Mickey Perz: PBB Big Winner?

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Tomorrow will be the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Big Night at the Big Dome where the Big Winner will be announced.


So let’s take one more look at the PBB Big Four.

Name: Michael Richard Perz
Origin: Switzerland
Age: 22
Birthdate: June 1, 1984
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Eurasian
Describe yourself: Kind, reliable, funny, Big Bear, helpful
Biggest failure: “I find it hard to accept my mistakes.”
Secret ambition: To be able to learn how to sing

This mutli-lingual (speaking German, French, English and Filipino) half-Austrian/half-Filipino may have had his father leave him and his mom early in life, but he is not wanting of a fatherly affection. His stepfather provides him with the love his birth dad failed to provide him. This eBay analyst is a killer on the dance floor. Having won several dancing competitions in Switzerland, Mickey dreams of changing the “landscape of dancing” by building his own dancing school in Switzerland and the Philippines.

source: pbb web site

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6 comments on “Mickey Perz: PBB Big Winner?
  1. pormadong ae92 says:

    hey mickey, ur one cool dude!!! keep it up…

  2. heart says:

    sana magsayaw sila ni gee-ann sa asap!

  3. RUBY HATTORI says:

    mickey ang galing mo sana pagpumunta kayo dito sa japan mapanood namin ang dance mo kasi passion ko rin ang magsayaw . hope to c u n tokyo ipakilala kita sa totoong mickey namin d2 nasa disneyland alright! gambatte ne!

  4. clam says:

    cute mo~

  5. OUT_OUT_OUT says:

    manalo’t matalo cute kp rin!

  6. boowendy!!! says:

    Go mickey!!!

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