Margaret “Maggie” Wilson – FHM Philippines March 2009

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Beauty queen Margaret “Maggie” Wilson is on the cover of the 9th anniversary special (March 2009) of FHM Philippines.

Margaret "Maggie" Wilson

Maggie was crowned Binibining Pilipinas World last 2007 and represented the Philippines in the Miss World beauty pageant that same year. She currently is a VJ for MTV Philippines.

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24 comments on “Margaret “Maggie” Wilson – FHM Philippines March 2009
  1. armado says:

    waa… maitim rin kili kili nyan… cya yung blind item dati na pa wave wave pa nung nanalo sa bb pilipinas… eww… itim kilikili…

  2. benedict says:

    Yang mga babaeng yan, kahit maghubad sa harapan ko yan, dadaanan ko lang yan….. ingat lang sya pagbalik ko …. he he he he

  3. kid says:

    nkkpgsimba pb kau??

  4. kid says:

    buhay p kau cnusunog n ang kaluluwa nyo s impeyerno…. mgkpera lng khit khiyahiya at ksalanan…. gngwa!!

  5. benedict says:

    mahahalay kayong lahat!!!!

  6. dahu says:

    yuck tong girl na to, nakita ko yan sa personal, sa bachelor bash sa a-venue, kadire and legs nyan, me malaking peklat. tapos yan ung na blind item na puro pimples ang likod.. puro photoshop naman tong FHM…

  7. juicekoday says:

    I read FHM, there were intersting articles and photos in that mag that were not necessarily offensive but done in good taste. Dont just the book by its cover … in this case FHM.

    As for Maggie, well i guess its career move and self confident… she has it anyway :)

  8. baby says:

    y?nag bibibining pilipinas pa naman xa..

  9. qaz says:


  10. maricelpoe says:

    i want to be one of the subject there. i wnt to be a cover girl…

  11. maricelpoe says:

    i love FHM mag… and i wnt to part of that mag.. cn i join???????????

  12. lyndon says:

    naiinggit ka lang fatty…atleast sila may K na maghubad..e ikaw?baka kahit sa banyo hindi ka pinaghuhubad dahil sa napakahalay mung pangangatawan.

  13. guz_gusin says:

    # Unregistered Says:
    March 2nd, 2009 at 11:13 am

    FHM – sabi nila “For HiM” daw.. pero sabi ng friend ko, in other countries daw, “For Horny Men”.

    Mas OK yung “For Horny Men”. slurrrrrpppppp

  14. Philmor says:

    Ito na ngayon ang dalagang Pilipina.. santisima trinidad!!!

  15. tilap says:


  16. James Ty III says:

    I expected Maggie to pose for FHM. She’s got such hot legs because she’s really tall.

  17. Unregistered says:

    FHM – sabi nila “For HiM” daw.. pero sabi ng friend ko, in other countries daw, “For Horny Men”.

  18. guz_gusin says:

    wow!!! Ano ba ibig sabihin ng FHM??? – Furo Hubad Magasin nyahahahahha

  19. jeniffer says:

    nakita nga namin yan ni Patrick moulic at kristalyn, hehehe.. nung nag MOA kami.. hahaha..

  20. fattyacid says:

    ano ang purpose at bakit naghuhubad ang mga babaeng yan? pera pera lang naman yan di ba? to reason out that it is for art’s sake, it’s pathetic. need to be informed? just surf the web or go to a library and read some books and printed materials.

  21. ricky says:

    yan ang tinatawag na cover!! world class hindi gayagaya. and this issue is one of the most informative issue. great concept. great! great! great!

  22. lyndon says:

    really beautiful!!!young and sexy…galing talaga ng fhm….iba ang dating ng mga pangcover!!!!

  23. aileendote says:

    una ako….si maggie pumayag ah!

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