! Peace Tyo Rovilson…

    Good Luck again Team Philippines!!!


  61. jenny says:

    yES! Marc & Rovilson ist again. ….poor natasha and paula…. perhaps they will be able to “return the favour” to the msian sisters soon…. i sense a FAST FORWARD coming soon… i hopw Marc & Rovilson will take it and win it again the next leg of the of luck to Marc & Rovilson….

  62. Precious says:

    Rovilson and Vanessa Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Watch sa TARA 2

    I saw Rovilson kiss and embrace na si Vanessa

  63. Precious (aka Be_Without_You) says:


    Episode 1 Signa to Pinoy
    1st Pamela and Vanessa Last 2 Non-Eliminate: Edwin and Monica
    Episode 2 Philippines
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST ELIMINATE: Edwin and Monica
    Episode 3 New Zealand 1
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST ELIMINATE: Brett and Kinar
    Episode 4 New Zealand 2
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST ELIMINATE: Aurelia and Sophie
    Episode 5 and 6 Japan to Korea
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST ELIMINATE: daichi and Sawaka
    Episode 7 Korea
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST 2 Non-Eliminate: Henry and Terri
    Episode 8 Germany 1
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST 2 Non-Eliminate: Henry and Terri
    Episode 9 Germany 2
    1st Marc and Rovilson LAST ELIMINATE: Henry and Terri

    Pasaway sila Terri at henry Nag Yield sila Marc and Rovilson
    Rovilson and Vanessa: TARA 2 Couple (Sony Commercial pa)
    Rovilson nag Pole Dancing
    Palaban na: Best Buddies vs. Gym Buddies

  64. Jenny says:

    Good luck Marc & Rovilson. Keep up the good work!!! I hope you win. Go Philippines. I’m sooooo happy Terri and Henry finally got eliminated. Watching Trinidad makes me sick.

  65. karen says:

    Hi Marc and Rovilson……..I’ll support you on your run in the amazing race asia. Don’t let Adrian and Collin catch up….
    Marc, you and Paula look good together. I wish that you will have commercial together…
    I LOVE AMAZING RACE ASIA………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. gay says:

    i liked the way you positioned yourselves in your task at the intersection… gained the lead…..hehehe…..the singaporeans could not catch up and whatever strategy they do….you’ll definitely out do them….you are really good…..:-)…..wait will have to download your pics again…..go team philippines…..good thing teri and henri are eliminated they are just so irritating…..

  67. juvylyn says:

    i never fail to watch amazing race asia every thursday, sunday and tuesday hehehe. kahit paulit ulit na hindi pa rin ako nagsasawa.

    i love marc and rovilson’s teamwork… they never fail to enjoy every challenge they have. go go go pinoys!

  68. jenny says:

    Marc and Rovilson..keep up the good run…want to see you guys win every leg of the race…Best of luck …..

  69. gay says:

    marc and rovilson….we hope to see you first in the next pitstop….don’t let those singaporeans get to you….

  70. gay says:

    we love you guys…..keep up the good work….win the race for us…..go….go….team philippines

  71. We always watch television… we wish you the best hotties

  72. pia says:

    Hi Rovilson I’m Crushing on you…. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH… mwahhhh… you’re so sweet with vannessa are you a couple? I hope so

  73. karie says:

    Everybody’s ready going crazy when your your first cmoe on and let me hear you say it now right now wooooooh…..actually thats a song from high school musical

  74. Rowie says:

    Go Marc & Rovilson………………

    Good luck…………..

    I love you

  75. Karie, says:

    henry and terri are so cheap bahala na sila sa buhay nila basta mananalo kayo

  76. Ay!! ang gwapo, ni marc GO MARC & ROVILSON, good luck … We love you . GO TEAM PHILIPPINES… were always watching amazing race asia every thursday night at 9:00 pm.

  77. Singaporean Mongoloids says:


  78. Terri and Henry says:

    wahahahahaha we don’t care!

  79. chacha says:

    waahhh…gwapo ni marc…good luck…gling nyo lgi number 1 sa pitstop ah….go kyang kya nyo yan………….

  80. Rez says:

    Grabe talagaYung nakita kong episode nila kagabi -grbaeh talaga!lagi na lang silang nangunguna sa kahit anong larangan…they’re probably the best team that the Amazing Race has ever had! Filipinos talaga ang d best sa kahit anong larangan! Pero sa totoo lang, lagi na lang nila tayong minamaliit!lalung-ano na yung mga taga-ibang bansa!

  81. Kristine says:

    Woow! These guys are the best…yup, aside from funny and cute, they are smart. I really hope they win…I mean, that we win.

  82. lynn says:

    Go Team Philippines!!!!!

    Go Mark and Rovilson!!!!!

    I never fail to watch TARA 2, and i think you two guys really rock the race!

    Rovilson and Vanessa really looked good with their SONY commercial, I hope that Mark will have his commercial with SONY too!!!

    Goodluck GUYS!!!

  83. James Yap says:

    Go team Philippines!!!!

