Metrobank Warns Clients of Phishing Attack

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From Metrobank Email

Dear Valued Clients,

We have received reports that an email has been circulated by unscrupulous individuals asking for account details from our Metrobankdirect clients.

Please be advised that Metrobank will NEVER ask for your personal information, account numbers or passwords via e-mail. If you have responded to any e-mail that asks for such information, please perform the following immediately:

(1) log-in to the metrobankdirect website to change your password;
(2) report the incident to

Thank you very much!

and another one

Dear Metrobank Customer,

As an added security measure in view of the recent phishing attacks on banks, please be informed that you will be prompted by the system to change your metrobankdirect password upon your next login.

Thank you.


Phishing attack is usually done via email because it’s easy for the reader to click on a link and most don’t even bother looking at the URL or internet address they’re clicking. So the golden rule here is never click on a link from an email. If you received an email from say your bank and there appears a link to login to your account, don’t click that. Instead type the URL of your bank directly on your browser. For more information on this particular phishing attack, click here. Don’t know what phishing is? click here.

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19 comments on “Metrobank Warns Clients of Phishing Attack
  1. Maeraflor C. Alfaro says:

    Good day po!
    I tried to open my account just to check the amount but sad to say that i can’t open it because it was blocked, i know it was my fault but can you help me with this problem please?
    thank you and God Bless!

  2. Marievic says:

    what i meant was, it was locked coz it reached the maximum attempts. Pls. email my customer ID & password. Tnx!

  3. Marievic Martinez says:

    Have a pleasant day!
    I tried to open my account but unfortunately i forgot my user ID & password coz it reached the maximum attempts. Pls. email my ID & password. Thanks & more power.

  4. erlinda says:

    gud am, I just like to know whom to contact if I was locked out from my online account. I tried to put in my password and already reach maximum attempts to log in to my account. What should I do.

  5. Maricel S. Rubi says:

    Good Day,,
    I open my account recently and i change it already the new password but an fortunately this time i open it again 3x it was locked, i know this is my mistake but can u send me again another password in my e-mail so that i can access me again ..
    Thank you

  6. maricel s. rubi says:

    i can`t open my account can u pls send my CUSTOMER ID in my email…

  7. maricel s. rubi says:

    i cant open my account i tried many times to log in but my CUSTOMER ID is valid as per respond of the pc,, how/where can i get my customer id? can u pls send me that in my email that you can see my in application form..
    thank you for the attention…

  8. ma. lourdes lacao lacson says:

    i cant open my account i tried many times, it was locked, please send me a new password again. THANK YOU

  9. alejandro jr martin almario says:

    I can’t open my account because I tried it many times, it was locked, please send me new password again , Thanks . . . .

  10. Julio Cabardo says:

    I tried to open my accounts 3x,but it wont open,please help me to solve this problem,thank you…


    i cant open my account because i tried it many times,it was locked.can u email me my username and password again.
    thank you very much. god bless

  12. Ann Cerisse Bautista says:

    Dear Metrobank team,

    I attemp 3x to open my account but I forgot my passowrd and was locked. Kindly pls send me a new password so I can access my billing…. thanks

  13. I tried log-in to my atm account but unfortunately I forgot my password and was locked. Can you please me my new password?

    Thank you for the preferential attention on this matter.

  14. myrna says:

    im in california right now..i wanted to send money to my niece through his bank account in metrobank and so with my friend in church also had an account in metrobank in iligan at the main branch…how will i enroll them now that im in i have to call in iligan or i will just do it here on net..please give me advice..thanks and more power…

  15. LOIDA CRUZ says:

    ihave metrobanksaving dollar acct in in davao & in tacurong,sultan kudarat. the problem ihave ismy temporary password will not let me login.please help me reset my password.

  16. eliza tuazon umali says:

    i attempted 3x to open my account.unfortunately,i t was locked.can u email me my username and password again.
    thank you very much

  17. Christian Verdes says:

    I remind you about my password.
    thanks & Regards
    Ch Verdes

  18. Christian Verdes says:

    I forgot my password in Ibank,kindly send me another one.
    I cannot open my Ibank account.
    Thanks and Regards
    Ch Verdes

  19. Portia M. Manugas says:

    Dear sir/Madame,

    Good Day! I would like to request an inverse payment transfer of the amount of P6,200 dated March 01, 2008, (atm machine of Allied bank Carcar
    Cebu), from my own Citibank Credit card Portia M. Manugas #4539-712-5299-2008. For i have made a mistake, supossedly i will get the Citibank credit card of my aunt, named Matea M. Cano #4034-1808-2561-3005, but i accidentally get my own Citibank credit card and encode my number, for the electronic payment transfer. It was a big mistake that i made. And now i want to ask you a favor to transfer the said amount to the Citibank Credit Card number 4034-1808-2561-3005, named Matea M. Cano. Pls do grant my request because the money is intended for the payment of my aunt’s credit card.
    Thank You so much! and God bless you, and the Company!

    REspectfully Yours,
    Portia M. Manugas
    Metrobank Account #3041-80157-4

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