Maui Taylor and Saicy Aguila showdown on Wowowee

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It was a Tango showdown between Maui Taylor and Saicy Aguila.

So who do you think won the showdown?

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10 comments on “Maui Taylor and Saicy Aguila showdown on Wowowee
  1. roxie says:

    well, professional si saicy as a dancer.. maui isnt.. no comparison.. try nyo ilaban si Regine Tolentino or a REAL Classical or well-educated dancer like those of the students of Douglas Nierras.. tignan natin hanggang san si Saicy…

  2. nneahm says:

    hndi ko napanood hehehe

  3. catherine says:

    ang galing galing talaga ni saicy…luv u day!!from ur uno-r family

  4. Saicy avid fan says:

    saicy is the best! khit cno ipa-showdown ky saicy, i will support saicy..

    hehehe avid fan nga eh!

  5. chie says:

    gling tlaga ni saicy

  6. eight says:

    go saicy…

    kip it up..

    luv yah….

  7. LoLx says:

    renier.. binoto mo ba si Pichay? para matupad ang dream bawat pinoy!


    Itanim na yan kay PICHAY! wahahaha!!!

  8. renier says:

    go saicy sana matupad na ang dream mo..

  9. tic says:

    saicy is smokin’ hot baby!!!

  10. wuhu says:

    saicy pah rin

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