Health group criticizes Marlboro for Red List, DoH says sponsorship of Eraserheads concert violates the law

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Dr. Maricar Limpin of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP) criticized Philip Morris, manufacturer of Marlboro for its Red List.

Dr. Maricar Limpin

The “Red List” is the cigarette manufacturing firm’s new way of promoting their products through the Internet. Those who register on the “Red List” get invited to special events that give away cigarettes and drinks to guests. The Red List registration site is reportedly being used for the upcoming reunion concert of the Eraserheads on August 30. Those who want to get hold of free tickets simply need to register on the “Red List”. Limpin said FCAP has been monitoring the registration site, and the group has learned that even non-smokers, most of them young, have already applied for free tickets to the concert.

The Department of Health (DoH) on the other hand, said Philip Morris International Inc. has violated the Philippine tobacco law by sponsoring the Eraserheads reunion concert. Health Undersecretary Alexander Padilla said Philip Morris violated Republic Act 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, which prohibits tobacco advertising from sponsoring events like concerts.

Meanwhile, Louis Camilleri, chairman and chief executive officer of Philip Morris International, said in a letter: “The promotional event you refer to is an invitation-only event, not open to the general public. It is restricted to our trade partners and to adult smokers who can obtain an invitation by registering on our adult-only access website, where they must provide proof of age through a government issued ID.”

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14 comments on “Health group criticizes Marlboro for Red List, DoH says sponsorship of Eraserheads concert violates the law
  1. chrstine joy says:

    Masaya at nakakalungkot ang reunion concert.
    Masaya kasi at least nakita ko silang nagpeperform at malungkot kasi napakaiksi lang ng concert.It started past 8 p.m. and lasted past 10 pm.After kasi ng unang set,may nakacountdown dun para sa 20-minute break pero nakakapagtataka kasi lampas na ng 20 minutes di pa sila lumabas ulit.Then after few minutes lumabas na ung band members except Ely kasama nila kapatid ni Ely.
    At biglang nag announce kapatid nya,”We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Reunion Concert of the Eraserheads.We however regret to inform you that due to my brother’s poor health because of the emotional and physical stress that he has been experiencing,we apologize for cutting the concert short.My brother had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention.Again we apologize and thank you to all of you for coming here tonight.Parang binagsakan ako ng langit ng marinig ko yun,nakakalungkot
    kasi,una,sayang din yung 844 ko,pangalawa kawawa naman si Ely.
    Pero,at least nakita ko din naman silang nagpeperform at nakuha pang magjoke ni Ely kahit papano.For me,that concert was the most memorable concert na nakita ko,kasi napakaiksi at napakaemotional.Halos lahat ng mga tao dun nasa denial stage pa din na tapos na ang concert kahit paulit ulit na sinabi ng announcer kung saan yung Exit.Pero kahit papano,masaya din naman ako kasi at least narinig ko naman yung ibang songs nila gaya ng Alapaap,With a Smile,Fruitcake at Too Old daw sabi ni Ely..hehehe.
    Sana gumaling na po si Ely at may reunion concert ulit kahit half hour lang..
    Let us pray for him na sana gumaling na sya agad.

  2. SON OF ALL (BMM) says:

    What’s wrong with this kind of sponsorship. It’s a clear undertsanding that after signing in the said event you have to fax or send confirmation that you’re 18 years old above or you have to confirm everything thru phone conversation and even in the concert event you have to present valid ID’s for you to veirfy your invitation. PMI did their part in ensuring that below 18 years old is not allowed. I think those people who are trying to hold this kind of event just to have a MEDIA PUBLICITY for them to be known (Wag kayo plastik). We are a democratic country here and every citizen knows what is right for us and decide what is good or bad. Fans spent years waiting for the band to play again(Live and together). Even you doctors, nurses and DOH employees and FCAP smoke too (Wag kayong plastik). Now the concert is not free anymore are you happy and satisfied (DOH & FCAP). Always Remember that most of the fans of E-heads are in the middle class or even in the low level class. For sure DOH may commission to the new sponsor kasi di na libre….F@#k u DOH and FCAP…..What are the differences between alcohol and tobacco ? It also has negative effects in time (More than the effect of tobacco), right? So why let them sponsor the countries biggest event and even have ADS in media? Think twice or trice ..We are responsible enough to decide on what we want, what to do and whom to listen to! WHY…WHY….WHY…?????????????????????SOB…SOB…SOB….Peace Men….F@#$ers……..