    I hope terri could change her ways towards her husband. This is only a game. she must control her temper and just enjoy every moment it. Go Marc and Rovilson!!! Kepp up the go work amd humor!!

  84. jomme says:

    nakakahiya na si terri, sana matanggal nlng pra naman di pa siya makapag hasik ng bad omen sa mga kasama nilang pilipino sa race.

  85. solace says:

    I so hope and pray Marc and Rovilson will win. They definitely deserve to win. I also like Vanessa for Rovilson. They seem to make a cute couple (Sony Commercial). Hehe. I was disappointed when Terri and Henry were not eliminated last episode.

    Way to go Marc and Rovilson. I hope you win. If you win, can you share with me your year supply of Caltex gasoline? Hehe.

  86. rick says:


    Good Luck with the race Marc and Rovilson… I knew you will win the race…. Eventhough other teams get ahead of you, you still get the first place… i think its because of your teamwork…

    Good Luck again

  87. Marc Nelson says:

    I hate those f*ckin Singaporean mongoloids! Those guys stole our cab! Anyway, Thanks for these comments guys.. sweet.

  88. M. John says:

    Go Marc at Rovilson……Go Team Philippines

    I hope they maintain their teamwork……

    The episode is so fun to watch but si Terri….Bunganga nya….NakZ
    The Leg 6 (South Korea Part)….THE MOUTH!! Woot…..
    His husband can’t take care of her mouth anymore…..LoL

    Ok Lng…….At least nandyan sina Marc at Rovilson……

    Good Luck for Team Philippines!

  89. Sorren says:

    I super love them! I love them to win Amazing Race Asia 2! They are so lovable! They are relaxed, enjoying the whole experience, funny, smart and no wonder they attract positve vibes all the time!

    Go Marc and Rovilson!

  90. leo says:

    grabe ang bunganga ni terri! parang ewan!

  91. leo fanny says:

    go team philippines! sana ma-eliminate na sina terry and henry! go marc and rovilson! maintain your teamwork!!!!!

  92. Rachelle says:

    Oo nga sobrang bastos itong Terri pag napre pressure! Nakakahiya ka Terri!

  93. Terri Hater says:

    Mukhang ex GRO itong si Terri kaya pagbigyan na natin kung ganyan inaasal nya sa camera na napapanood sa buong asya! Sobra pagka nagger ni Terri na pati yung ita nyang asawa eh kayang kayang i under! Mababa talaga lipad nitong Terri sana mapoagalitan nito ni Gloria Macapagal para tumino!

  94. jey says:

    Terri binabago mo ang image ng mga Pinay na malambing at mapagmahal sa mga asawa … grabe! LAGI KANG NAKASIGAW!!!! hindi talaga tama na i-yield mo kapwa nya Pinoy!

  95. Rocky & Gemma says:

    My two children really love the amazing race asia 2. Marc and Rovilson are their favourite team. They will give up to dine out just to watch the amazing race every Thursday here in Bangladesh. We’re cheering for you guys! Get moving!

  96. Rebekah & Joshua says:

    We love you Marc and Rovilson! We’re so proud of you!
    From: Bangladesh

  97. tessa says:

    what terri and her husband did WAS SOOOOO WRONG. imagine yi-yield mo yun kapwa pinoy…. PARANG HELLO… DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT, good thing about it , they didnt know that they suppose to yield a team behind them……….

  98. flipadfoot says:

    i thought so too na sila ang mananalo… ang smart talaga nilang dalawa at makuha pa nilang magpatawa sa isa’t isa… hindi sila nag-aaway na dalawa as in ang galing ng teamwork nilang dalawa…

  99. Kristel says:

    I believe kayang manalo nila Marc Nelson and Rovilson sa amazing race asia. Halos lagi silang first place probably because of the fact that they are more athletic than the other teams. Plus Marc Nelosn is well travelled . Aside from they’re good looking , they are also smart. At least naredeem tayo dun sa last na amazing race asia na sila Aubrey Miles- nakakairita kasi nasa Race sila eh nakuha pang magretouch at magpaganda baka nakalimutan nilang hindi beauty contest yun he he…. GOOD LUCK TO MARC AND ROVILSON !

  100. 4everblue says:

    they’re numbah 1 also in Leg 3 @ Auckland New Zealand, go go go boys!

    Win TARA2!!!

    we luv ya :D

    Waatch TARA2 every

    thursdays @ AXN / 9 p.m.


    fridays / 12 nn

    sundays / before noon?


  101. Precious says:

    Marc at Rovilson naging first na sa Leg 2 Manila

  102. bwitchie says:

    ashush! ano kaya yun..

  103. Gloria says:

    kasi tayo mismo mga noypi (not all)… palagi tayong nagtatalo kaya tayo rin mismo ang mga natatalo…….

    d ba??? so starting from now… with regards to Philippine Television…

    kapuso – talo pa rin kayo!!!
    kapamilya – panalo kayo kung walang kalaban!!!

  104. kaPAM says:

    GOOD LUCK…!!!






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