Meet the Pinoy Fear Factor sa South America contestants

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Here are the teasers about the 12 contestants of Pinoy Fear Factor sa South America, as released by ABS-CBN { via The Filipino Web }:

Pinoy Fear Factor sa South America

1. The Basketball Hunk – a man who stopped being a hard court warrior of frustration; has fear of heights (acrophobia)
2. The Lover Boy – a man who almost lost his life for being a womanizer; has fear of grossy food
3. Struggling Tondo Dad – a market porter who will do everything to provide for his family; has fear of heights
4. Funny Australian – a jolly man who experienced descrimination in Australia; he has a fear of roaches (entomophobia)
5. Papalicious Chef – a wealthy man who wants to conquer his fears
6. Promding Veterinarian – a man who did everything to fulfill his dream
7. Glam Goddess – a popular host and model; has fear of roaches and rodents
8. Hot Momma – a young mom; has fear of water (hydrophobia)
9. New Miss Body Beautiful – young head of the family; has fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)
10. Party Bombshell – the life of the party; has fear of water
11. Daredevil Chick – a woman who turned away from showbiz to finish studies; has fear of the unknown
12. Flawless of Dagat-Dagatan – a woman who belongs to a poor family; has fear of snakes

The winner of Pinoy Fear Factor will take home 2 million pesos and a house and lot worth 2.5 million.

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