  3. christine joy says:

    after much ado. the eraserheads concert is most definitely pushing through.
    philip morris and its brands have pulled out from the concert. but another company is taking over the production. the turn over started yesterday and they have already started work on the site in the fort. so you can check. there are good news and bad news.
    unfortunately its no longer free. all the long winded registration procedures in the red nation site is now void. the good news is that the age limit is now 12 years old (for safety
    reasons)and tickets will be sold so you dont have to wait for confirmation and what not.
    the official announcement and ticketing details will come out in major newspapers and on the radio on tuesday. these are the only details i know for now so no need to email me.
    im just the drummer.
    btw. i just got home from the last rehearsal. the band is cooking. we will see you all on the 30th.——Thank God tuloy pa din….

  4. benjamin berina says:

    sana masayya ciguradoi lahat eheads panatics darating kawawa ang mga minor di pwede

  5. benjamin berina says:

    alway sana patu2g2ginm lahat ng mga hits nila

  6. michael says:

    Guys, the activity is not a form of SPONSORSHIP, but a PROMOTIONAL event. RA 9211 allows tobacco companies to conduct promotional activities but with strict conditions which PMPMI is already implementing especially in screening participants in this kind of event who must be 18 above. dont dwell too much on Section 26 alone.

  7. Pandabear says:

    Guys there is a law, and to break it just for an eheads concert just shows how strong our respect for the law is.

    Section 26. Ban on Sponsorships. – Beginning 1 July 2008, cigarette and tobacco companies are hereby prohibited from sponsoring any sport, concert, cultural art or event, as well as individual and team athletes, artists, or performers where such sponsorship shall required or involve the advertisement or promotion of any cigarette or tobacco company, tobacco product or tobacco use, name, logo or trademarks and other words, symbols, designs, colors or other depictions commonly associated with or likely to identify a tobacco product; Provided further, That no manufacturer may register a tobacco brand name as a company name after the passage of this Act.

    It’s clear na bawal magsponsor ang tobacco companies,

  8. technogurl_czie says:

    oh yeah, bawal na ata yung magsponsor ang alak or cigarette sa mga events. XD

  9. michael says:

    PMPMI is avey strict company and integrity is its # 1 rule. pinagisispan namang mabuti ng PMPMI yun sponsorship ng concert before naman gawin yun. they will not come up with this event if they know that their violating the provisions of RA 9211

  10. michael says:

    over reaction lang yan sa issue ng sponsorship. bakit ang alak which is not intended for minors, pinapayagan mag sponsor ng concerts and youth oriented events like Red horse Musiklaban, nag nagreresult pa minsan sa gulo, away, etc…

  11. michael says:

    its clearlt stated that PMPMI will mention or even bear the logo of the brand Marlboro instead the event will bear the company name Philip Mprris Phils. MFG. Inc. which is allowed by the law

  12. mj says:

    FCAP overreacted of the promotion by the Philip Morris Inc. They reacted though they have seen the restriction of the website. But anyway, smoking is bad for the health also and the people that are non smokers will also affected when they go there because they will inhale the nicotine.

    But long live “sigarilyo”!!

  13. Out spammer says:

    Mamatay ka sa Ginebra mo… Pakalunod ka sa isang bote!

  14. Abrakadabra says:

    Sundin na lang n’yo kasi ang law. Mga pasaway tlaga kayo.

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