Michelle Van Eimeren talks to Regine Velasquez on SOP

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Ogie Alcasid’s ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren talked on-air on SOP via phone patch to Regine Velasquez.

Michelle and Regine are in good terms and that was the first time the two talked in public.

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10 comments on “Michelle Van Eimeren talks to Regine Velasquez on SOP
  1. maria salvador says:

    basta ako masaya ako para kay regine at ogie………

  2. chrome na pangit says:

    ang galing manglait ni chrome. d ka siguro kagandahan kaya ka laitera. tumingin ka muna sa salamin baka puno ka na ng kulaba bago ka manglait. inggitera ka na, miserable ka pa. impokrita..

  3. okininam says:

    hey dahu… read above..

  4. dahu says:


  5. bonjing says:

    I’m not exactly a fan of the two as a couple, but if michelle can do that for ogie and call regine aher “mare” then it’s probably because regine is not the reason for the break-up. The mere fact she called regine family means regine appeared after the separation. So I’m impressed they all handled everything maturely. Nice to see people acting with class when it comes to their private lives.

  6. Shea says:

    In a way i feel sorry for michelle!
    she has to go thru this kind of situation…i mean talking to regine thats challenging for her, but anyways oh yeah regine theres a lot of pepol wanna know…now i wanna know why Ogie? dont have to ask michelle what she has to say about you and ogie…you should ask that question to yourself duh! well i guess now i believe that love is blind and for you Michelle i am proud of you just i’ll give you five thumbs up

  7. Jack says:

    sobrang desperada na ba si regine?
    sa bagay imbis na kung sinu-sinong lalake na lang ang pinagparausan, mas mabuti nang humanap ng taong makakasama hanggang tumanda. Eh matatanda na nga sila!

  8. hotbaby says:

    Ang cute magtagalog ni Michelle,nakakatuwa.

  9. chrome says:

    napakasagwang pares. isang chikboy na dwende at ang babaeng version ni michael Jackson (kamukha). EEewwwh! parang Jimboy – Mahal.

  10. jboy says:

    hindi ko akalain na 40yrs. old na si ogie i thought he’s 35yrs. old

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