Mickey Perz – Gay hip-hop dance demo

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Hip-hop dancing king and PBB 2 2nd Big Placer dancing gay hip-hop on Boy & Kris.

This guy dances really well. He could be a judge in ABS-CBN’s upcoming show U can Dance version 2.

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4 comments on “Mickey Perz – Gay hip-hop dance demo
  1. ann says:

    ang cute mo talaga mickey.. =)

  2. Jessica says:

    GO GO GO Mickey! :-)

  3. xoxoxo says:

    I love u mickey !!!

  4. hello kitty tokyo says:

    ang galing mo mickey! sana pag napunta ka saJAPAN ddlhin kitad2 sa TOKYO DISNEYLAND para maka showdown ang original na mickey namin d2 kilala mo n sya.

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