Melissa Grace Roberts is Miss Maxim Philippines 2007

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24 year-old Melissa Grace Roberts is the chosen one among numerous aspirants to become Miss Maxim Philippines 2007. She will be representing our country in the upcoming modeling competition Miss Maxim Global 2007 in Thailand.

The half-Filipina, half-German excitedly gushes about being here in the country for the second time in the span of three weeks. When asked about what makes her different from the other contenders, she immediately responds a no-brainer answer that simply tells it all, “I’m a Filipino!”

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3 comments on “Melissa Grace Roberts is Miss Maxim Philippines 2007
  1. mangolio says:

    She’s OK, but way too much makeup. She’s like a not-as-pretty Cindy Kurleto.

  2. win_1 says:

    very beautiful girl….,sexy…
    good luck

  3. zoul1380 says:

    Grabe ang ganda ang sexy ang sarap!

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