Martin Nievera on Pops Fernandez’s revelations in YES! magazine

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Martin Nievera was asked to comment about the revelations made by his ex-wife Pops Fernadez in the October issue of Yes! Magazine.

Pops exposed a series of events in the last three years of their marriage regarding Martin’s infidelity, which she had kept to herself at the time.

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16 comments on “Martin Nievera on Pops Fernandez’s revelations in YES! magazine
  1. japan says:

    In Gods Law: martin en Catrina will never have a Happy Ending en how the hell they call their child a SAINT (Santino) well in fact martin en Katrina is not a Saint parent. it was a mistake to bore a child at the wrong time en a wrong place! speaking from the OLD en New Testament: it says: NEVER CHEAT YOUR WIFE AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD…but what have they’ve done to pops family. they crucifix her en hitting her behind her back! it just comes out from now that pops reveals the truth but its because Katrina has never stop talking w/ her frens out there abt the lies of martin behind the truth. so Catrina you are the one to SHUT UP your mouth! just keep goin on to be a SINNER.

  2. ndf says:

    age doesn’t matter when it comes to loved younger than you. the attractiveness of pops from the young boy who is matured enough to handle a relationship, and who truly cares en fall inlove w/ pops is all that matters. unlike martin, tumatandang immature en childish pa rin. what he cares is all abt himself en his career..pops deserves to be happy whoeverrr! whateverrr! no matter what than will neverrr!

  3. mdfm says:

    pops you’re doing the right track..that’s my gurll! haha! i salute you!..i read martin self defense abt your revelation: he was ungrateful that Catrinas family was involved on this mess. but what abt your feelings? what abt those scandal tribulation that Catrina en martin have done w/ your family? at the beginning they are the one who created this problem against you…anong gust mangyari ni martin? tatahimik ka lang!? Oooh c’mon! he has supposedly to defend en protect your family but NOT the Cat! uy martin WAKE-UP!

  4. lover says:

    go pops,just have fun with jom and your kids.hyaan mo na nga lang yang martin na yan!

  5. alvin says:

    just go on martin to your journey….. dont mind of the people behind keep it up martin ..Godbless

  6. alvin says:

    martin your a concert king gudluck nd godbless

  7. superman2267 says:

    tita, tama ka..madaling magsalita kasi di nila na-experience…i think pops is really hurting since then..& he truly had loved martin that much so she has suffered a lot from their separation…

  8. tess.n. says:

    GO POPS..MAY ARAW DIN ANG MGA MANG-AAGAW NG ASAWA @ hndi n rin sisikat ang mga laos n singer kc LAOS n nga eh..

  9. tita says:

    Para sa lahat ng hindi nakakaintindi sa ginawa ni Pops. Sana maranasan nyo ang naranasan ni Pops.

  10. owen garcia says:

    martin and katrina deserve each other kasi pareho silang mga baboy

  11. owen garcia says:

    tama lang yung ginawa ni pops na sabihin lahat sa yes magazine, kasi yun naman ang totoo. sila martin at katrina ay mga immoral

  12. Norma says:

    Tandaan mo ito Pops, no one, no one, can seduce a happy husband. Mabuti pa nga si Martin, at least she stayed with Katrina, di katulad mo, nakailang lalaki ka na ba? Wag mo naman sabihin na that was your own way of getting even with Martin. Utang na loob! Sa ginagawa mong yan, ikaw lalo ang nasisira, hindi sila Martin at Katrina. The two proved their love for each other amidst public’s disapproval. That must be real love……

  13. candy says:

    sana pops & martin mga anak inyo ang isipin inyo hindi ang mga sarili inyo.nakkahiya kayo mga magulang mga professionals pa naman kayo. actually kung isisipin pareha lang kayo dalawa ikaw pops palipat lipat nang lalaki. kahit bata pa wala kang patawad so pareha din ka sa asawa mo. Huwag kang mag pa ka Holy kasi sa mata nang Dios pareha lang kayo.

  14. Aloha says:

    Pops di ka na nakakatuwa! Do yourself a favor…shut up and move on!

  15. youtube pro says:

    hay naku martin….forever liar ka talaga! i hope you understand what KARMA is….Pops sana you concentrate na lang sa mga anak mo parang hindi tawaging mga monkeys…

  16. myra says:

    hey, pops and martin, grow up! pops, puro ka pa rin pacute until now e tanda mo na. martin, u r not really proud to be a filipino. u r just saying it now kasi u need ur pinoy audience again kasi u realized already na it is not easy to compete with other talents in the u.s.

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